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  1. What a massacre. Good luck finding the leak!
  2. Smokin' a rage pack on 4/20!

  3. I heard one of rage's leaders are in your clan. Could mean some bad luck!
  4. Watch what you say on teamspeak, rage! We have your audio, all the time, every time!

  5. Lmao at rage's audio today! Why would you flame your allies? 

  6. Foe is tenacious and unbreakable. Can't wait for the Saturday Slaughter!
  7. Not even three clans could bring down the almighty FOE. Wow, what a disastrous loss for the losers. Learn to compete!

    1. Final Gang Member

      Final Gang Member

      @ParmGood work, eagle! You certainly shone during this battle!

  8. rage has not even come close to beating (let alone competing) with foe in the wilderness for many weeks! Their CWA record versus us is 7-2. Hopefully they haven't given up the fight. We need some competition

  9. What? All you did was run every time we hit. And you gave up the main war (that you started). Your vennies left you too. rage is in a slow decline, but we'll accelerate it!
  10. rage gave up the fight versus FOE! Not once were the eagles overwhelmed, not once!

  11. Will rage muster up the courage to fight foe again or have they threw in the towel? Whatever the case may be, realize that you didn't even put a dent in Foe! Better luck next time!

    1. Final Gang Member

      Final Gang Member

      @Logic good decision to leave rage 

    2. Rubik


      Haven't seen you all week, where have you been. Weekends only for Fo?

  12. rage ranks are putting an incredible amount of effort into midweeks because their weekends are absolutely shit! If they devoted the same amount of time into recruiting, perhaps they could find new pures and not have to rely on low quality vennies! You did this to yourself, rage!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Andre


      trying too hard buddy chill out with the essays

    3. NightShift


      i feel like this is fudog 100% or someone trying so hard to be just as cringe and awkward. each post is so bad, ur embarrassing urself and foe

    4. Sm0ky


      lmao ur writing an essay and no one cares

  13. after destroying rage on multiple weekends, they have resorted to being a midweek hype clan. LookWhatWeDidtoYou!

    1. Bounty


      very cringe name 

    2. Final Gang Member

      Final Gang Member

      @Logicand a few others have jumped ship... Who's next?

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