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  1. BLITZKRIEG was made 2 Months ago by 2 of the most impactful Snipe Teams in world 308 in 2017/2018. Team Blitz & Team Zen In the end of October 2018 we decided we'd come back after a while away from the scene, and together make BLITZKRIEG. Right now our member list peaks 50 people, and we're Still growing. We're rushing into the xLPC community to compete with the rest of them, with one goal on our minds! Being #1 Matched 2019. OPENING DATE 26TH JANUARY!****** Founder -Pinoyz- Leader -Zen- High Council -i420- Warlord -Wifi- Council -Babe- -Billy- -Henny- Officer -Strike- -Ignore- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: 58-65 Combat -1 pray build - * 85+ Strenght * 85+ Range * 70+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 13-31 Pray build - * 80+ Strenght * 80+ Range * 70+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prep score: 1-0 Wilderness
  2. Shoutout to Rampage for giving us this Clw Action man. Fair and Square. 1st round BLITZKRIEG: Start: 21 Ending: 11 VS RAMPAGE: Start: 21 Ending: 0 _____________________________________ 2nd round BLITZKRIEG: Start: 22 Ending: 15 VS RAMPAGE: Start: 22 Ending: 0 @PinoyzPOV
  3. After new years big things ;)
  4. Don Zen

    xlpc UPRISING XLPC [60-65CB]

  5. Fought your "fh boys" recently same numbers, didn't end well for you lads. Keep on massing up my dude. You call our 11 man pull mass while u roam dead wild with 16 people. Guess thats what happens when those 11 people are same quality to your 16 :/ Remember Blitz Made you
  6. Don Zen

    clan wars [D]oom vs Outburst Prep 2-1

    Grats on the win Doom good work
  7. Don Zen

    pure/midweek Fearless Friday Ft. CD/BT/OB/D/ZLZ

    Thats how u make topic @exzrts fuckin essay maker
  8. Don Zen

    pure/midweek Fearless Friday Slaughter ft Perfecting outpoop x2

    ez smoke, gz fs
  9. Don Zen

    OverPowered Vs OutBurst | 10v10 | F25 |

    looked ez, gz op
  10. Don Zen

    ZoomGang vs Team Zen | mini 3-0

    gf boys, looking forward to more action between us
  11. You guys are fucking broccolied lmfao, You dont mini anymore, too scared to accept challenge. Zoom bullied you away from clan wars permanently! l0l0l @Lankz they did it with style as well. You guys fucking changed all your names to "BLIlIllIIlTS" cuz you couldn't handle people in clan wars, your clan wars record is brown sticky stuff compared to the rest of us. and who the fuck are you to say you clear Team Zen??? You made 1 vid of 3 clips clearing us with +2-+3 opts. but fuckers dont use Cape counter, cause you know thats only reason you can compete, same opts you get fucked. AND myself going FEARLESS trips same time as you guys trip is for 1 simple fucking reason. SNIPE teams are IRRELEVANT compared to an actual scene! BE MY FUCKING guest and single handedly be only snipe team online vs z L z and call urself #1 but we all know you are straight dogbrown sticky stuff and bunch of tilters lmao. We prefected you 10v10 not long ago in a fight Pinoyz said u had 1 guy dc, but in all honesty if you watch my banter vid you had 1 fuckin broccoli standing in the back trynna chop trees mid fight and 1 broccoli tele out mid fight cuz of nerves, and missclicks bind. lmfao blitz quality right there! Team Zen has a positive Mini record on you guys as well, and pinoyz know that since i refused to upload the 4-1 win at clan wars like 1 month ago and a couple more due to it being too boring to watch and treated more as practice for Team Zen. Fucking brown sticky stuff clan... you guys are closing before february lmao gl
  12. GZ Fearless! We taking over the scene day by day, cant wait for opening trip now!
  13. Don Zen

    pure/midweek Fearless Thursday Midweek FT. OB/D/CD

    very nice, gz friends