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  1. Broxxx

    New terms....

    Imagine thinking you can charge a pure clan 2k dollhairs for off, grow up
  2. Broxxx

    Not So Happy Ending

    Redemption closed loser
  3. Broxxx

    Not So Happy Ending

    Imperial closed loser
  4. Broxxx

    First nrg, now divine?

    someone get Doom Ryan on the phone, we need more clans to smoke
  5. Broxxx

    Not So Happy Ending

    eop closed loser
  6. Website: clan-rage.com Teamspeak: rage.ts3chat.com Clan Chat: clan rage Today we pulled 45 Bears for another ownage Sunday pk trip. With Immortal cancelling and Divine only pulling 25, XL pulled a whopping 45 and stepped up to give us the action that we so craved. The fights were predominantly around CA and involved ourselves, Xl,Apoc,Divine and others. We were once again undefeated, thanks for the fights dudes @Broxx POV @MurkyPOV
  7. Website: clan-rage.com Teamspeak: rage.ts3chat.com Clan Chat: clan rage We stormed world 308 with 20, later peaking at 27 Bears as we found Xl and 3hit out with 20/30 each. We fought Xl/3hit multiple times, winning every fight/cluster we took part in. Thanks for the fights guys. @Broxx POV
  8. clan-rage.com | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Tonight Divine approached us for a PKRI at around 6est and we gladly accepted. We had two run ins, the first took place at sperm where we decimated them pretty quickly before gearing up for round two. The second fight started at 13ports before moving to ca, corp and 18s. The fight lasted over an hour and went back and forth, however for the majority of the fight it was the Rage Bears who were on top and that's exactly how it ended. After an hour of fighting, the 38 Bears that remained pushed what was left of Divine into east graves to claim our victory. we simply cannot be out returned, The Bears are back in town. Thanks for the fights Divine logs @Broxx POV Recording corrupted half way through but there's still 12 mins of own @ChaluPOV
  9. Website: clan-rage.com Teamspeak: rage.ts3chat.com Clan Chat: clan rage We took Monday off after a glorious opening weekend and returned to the wilderness today for some midweek fun. We started with 15 bears later peaking at 21 and owned many a clan in the process Thanks for the fights all. @BroxxxPOV @maloPOV
  10. Broxxx

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    sad rot flexing rs muscles on pure clans
  11. Broxxx

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

  12. clan-rage.com | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc With our official opening trip being next weekend, we decided we would have an unofficial Saturday trip and get a feel for the scene. 53 Bears showed up, later peaking at 58. We found our bearings very quickly, and managed to go undefeated all trip. The trip started in the wilderness, our hits were few and far between as clans struggled to match our pull. The hits we did have included clans such as XL,Energy,Divine,Apocalypse and Bad Timing. Soon the fights moved to the sewers where Divine, Energy and even Apocalypse took turns trying to topple our bears, unfortunately today we were too strong and dominated every cluster we took part in. As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, we're back and won't settle for anything less than #1. Thanks for the fights all. @BroxxxPOV @LogicPOV Pics in spoiler