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  1. I was genuinely just on the Olympus site having a look around because people had said you were pretty sick as a clan and that was over a year ago too haha so I only had high hopes, it's a shame I just discovered that's where your fine self resides
  2. Thanks for the reply, might be worth just waiting without a clan for a while whilst I get my stats up like you and a few others have suggested! Get this man a best recruiter gfx asap. Heard of rage in the past when I was RD a year or so ago. I'll have to check the site out tonight when I finish work. Thanks for your reply mate
  3. Thanks for the sincere reply mate, quite unusual for these forums lol. I'll check them both out. Hoping to find a clan I can join as a baby pure, stay with and progress to a higher level without it being too much of an issue
  4. I've recently applied for Devour but I think it closed today/merged into pop, that's not open either so here I am. I am not interested in RD..That's if it's open these days. The only thing I'm really looking for is a mature leadership. I can't be arsed with kids generally bullbrown sticky stuffting each other daily, then when they don't get their own way crying/screaming/hacking/scamming/DDOSing members at every turn because they're fresh out of the womb and have no experience in generally controlling their masturbation schedule never mind a group of people in a clan. My new account is currently 60 at 70str 1def 74 range 70mage
  5. Lmfaoooo expected win All bark no bite GJ RD
  6. Maybe not fight of the year But it will always be entertaining with Mcgregor! He's gonna slap him about like a cat with a mouse imo
  7. All the cancer and flame aside - I think its good they're coming up whatever the situation/impression, it'll just mean more activity for every HPC and thats good news, no?
  8. I was looking forward to the CP prep :\ oh well i guess... Ty for the prep at short notice AAO it was good fun Did fi lose again?
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