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  1. coc is roc

    Who will lose the most members to Mayhem?

    tlp lost like 3 retards, one who thought MM was reopening we're fine
  2. coc is roc

    Tom Valor kills a clan singlehandedly

    i would kill myself if i had to listen to that lmfao, gonna camp this dutch broccoli so hard if he joins vr
  3. coc is roc

    weekend [CP] Smashing F2P Saturday FT. SUP/FI/TLP

    first topic in 9 weeks welcome back cp u lost all ur fights except for the fi one tho lmfao btw
  4. but jaja is the only reason u even lasted over a month as a hpc lol
  5. imagine sitting logged out/in single for 3/4 of your trip, what a boring clan
  6. lmfao must have been awkward when the masser cc they invited bsed them:
  7. wuz popping doom LMFAO

  8. coc is roc

    clan wars TLP vs Imperial | F2P Prep

    aren't u the guy who no1 would take but zenith and got bullied into posting a pic of his dick by a dirty brit
  9. coc is roc

    clan wars TLP vs Imperial | F2P Prep

    linked you an actual ml completely disproving your point yet you still try and claim itwe don't care if u didn't fight us then would've been too easy (i think you were just a full on world 8 masser clan at the time?) it took you like 6 months to get good and we aren't gonna bore ourselves with two days in a row of f2p wilderness for that long
  10. coc is roc

    Promotions + Pure clan aftermaths

    same place your sv mod is(in case you haven't realized, that is nowhere lmfao. all your members are braindead, remember batman lmfao??)
  11. one person having +15 defense bonus isn't what's making you lose (not rocket science) and if it was actually close most people that encourage competition would simply re-do the round instead of "claiming a win" (common sense u dumb ugly brit)
  12. coc is roc

    Olympus' desperation for the COTM

    Clans have literally been doing this for a year now, avoiding TLP and prepping brown sticky stuffters to get cotm lmfao nothing new. Can't say its surprising coming from CP juniors :/