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  1. @bl00d` @[email protected] @keefn when comes the topic of you guys merching with eachother? We are already at the end of february and I am still trying to find a topic of you guys having a fun weekend lol.
  2. If you wanna do big mini's in purple portal just do them with FI. You barely can get 40 bears online and want the other clan to most likely sit around 50ish members.
  3. You should be thankfull to the main clans that you can hide in. Imagine if they left you alone, you would be pming elek through discord to do first to 50 in clan wars on weekends.
  4. @[email protected]@Stella @[email protected] [email protected]` You really thought ur members would take you guys serious? Hell na, they jumping ship quicker then the members in Rage did LOL. A closing topic would be the only way to save ur clan from a painfull dead.
  5. And this is the reason FI is dead. First of all FI their last fullout is from 7-8 years ago, since then you never did any cause ur clan was shit and also cause you guys can't get 100 warrers at all online. I'd rather close twice then being killed for over 6-7 years by several clans to the point that you only were able to pull 30-40ish members for years( especially in Couck his era). Tyen and all the other ranks could not save ur shitty clan and it had to do with jamz bringing abit of life into you guys, but now you are back to what you used to be. You guys chew more then you can bite. Btw with 57 fatality members you aint gonna do shit lol
  6. Stella relying on a sharkbrew tournament hype is not gonna save ur shitty clan, never forget that. FI had to lie to their members that they would do just as fine with LEE as warlord, well you see what happend! Majority of ur members jumped ship and you became the old FI that has been the banter clan of the community again LOL. If we have a clean 1 vs 1 you would hug singles line all day, don't act like ur clan is gonna do something if we come without mains cause that is not the case.
  7. Do not spread lies. Apex took longer cause they wanted to have their people online at a possible date( a date that was extended big time that even all FI members could make it). You guys started shaking when they came with 70+ sardines and dropped all ur doodoo warrers, but the rule was 50 vs 50 minimum. FI is fine? You lost so many members over 1,5 month, have shitty action all the time and say FI is fine lmfao. The expectations of ur clan decreases as hard as ur pull did. My leaders are telling me that they slumped FI and will continue to smack them around, and can't disagree with them since I witnessed 100% what happend over the last 1,5 month.
  8. How times changed... You were not talking so much about purple portal when it came down to fighting Apex under jamz era, cause then it was wildy which did matter ( btw never forget you dropped ops so you could leave you're shit warrers out to prevent a 3-0 which you would have gotten for sure). And only 1 month later purple portal matter alot to FI . We will see what will happen in the tournament, but CLW is not gonna revive ur clan . The big eagles made ur clan the 2.0 version of rage LOL
  9. We use mains cause every1 was using mains against us and we react back. We don't need mains against you, with ur 57 pull you most likely will hug singles line all day. We all know you got other clans on speed dial or will use mains if it was a clean 1 vs 1. Idk ask ur members that are not showing up anymore on a scale to 1-10 how dissapointed they are about the FI events
  10. Every clan taking turns? Dude you guys are forced to be in a merged cc and wearing eachother teamcapes to stay relevant. You pulling 57 says it all Elek, majority of ur members are getting tired of the boring events fatality offers.
  11. You used mains months ago and I did not hear you saying '' we need to stop using mains'' . You are paying the price for piping up. 57 strong fatality members LOL We pulled 80, idk where you get the 65 from. I hope that is not the tactic for fatality to tell their members we only pull 65, cause it is not gonna save you Elek. You used mains before, now you pay the price. Ur members realised they made big mistake by listening to people like you, now they smart and see it is not worth to fight for the clan fatality.
  12. You were pulling 110-130s most of the weekend trips, if we had nothing to do with it why can't you pull 70-80 anymore? I did not hear you when you had +40 and used mains on us, but now you stand in singles most of the time and ur members don't see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. You piped up to much, now look at ur shitty as clan. This will continue and theres nothing you can do about it.
  13. The tactic to crash/ruin ur fights did work out pretty well. Around 40% of ur members are not showing up anymore, including Murd which made the wise choice to keep his eyes closed by sleeping during FI trips.
  14. Ur clan had already a rough time with all the alliances that helped you. Make sure you keep the stamina high, cause theres no way back from here
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