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  1. Rsn Arrow

    clan wars Apex vs Fatality | F2P Prep 3-0 |

    Ty 4 prep FI.
  2. Rsn Arrow

    clan wars Outburst Vs Apex [2-1] [F2P CWA 22vs22]

    Gz OB, thanks for the action.
  3. Was fun, thanks to all the clans for the action!
  4. Rsn Arrow

    Apex VS Doom - P2P Mini [6-0]

  5. Rsn Arrow

    not counted [A][A][O] Last Pk Trip [100 Golden Lions]

    Loool imperial closed you gg
  6. Rsn Arrow

    Imperial ded

    Cba to read stay brown sticky stuff imperial wins again
  7. Rsn Arrow

    Your Face When....

    Nice banter, now go suck a dick.
  8. Rsn Arrow

    After not having a prep for a year

    Lmao eop is dead
  9. Rsn Arrow

    Rages face when

    Nice try rage now stay brown sticky stuff and know ur place.