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  1. Seriously. I got tbed this past weekend and actually laughed. What the fuck kind of shit is that. No wonder no fights are happening at GDZ. I don't have a dog in this fight but I'm sure glad I didn't join sup. Literally intro'd on their forums, asked if I could come on a saturday trip, was told yes, then while trying to join CC I got kicked and had my account on their forums removed. I get that your ranks didn't communicate and whoever said I could come fucked up.... but really? Then I got flamed immediately after. Your pulls would be better if you didn't waste people's time when they try and join your clan. Guess they are the CP/TLP of this era.
  2. Which is crazy because pure warfare had a lot of issues too. I'm actually pretty surprised how shitty things have gotten.
  3. Looking to join a pure clan that has good pulls for f2p (trips/minis). I am playing on a new baby pure ( 40 att, 60 str, 1 def, 43 prayer, 60 range, 50 mage) and intend to get 80+ str/range very soon. I will be P2P ready shortly after that. I used to clan years ago and was around when pure-warfare was active. Former Mayhem Maker. Any old-school clans still around?
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