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  1. Wish you would come back to the PC @Stl Arrow

  2. Stl Arrow

    pkri Wednesday EST: Smoking Vengeance X2 ft Max PK

  3. Stl Arrow

    pkri Wednesday EST: Smoking Vengeance X2 ft Max PK

    No surprise here lmfao
  4. Kick more kids pleaseeeeee lmfaoo
  5. Free loot as always lol
  6. Join Resurgence today
  7. Stl Arrow

    pkri Resurgence Smacking Singles Queens Ft. Vanguard

    Man Veng is so bad lol 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. Its crazy how PD helps Veng, but Veng doesn’t repay the favor...imagine trying to work with a clan full of retards just to recruit their shit members when they close. I know its hard PD trust me i know 😂😂
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD Our Surgeons massed up for our evening PK sweep to do what we do best, peaking 27 & ready to fuck up the comp. Intel flew in instantly of Veng hugging entrance (what the fuck is new?) so we lured the retards out their hole bopping them one by one for easy loot. They were already getting sniped bc they obviously don't know their place in this game we we helped finish em off. We followed them as they tried changing locs but there hilarious attempt at catching the leak has failed them yet again. You cannot hide from us, not even with PD there holding your hands. We eventually ended up at GDZ where PD made their first appearance to try and save their poor excuse of a PK trip. They all failed, miserably. After calling for backup, Veng retreated with their 13 man pull to lick eachothers balls on skribble, imagine!! BULLIED AT ITS FINEST!! We made quick work of their half-assed back up and skipped to the caves. It wasnt long before we bumped into PD & friends, who apparently needed back up from DK & Latinos to fight meds? Anyways...after about a 35 minute scrap, the few PD that were left tellied out giving us the win. Thanks for the action, its a shame ur allies were 2 busy circle jerking to help out... Thanks all who came out!
  10. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Nah they killed pvmers and did a few 10v10 fights with veng before realizing theyd never be able to compete and mass joined PD/Veng.
  11. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Im confused...
  12. FORUMS | DISCORD Massed up 20 surgeons for the daily GMT sweep. We started at altar where we pked uncontested for 40 minutes. After altar died out we headed over to revs in hopes to find some loot. We ran into pures that were kind enough to give us their +1s. What is there left to say? We did what we always do, we went out and make bank. Still no sign of veng , even though I think it was @wolffffthat said we're never out in GMT? We pk in all hours lmao, come fight us.
  13. Atleast they're fighting back finally. Its about time you retaliate to getting bullied lmfao
  14. FORUMS | DISCORD We scouted Vengeance pking in singles at rev cave entrance (lmfao yikes) and decided that we would outsmart them as usual. So we massed up similar ops and baited them ALL into multi. We killed each of them for singles gear and mystic sets. After this they decided to mass poke and try to fight us back in singles? This didn't work out very well for them as we got 4 kills for each one of their kills. Also took them for an AGS AGAIN! Thanks for the guest appearance ditter!