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  1. why are these grown men such bitches like wtf???? eat a dick anti jaja 😂
  2. Welfuhrer

    Teamsweden - 120+ combat - MAIN clan

  3. gf peepee stay brown whip
  4. Welfuhrer

    Not again jaja!

    veng owns you res
  5. Welfuhrer

    Wednesday - Beating The Living Shit Out Of Jaja - Ft. Rev

    why rot spamming more than you lmfao!!! paki clan needs to blow themselves up already...
  6. like roaches when you turn the lights on lmfao shit sv
  7. Welfuhrer

    Thursday: Jaja Goes in Raw on SV

    looked ez gratz smalls
  8. Welfuhrer

    [NSFW]SV gets caught lacking in a fall-in

    damn sv you got caught slacking lol
  9. Welfuhrer

    Rams has a breakdown midtrip ft. TS audio

    jaja crashing with 10! why the breakdown rams? lmfao sv!
  10. Welfuhrer

    main JaJa l 120+ Combat l Main Clan

    this the clan that bgs'd SV mid fight for their +1's???
  11. Welfuhrer

    pkri Sovereign Goons Decimate Singles Clan

    yikes sv
  12. Welfuhrer

    main Thursday GMT Sweep ft SV forced to 1 item

    jaja stay winning on god
  13. Welfuhrer

    main JaJa defeat VNG+SV in EST ft randoms

    yikes sv stay shit LOL
  14. Welfuhrer

    Episode 1: Ending Sovereign's Opening Trip

    wow great energetic calls by the leaders!!!! not depressed btw! ended with 50 btw!!!
  15. Welfuhrer

    main JaJa ends SV on their opening trip (ft clan world)

    avalon made those special zerk/tank accounts go main lmfao. sv is dog shit