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  1. Slave gf

    unofficial Redemption Takes The Dog For a Walk

    40 second vids are always fun to watch lol
  2. Slave gf

    Bent (New to Sharkbrew)

    Welcome Sir
  3. Slave gf

    pkri Cutthroat Destroy the Danes

    Nice job Ct
  4. Slave gf

    Scims stop begging please

    um okay lil fella
  5. Slave gf

    Ancient Fury Discord

    Gl out there
  6. Slave gf


    wont change much
  7. Slave gf

    Rage vs Resistance 10v10 P2P MINIS [6-0]

    gz rage
  8. Slave gf

    Hi, I'm Hazard Ryuusei

    welcome sir
  9. Slave gf

    weekend The Supremes FT. Clan-World

    nice job
  10. Slave gf

    Attention Everyone

    um okay big fella
  11. Slave gf

    60 att-83 str-96 range/mage-52 prayer-84 hp

    u will have to join an lpc xlpcs only do f2p. Gl finding one sir.