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  1. ur clan is rlly doo doo, no wonder ur members not showing up anymore to trips
  2. The 2nd screenie was from the first 5-10 mins of trip and the others were from when ur slaves of Apex showed up and we scimmed them of the map just like we did 2 you to CA. Hopefully you mountain shitters keep pulling 100s every weekend, cause theres no off
  3. You were not allowed to run outside CA today untill apex came lmfaooooooooo, ur clan won't last and then I will catch ur tears
  4. The only decent part of ur trip was the first 5-10 mins, after that you got battered at corp hill and were forced to run from the fight to ca to stay entire trip there lmfaoo btw we had 127 at the end and were ready to fight you but you guys Always end early suckers. we had 108 on ts, but you will see that in the winning topic
  5. Losing topic! The winners topic is on it's way, 127 ending to ur 70 lmfao
  6. SUP just close already, so low morale and also losing to worst clan in clan wars god bless...
  7. We are down 40 you dumb zenith member no1 down 40 is rushing GDZ lmao. Btw quit starving ur members actions, they are tired of that dogshit quality!
  8. How do you pull +30/40 and wait a hour to rush while ur rivals are standing on corp hill and after that you end aswell LMAO. If you were down 40 you would've been rushed within 0.5. Btw FOE lost at the end cause zenith members hiding in their capes, it decreases their quality!
  9. losing topic+ ending in 1 hour after 1 hit haha you guys suck. Hiding in foe capes didn't go as plan aswell losers!
  10. Damn you reduced astro to return as 1 itemers with only a cape...
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