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  1. Poor Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Logic in Final Ownage Elite Vs Supremacy ~ P2P Prep ~ 3-0   
    wow foe is really the best, we are #1 and #2 at the same time
  2. Poor Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Dont in Final Ownage Elite Vs Supremacy ~ P2P Prep ~ 3-0   
    wow foe is really the best, we are #1 and #2 at the same time
  3. Poor Banter
    Demais got a reaction from 0ldschooler in Which Clans leadership would be   
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    Demais reacted to Ir0ny in yes   
    I like u
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    Demais reacted to erdnA in yes   
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    Demais reacted to Jamz in Foe puts the Pure Community in a crisis ~ #1 P2P Sunday ~ Doom is fucking dead   
    Sunday, April 22nd, 2018;  Once again, the Final Ownage Elites massed up, peaking at around 80 eagles for Doom's anniversary. Today was something I personally haven't had the pleasure of experiencing in quite some time. It was the entire Pure Community versus us. We did not allow that fact to take what was rightfully ours, which of course is #1. During each and every single one of the fights we entered or set up today, a lot of movements had to be made, in order to keep ourselves from being sandwiched multiple times. Thanks to great listening from our members we were able to out maneuver each and every single one of you fools, taking on and also clearing clans, it was literally wave after wave. The amount of teleporting, regrouping and re rushing we witnessed today from the pure community was absolutely disgusting, we wouldn't allow ourselves to sink that low, we held our ground killing each and every single clan that stood in our wilderness. 


    Doom was the clan we'd most definitely start with on the chopping block. Clans for some odd reason were massing longer than usual, it was about thirty minutes into the trip and surprisingly, Doom were the  first clan in the wilderness with around a measly 50 people, LOL! They were in a fall in at south east graves, seeing as no other clan was in multi yet, we knew they wouldn't try to rush us as we had +3- on them. So, we decided to pay them a visit, making them log into random worlds within seconds.

    We got word that multiple clans were fighting at FOG, we spread east to west far north of the fight. Proceeding south we hit Fearless who were gathered in huge clumps forcing them to teleport within 10 seconds.

    A brief moment of silence, Intense Redemption rushed from the north, we quickly got a huge wrap from the east surrounding their spread focusing on the huge clumps they've made allowing us to kill them extremely fast.

    Blunt Pures started to come from the north, we rushed up there after pushing IR far west to avoid being sandwiched, just like Fearless we caught them in massive clumps making them teleport within seconds. Outburst then entered the fight from the west accompanied by Fearless with IR about to crawl up our ass from east, we immediately moved west on-top of outburst, they teleported as they were too sandwiched by Fearless, we moved north of both clans and began to drop both Fearless and IR whilst holding north of the fight. Fearless started to move south in order to regain opts, leaving us to take on IR. Moments later IR were finished, Doom for some reason thought they could take us one on one, realised that they couldn't and then teleported within seconds LOL. As the entire north of FOG was clear we moved south to find out if there were any other clans still around, we found that Apex were to the south and started to hit them, forcing them into singles moments later.  Still on the same fucking inventory whilst every other clan has went to regroup at edge, awaiting for their members to regear, IR finally returns after getting their ass beat, we quickly spread east to west and start moving up north to catch them coming out of the dip in the trees, our west side wrapped clapping kids left and right, IR then tele out within a matter of seconds as Supremacy rush the fight with full opts behind from where IR was, we simply still do not back down. Holding our ground right east of the trees we begin to focus the huge clumps Supremacy are in directly north of us, we then slowly start to move the fight up north to allow our returners to come right in our spread, as both clans start inching it towards CA, Fearless crash from the north east, forcing Supremacy to return. We run towards the tele spot to take on Fearless down 10 at this point, with quick returning the fight was even and it seemed too much for Fearless to handle, they then teleported out of sheer weakness.

    After banking the loots we gathered from every clan, we were informed that both IR and Apex were around FOG, rushed from the north killing whatever Apex were left and then went north to clear up the IR. 

    Got intel that IR were spread north to south east of bandits awaiting for a clan to rush, seeing as our opts were similar we accepted the blind invitation, rushing them from the east. Around 30 seconds into the fight we were rushed by a zerk clan from the east, we moved south with IR to avoid that cancer, battling it out until they were all dead.

    One of our many spies informed us that both Misfits and Fatality were having a one on one, as no other clans were in multi we decided to pay them a visit. We logged in on top of Fatality, forcing them to teleport out within a matter of seconds, we then looked to the south west and pushed into Misfits, also forcing them to teleport out.

    Heard that both Doom and Supremacy were fighting south of 26 hills, we logged in spread out at sperm, rushed north and killed everything.

    After clearing up both Doom and Supremacy we rushed west towards CA where Apex surprisingly fought us back despite being down 10-15, we moved west on top of them overwhelming them with specs, they then decided to teleport out, avoiding the full clear.

    Got word that Doom were east of Ruins, quickly rushed them with full opts, killed a majority of them before they tele'd.

    Got word IR were spread far east of CA, we then used our burning ammies to get there, spread north to south, and rushed east. They positioned themselves south east of the pond focusing on our north group which was directly west of them,  our south group wrapped around them by going through the trees.

    Moments later IR were pushed north of the ghost hut, we then called a massive push to it and killed them all. Supremacy then crashed from the north west without about 55, we took the fight despite being down 15 and extremely low on food. We held south east of them and then slowly started to move east towards sperm, Supremacy followed us to try keep their advantage, moments later we were even opts, and then forced them north of sperm to where they created a 6 man clump, within a matter of seconds it was erased, they were down ten at this point, they then made the decision to teleport out, rather than get the rest of their clan killed.

    As the fights with both IR and Supremacy came to an end, we rushed west to hit up the Apex and Fatality fight before banking. Killed the north side which had all of Fatality in, forced them to tele out, went south and killed a bunch of apex before they tele'd.

    Multiple clans were fighting in Falador, we tele'd up, ran north outside of the gate, went east into single, spread north to south and then logged into world 25. IR were directly west, we ran straight into them, causing them to panic teleport out. We then started to focus on the Misfits at the stairs leading to Barbarian Village, killed a few of them and then went to catch Outburst in huge clumps by the Falador Entrance. Doom then logged in east of us, after killing the outburst in clumps we ran west and took a huge dump on Doom, no idea on what they were thinking LOL.

    IR for some reason started piping up at Edgeville, so we asked them to talk less and fight us above 30 wilderness, they told us to go defend GDZ, we went into our banks, got our tabs out, spread around them and tele'd up. Two minutes later they go back to east bandits, spreading north to south LOL. We then make our way down to go hit them, but this time they are prepared. We log in on top of them and both clans start specing each other out. With RNG on our side, we push IR south to the trees, they then start running laps around all of bandits, eventually running into singles. As they enter single, Doom mass teleport up attempting to sandwich us, they fail miserably.

    As we are focused on them, IR crawl out of singles to sandwich us, at this point we realise that we're getting teamed on, it doesn't phase us as we continue to punish both clans simultaneously. Doom make another attempt by logging in north of us instead of the tele spot, seeing as we've man handled IR we move all the way north unleashing our specs on them, clearing Doom up within a matter of minutes. We continuously fight both clans until they've given up, still failing to process on how you managed to lose 2v1, gf I guess lmao.


  7. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to Hercules in DOOM FAIL MISERABLY ON THEIR ANNI   
    DOOM tried whatever they could... sadly after running from Foe the entire trip they could only really hide in P2P and attempt to gwas.
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    Demais reacted to Brap in suggestion   
    Show me on the doll where men hurt you 
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    Demais got a reaction from hotguy in yes   
    oi neno @1defkid
  10. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to lookatwhatidid in FOE vs Fearless | F2P Prep 2-1   
    it was supposed to be pub off but @Range Grudge and @exzrts asked for it to be pub on last minute because they had their booters ready and were confident that they would win (killed 1 person in the first round and hit 2 off btw)
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    Demais got a reaction from Moni in yes   
    What is your IRL name or nickname?
    What are your web/gaming interests?
    Do you have any IRL hobbies?
    nah lol
    Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning?
    Final Ownage Elite hpc/lpc, Terror Tribe, Ruin mpc, Critical Damage lpc
    Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us.

    What are your goals with your account or clanning career?
    Have 6 statues on clan wars and retire as a professional fullouter
    btw 4-0 on fullouts
  12. Good Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Danrics in The Rising Vs. Eruption Of Mains (EoP) 2-1 F2P CWA   
    this is why they dont prep fom
  13. Poor Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Maaku in The Rising Vs. Eruption Of Mains (EoP) 2-1 F2P CWA   
    this is why they dont prep fom
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    Demais reacted to hotguy in The Illest [PURE HYBRIDDING]   
    justin beiber title
  16. Good Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Brandon in Looking for big owner clan   
    i wouldnt buy members for boring p2p trips, i dont blame @@Brandon
  17. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to hotguy in [Hidden Camera Reveals] @Tederick Reaction to [FI] out-pulling and outperforming [FOM]   
    lmao @Shoan this is the kinda nigas u hopped to whahaha
  18. Good Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Kanicus in [Hidden Camera Reveals] @Tederick Reaction to [FI] out-pulling and outperforming [FOM]   
    i thought we were friends but u didnt even lend me ur dds 
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    Demais got a reaction from Tyendinaga in eop wins again   
    meanwhile a pussy clan watching from the the orb in a safezone minigame 
  20. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to OopsNolimits in How low will PX go to compete?!   
    This is a nice screenshot of the rag cc lmao, so pretty much the only time they're in gear they rely on other people to rag for them! LOL

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    Demais got a reaction from Satans in Special Forces vs Brigada P2P Prep 2-0   
    [Jessica]Control Pker :thinking:
  22. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to Nixon in Did your clan recently lose a big mini?   
    Usually preps clear things up, still pretty murky in the opinion of the majority
  23. Thanks
    Demais got a reaction from Holiday in Did your clan recently lose a big mini?   
    nope, since me and @Shoan wasnt there it didnt count as a big mini
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    Demais reacted to Birthday in EoP Productions presents: Fo teamspeak leak #1   
    or u mean ha 0wned/tyler and the clan will prep fi. you'll be taking teamspeak3 attendance buddy.
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