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  1. Thursday Night Deep Wildy feat. PD + Max We started the night at Altar, but we quickly realized it was dead, and by that time we had scouts scattered throughout the wilderness. One of our men scouted loot at GDZ, so we teled up and went to find it. It looked clear so we hopped around. After 2 seconds, one of us found a clan and starting bolting them. Not who we initially scouted, it turned out to be Override. They started talking shit demanding to fight us so we teled in with 15. They ran on sight. We split them in half, and caught 3 of them and smoked them quick and ran down chasing the others and caught a fourth. We decided that was too easy and that there must be more juice out, so we quickly went back to GDZ and ran to New Gate. After sitting patiently for 5 minutes, I found random max kids. One logged but my boy Bassive froze the other and we quickly exploded him for the fucking bank loot: got ags, b ring and heavy ballista. Next, we went to Rev caves. We started hopping and found PD in a world by themselves and went to work. After a few minutes, we smited them for staff and they realized they'd had enough of the smoke and found themselves dead sitting in bank.
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD Original Topic: https://resurgence-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/1697-wednesday-dog-dicking-veng-pd-ft-raining-1s/ Seeing that it's Wednesday, we figured we would hit up our local slam piece Vengeance and fuck them for the usual +1 drops. We weren't disappointed as minutes into the fight the sky opened up and it rained Viking +1s. Obviously due to it being even ops, Vengeance were getting out-spammed, outperformed and had to resort to calling Dolphins and then PD. This made no difference to us as we out gained them and fought through the adversity. After about 30 minutes of fighting we figured that we would call the honorable Sovereign clan to AC the fight and clear the mains (thanks btw). As soon as Veng didn't have +2 on us clans helping them, they decided to run for their hills. What an awkward alliance, thanks for the easy loot Vengeance + viking minions (Playdead lmfao). Afterwards we kept sweeping altar - while veng clan ended btw - and got a few sick kills for some ez guap.
  3. FORUMS | DISCORD PART 1 On this fine Sunday afternoon we started our trip sweeping caves waiting on the Dead Vikings to finish their weekly max gear cwa with pures. Instantly after hopping a few worlds we ran into Unks who had about 20ish. We fought for around an hour before deciding to call it and giving them the win. Thanks for the battle fella's was fun. PART 2 At this point Veng was finishing up their weekly CWA with pures so we knew 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. They'd telly up to "shit on their rivals" (since in their eyes thats all they've been doing these past few weeks) or 2. Call it a day/hide in singles. Im sure you guys already know which route they decided to take. Once getting word they were going to altar with the numbers they had we instantly hit them and the slaughter began. We dropped nearly 6-7 of them inside altar before the rest got out and easily over 10 of them in singles over the span of 20 minutes. Its mind blowing how Veng will only fight when they either have PD to help them or they have 10+ opts on us, but claim to be the better clan lmao. I recommend prepping for every Sunday that you plan to pk during like you did the Sunday where you hyped it up all week because thats the only chance you have of being able to compete. Cya soon 😂
  4. FORUMS | DISCORD Early on this fine Saturday afternoon the boys were hungry for some loot so we prepped a day to go run the caves. Instantly after tellying up we got word that Veng was out with the exact same opts as us with no mains to help so of course we took full advantage. A few world hops in we found them in caves and the slaughter began. After 1 hitting Local Noose (Nistly) for an elder maul & dropping two other mages on sight it was clear they weren't going to put up a fight for very long. With it being too early for PD to come hold their hands & the numbers being the same we knew they were going to call their trip after that so we tellied back up infront of them in edge and went back to sweeping. Not too long after tellying back up we ran into some pure clan that goes by the name of "PX" and the small scrap started. We banged out atleast 5-6 of them in under 30 seconds causing them to remass at entrance and rerushing. After getting them in a clump a few times and 1 hitting a few others they called it off. Thanks for the fight guys, you lasted triple the amount of time Veng did lmao. Thanks to all who attended!
  5. We could say the same thing about the LPC scene tbh, but you'd have to be a part of it and know the type of people that are in it to really understand why we do what we do.
  6. Pretty contradicting considering we haven't had 1 fight without atleast 1 PD main with you guys...
  7. Can't argue that 1 bit. Glad we can finally agree on something lol
  8. I haven't seen this video, but if u knew me you'd know i don't spin anything in anyway other then how i see it. I'll openly admit: Veng pulls 10+ more people then us everytime we fight & still don't "dominate" us like you guys portray. Veng was in a joint CC with PD with a combined total of 40+ people at our last fight. All 3 of your High Councils openly flame and dox Res members then cry and moan when it gets done back. Your ranks have resorted to pming skillers associated with Res for intel. If you beat us you beat us. I've admitted defeat multiple times to @Spoontech& will continue if you guys actually clear us, but name one fight where you have done just that? Every "ending" you take consists of someone crashing and you taking a quick ending as either we chase them away or us having to telli out due to numbers. Please stop acting like you know what your talking about. The try hardness for a rank is almost as bad as Origens lol
  9. Point is it happened and we got screwed due to this site so yes we avoid it now. What i do is different. Idc about hardly anything so my info being at risk due to using this site i could care less about, but ur right idk why i posted an aftermath on here. Won't happen again 👌 Aren't two of your High Council the ones that flame me and my members on a personal level daily? Dont act innocent lol, your clan is full of propoganda. The only truthful thing you guys tell your members is that we were dead for 3 months lol
  10. Keep pming skilling sponsors for intel lmfao
  11. @SpoontechWe don't post anymore here since we had two members get hacked and all our emails/passwords got leaked due to rats having access to all that good stuff.
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