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  1. So glad I did not wake up as a bear today, so much headache I wouldn't be able to handle! GZ apex
  2. gz on your trip, seems like LY is on the lowest point right now and even the members who jumped ship to rage got demoralized LMAO!
  3. Now I know how it feels to be like FI that has been shit for over a decade LOL ( with a small hype of jamz era inbetween). When the community restores you be the first clan to die again!
  4. Only times FI is relevant is when the whole community dies out LOL
  5. Your clan are the biggest losers of the scene, you have 0 impact in anything. Make sure you hold the hands of the clan that is defending you very strong, cause if they leave you, you will go into shambles and there is no off for dumb bears. Dude your clan does all events with the same 30 people god bless... No wonder that your clan is pulling 40s on weekends and 25s to clw events, cause most of your members realise they won't even get into the action LOL. You guys pull low on purpose aswell in clw, since you scared to get big beatings by the eagles and make your whole memberbase become demoralized. Same counts for you! Make sure you hold the hands of the clan that is defending you very strong, make sure you stick into their asses through tick and thin, eitherwise you will end in singles for the rest of 2021.
  6. 40 bears are hiding behind other clans is what it should be. Garbage? Dude you do 25 vs 25 in clan wars which no1 really cares about besides your own shitty members LOL. Since you pulled 70 again why can't your doo doo clan do big opts fights? Don't bite more then you can chew and stay in your cage.
  7. Most of the rage members cares about my paragraphs, since they were questioning themselves why they had so worse trips for so long and nobody told them the reason! The only glory hunter invested clan was Rage in 2020 when the pandemic started. Then they dissapeared and you dropped back to 40 and now they came back, cause they were so afraid for so long LOL. dumb bear
  8. Dumb ass bear, Rage has 0 impact in this. Look at all the times you got bullied, you're clan was only resorted to crash fights with your 40 pull and do 25 vs 25 clan wars events. There is a reason you went from 40 to 70 pull, cause your members think they have a chance right now but as soon as it isn't going like right now they will dissapear again.
  9. Rage stood most in singles in 2020 and 2021 so far, thoughts on that founder of 40 bears @keefn?
  10. Yeah he has been building a huge legacy by leading the clan that has stood most in singles in 2020 and even 2021 so far. You sound like the average rage member lmfaooo
  11. Talking about being victimized lmfao. Must taste good having ur first somewhat relevant trip after so long heh. Still founder of 40 bears LOL.
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