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  1. https://youtu.be/DWNYHlbn2To The motive? Simple. The Intense Redemption tried to part-take in a game they couldn't play. The "NH" (Ddos/Dox/Harassment) game and thought they could get away with it. For the unaware: Intense Redemption has been leaking and intimidating the supremacy staff and member base for a little too long now. This has been going on for a long number of months, from things ranging to facebook stalking, attemtps at hacking, doxing multiple people from this clan and as of recently, ddos attacks. Unfortunately for them, the people who have the power to make the biggest difference in this field decided it was enough and retaliated. nICK1 and Borzor decided an operation was necessary to end this and now that the operation was successful, can now be publicized. ~ Chapter: l The plan? Simple. Intense Redemption has recently been put into a state where they needed outside "NH" assistance to keep up with the retaliation attacks. They reached out to my good friend Borzor in attempts to 'hire him' to take care of myself and Supremacy. He contacted me and we formed a plan. It was roughly 2 weeks of discussions between ourselves to do this the best way we could. We lined up the pieces perfectly, with things like fake 'Protection' fake 'Supremacy Leaderboards' and fake 'Supremacy Database' They fell for it. With everything in place, it was time to start putting a price on their only hopes of surviving. Borzor and I made an offer. "800m" ~ Chapter: ll Discussions and distrust in Borzor settle in. We go back and forth with "negotiations" telling them 800m up front and first or nothing. They try for multiple days to try and secure themselves in case this may be a set up (which it was). Titans attempts to prove money is seriously not the issue! Showing where the money they will pay him is coming from: We stay strong, not budging on our 800m up front offer, pressure sets in the intense redemption rank team. ~ Chapter lll The Intense Redemption Leadership finally break. They agree to the 800m up front payment for protection and NH services (ddos/dox) on Supremacy. it was after this picture, it was all over. "Michael" aka "Harmz" agrees to meet us in W35 lumbridge. We wait patiently and he goes through with the transaction. 800m secured. 800m handed over to nick1 from supremacy and borzor from final ownage elite. 800m given to intese redemptions rival clan. borzor uploading vid l8r ~ Chapter lV Exposing someone for doxing and ddosing is not something anyone wants to see. Behind the closed door of the Intense Redemption however, they admitted to it all. The scummy, disgusting tactics they have been trying for so long will now come to an end. Chapter V This is your last chapter. Thank you for reading the journey of this sad, nh, disgusting clan who pretends to be good people getting fucked over. The final proof: video footage of us taking the 800m and spliting 300m between Borzor and I. 200m went to third parties. *borzor will upload the 800m trade from harmz in a moment* ~ Stay ez as always, titans.
  2. In case any of the ir ranks read this and/or titans specifically: Yes your clan is going to die and I am making sure of that personally. The joy i get out of seeing your crushed members bleed their emotions out into your discord in the following pictures gives me endless satisfaction. Also stop crying and threatening EoP, not going to say that again or be any more clear about it (titans) (:joy:) Onto the breakdown: stay easy, titans.
  3. l0000l yeah they also banned nick1 for defending the staff team and made false accusations about some random apex forums post with no proof at all
  4. nick was banned and his posts were deleted on this thread because he spoke up about the injustice slushpuppy provided. What a joke l0l

    1. Lord Ex

      Lord Ex

      Hope ur talking about the show and not another clan

    2. Cute Cub
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      Cv-soda making a comeback!?!?!

  6. LOL EOP is about to fuck a nigga up @ UB @ SV @ FI

    1. Zed_


      you've said that 18 times and 18 times you hopped clan


  8. Mayweather will win cuz of his experience but I want conor to win
  9. Tbh its normal for all clans under the #1 pure clan to flame the #1. It ok we will walk over u all every weekend anyways rofllmaolol
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