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  1. Kattri

    Resurgence's Wednesday Wildy Sweep

    looks extremely boring grats
  2. Kattri

    2nd Biggest PK in RS History

    another fake kill from the sjw clan stay dead
  3. Chickenlamb wuu2?

  4. Kattri

    Veng hits the wildy

    looked like a fun duo trip grats
  5. the tank/zerk/med scene is non-existent puzzles me as to why people keep opening clans in this bracket - they starve and die off within weeks. go main or dont bother tbh
  6. Kattri

    EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019

    19th closure nothing new
  7. Kattri

    EOP - What has been your experience?

    gl on #14 rot intro dull ur gonna do gr8
  8. Kattri

    cwa Resurgence Defeats Destiny [3-0]

    gz on mini