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  1. Acutally a dead clan ex-ruin wins again
  2. ty for the minis, was good fun
  3. Massed up 30 hellhounds, peaking at 40. Pked at lavas until people got bored and got off... then clans decided to come out. Slaughter were sat at a stagnant 14 people throughout the trip (peaking at 18!) and spent 5 minutes out of their 2 hour trip actually fighting.... the other time was spent massing at edge, corp, or sat in single. No wonder you were bored lol. Wow! 15 people! Fight 1. Slaughter took an hour to mass 14 people to hit Vt. We waited outside corp and killed like 5 of them that were cauliflower enough to leave. Fight 2. They rg'd for 30 more mins and we hit them at dwarves, where SD instantly rushed in with 29. We fought 2v1 until we'd had enough of the teaming and teled out with our loots. Fight 3. Defended at dwarves and waited for Vitality to rush. They rushed at a horrible angle and clumped up easily so our magers did work with their barrages and N rangers wrapped round them literally banging out someone every 2 seconds. GF. Fight 4. Rushed Olympus at dwarves and killed them with ease until there was only a massive fucking group of mains and 1 itemers left. It was Vendetta? I believe. WATCH TO SEE OLYMPUS MEMBERS GET ONE BANGED OUCH. ~Kev
  4. RIP Sv, we take aussie timezone again well fought
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