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  1. Pretty sure he was in coma because of ur rocko´s signature l0ll. He also pmed ´´ which kind of loser has that´´ yikes!
  2. Yeah dude, bantz on this website means alot… You prob get alot of bantz when you react on the topics of FUDOG that produces 2/3 of the posts on SB l0l. Btw I would be a virgin schoolkid if i had a rocko's signature with chillin above it, yikes. Can't lie that it is better for young people to go to school, instead of having a rocko's signature with chillin above it on SB, I mean then you know you have reached the maximum lvl of being a loser l0l.
  3. I indeed would be virgin if I had a Rocko´s signature, with chillin written above it l0l. Ranks are pretty weird on SB, changing my name.. But that must explain the reason why SB is dead and never has been able to revive themselves. You would fit the rank team of SB very well right now, then you can make rocko's appear on the background of SB l0ll.
  4. Yeah dude i´m in school chillin l0l, I have my dog called s4tans, that sht is barking whole day for me jeez…
  5. I was a fetus? I'm prob older then you… Can only imagine if every1 had such a cringe signature when they have been for a long time out of their diapers, unlike you. I'll upload my pikachu signature soon to look just as cool as you lol
  6. Completely agree that it's cringe, but holy fuck what cringe lvl will this scene be if you join up? The amazing s4tans with a childish ass signature and ''chillin'' written above it is joining up. Hopefully all those clans then decide out of respect to not go out anymore l0l.
  7. Theres also a few envy members going to nightmare trip tho+ you keep saying ''envy'' meanwhile theres not alot of envy even with Rampage, but you prob forget that RP was already pulling good before a few envy members joined them. Trying to putt envy in a bad daylight is kinda a shame… While you can laugh with ur son, ur crying on the brew because Rampage is doing better.
  8. Lol bro using the same words as Togo won't save you from having a brown sticky stuff signature and chillin above it. If you want i'll give you a spongebob autograph for on ur wall in ur room lol.
  9. Can still agree that a bottem tier Envy is still better then a clan like CD with satans in it ,that has a brown sticky stuff signature and chillin above it lol
  10. Hamf- Envy is solid in clan wars, don't underestimate them. Does Hamf still live in the past? envy used to be good in clan wars at the time you had lpc/mpc/hpc, now it's not even close to that.
  11. Improving is very important, can't stay hanging into brown sticky stuff cartoons, name myself satan and have written above my signature ''chillin'' l00l
  12. Idk how trip was homie, it's freaking hot outside and had to watch a movie and sip on a amazing cocktail. Tell me how trip was? Btw this won't change the fact that you still have a ass signature named satan and has chillin standing above it... YIKES
  13. Mate even the bottem tier people in the clan does not name theirselves satans with a weirdo ass signature and ''chillin'' above it, and we have alot of people who do cringe things lol yikes… Tbh nothing changes by this vid lol, it was a few years ago and will keep going on.. See you in summer 2019 or 2020 homie. Keep barking for the better clan Envy tho
  14. M8 ur name is satans and has a childish avatar with ''chillin'' above it. Jeez how sad can you be in life, get a grip on it.
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