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  1. Gang gang any decent main clans out there

  2. Not really looking for an actual team just some randoms to pk with
  3. Got a max main and a max pure, looking for a team to singles pk with.
  4. Aziz


    just remembered, long time no see man
  5. Aziz


    heey brotha, you seem really familiar but can't exactly recall
  6. Aziz


    Haven't been on the game for a while and with the current circumstances I'm thinking of starting to play again, just wanted to say hello.
  7. Somebody elaborate the whole "no ask" thing, pls haven't been on cancer few for almost a year now

  8. Is this what forum banter has gone to, kids can't even make worthy topics
  9. No, just randomly decided to open up SB. I might start playing again in the spring time.
  10. @@Milzan still not as good as me fam ;(
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