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  1. nice display name you fucking dweeb
  2. what is this lmfao why are 50% of the pics of rot spams? confused
  3. Kattri

    Forum/twitter clans

    please give me ct locs
  4. Kattri

    Forum/twitter clans

    gimme locs
  5. Kattri

    Forum/twitter clans

    because the only main clanner that uses shitbrew is you @A1v1
  6. Kattri


    ct will stay closed this time
  7. Kattri

    sv did this to you

    a1v1 resorted to crying on sharkbrew a new low!
  8. blnt sv maybe ul pull over 10
  9. Kattri

    Paragon’s Midnight Snack

  10. Kattri

    Resurgence's Wednesday Wildy Sweep

    looks extremely boring grats
  11. Kattri

    2nd Biggest PK in RS History

    another fake kill from the sjw clan stay dead
  12. Chickenlamb wuu2?