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  1. kATTRI

    who broke/will break first

    looks like eop closed again (for the 9th time) gg
  2. looks like eop is dying since jaja closed lmao looked easy grats
  3. helo all yez i am a DISGUSTING fat ugly prick from scottish but idc my mom ass is PHAT bounce lol just like dat

  4. kATTRI

    Main quality vs pure quality

    pures are cocky braindead 15 year olds
  5. kATTRI

    Jaja closing

    this is what happens when flc and despair leave lmao marky cant save his dying clan feelsbad
  6. kATTRI

    The Past Week in #Sovereign: Eradicating the Anti-Sv Alliance

    jaja must really be mad knowing theres nothing they can do to stop us lol
  7. eop lost every rivalry theyve been in lmao gz foe
  8. kATTRI


  9. kATTRI

    Never Forget

    lmfaooo debb and thimaah btw
  10. eop was hiding in f2p with pures lmao ty for uncontested action
  11. kATTRI

    EOP Anniversary in a nutshell LMFAO

    LMAO! jaja was hiding from my clan in f2p with a pure clan!!! Lmaooooooooooooo
  12. kATTRI

    [NSFW]SV gets caught lacking in a fall-in

    shame no1 died and jaja had 0 impact on the fight, stay dead #thimaahera
  13. kATTRI

    pkri Sovereign Goons Decimate Singles Clan

    jaja fucking died lmao!!!