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Found 7 results

  1. Holidays are around the corner. My favorite time of year for clanning is seeing events related to holidays being set up. Some of you may have never experienced a high-op snowball fight, so I posted some examples at the bottom of how one is conducted and the different opts in all of the videos. Last Clan/Team Standing FFA in the Wilderness. We would have bots scattered around the area of the fight to conclude the winner. There is a high chance that clan leaders may not want to partake, but, if the community wants to take part in events. Any of them can be set up similar to EU Vs USA. Snowball Fights originate from Pre-EOC!
  2. Team KO ended 16-0. Which is crazy. (Signature coming soon.) Event was ran by me & @Grey Wolf Special thanks to Abd, Nawe. As well as Slush for the monies. 14 TEAMS SIGNED UP! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO.! Stats: Drop a gz for ko and some feedback on how the event could of been done better. New event coming soon.
  3. XLPC's 15v15 / XLPC BrewCup 2021 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Dt4QCEc Finals: Blood Unit vs Vision On behalf of the XLPC Brew community we would like to Congratulate Blood Unit for Winning the 15v15 Winter XLPC Brew Cup 2021! Score 3-0 Round 1: Starting: 15v15: Ending: 3/0 Round 2: Starting: 15v15: Ending 4/0 Round 3: Starting: Vision Log out 15/0 Prize: Signature/200m Coin
  4. Approximately 2 months ago we have started a 25 defence miniwar tournament (Rash and I). We are very happy that most of the clans and teams have signed up for this tournament, 14 teams to be precise. Some more invested than others, but looking back we think that it was good action for the teams that participated and we will be organising more events in the future. Make sure to keep an eye on the announcement section in discord and forums. Those were the teams that participated and their respective wins/losses: The top 6 teams were: Team K.O Pups Apex Team Tikeri Golf Wang Team Synergy Those teams were seeded against each other and Team K.O and Pups battled in the final against each other. The winners of this tournament are Team K.O!!! They have managed to go undefeated from start till end and thus emerged as the victors. Very impressive! Here is your signature! - And your prize: Some of the povs in the spoiler:
  5. Pure Brewcup 2020 This year is the inauguration of first annual brewcup tournament. As decided by the community, this year's server fight type is F2P. Rules Fight type: F2P 1-25 def accounts & 1 def gear Best out of 3, Each clan will attack and defend one round each with one PKRI Matched - sit to 40 min Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents To mitigate issues addressed by @nawe, winning each prep will earn an additional 0.5 points Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament There will be a tiebreaker if 2 or more clans have the same number of point Clans will be assigned 2 fights per week and can fight at their own convenience If both clans cannot fight, we will set a default time and day Default time: After Saturday weekend trip Any shenanigans will be dealt with accordingly, but we hope clans can respect their opponents Due to the visibility and higher profile of this tournament, we expect all clans to ensure that their member IPs have been changed and that they have a DDOS'd protected VOIP software before each events Any infringement of the rules will result in instant forfeit and round awarded to their opponent Equipment 1 def gear only Match Ups Clans are free to schedule fights at their own convenience. The last week is reserved for any missed preps or incidents that needs sorting. In the unlikely event that your opponent decides to ignore your prep requests, an auto win(3.5 points) will be awarded to your clan on the last week of the tournament. Be sure to document ALL communication evidences with date + time
  6. Sharkbrew low opt 25 Def mini tournament! Who can join? Pure clans and pure teams in the pure community. You must provide a memberlist of your participants (None of your members may multi-team in this tournament). A minium list of 7 players, which you must stick to. Rules - Each team will fight each in a best of 5 rounds all pkri - ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: The new staffs, Rapier, Kodai, venom, dspear, blade of saeldor, halberds, inq mace. - Will be using a league table, updated daily. Will be making a disc. -Each set won is 1 point, if a tie happens, we'll review which clan won the most rounds. - 25 Defence gear - 25 defence pures only if you have guys who have 26 defence by mistake that's also allowed - If a team closes, forfeits the tournament or gets disqualified during this event all there wins and points will be awarded to the losing teams they have beaten and auto wins for clans they haven't faced yet. - Disputes will be decided by myself, Grey and Cardi Dates Starting date - Monday 18th of Jan Ending date - Monday 8th of Feb LETS BANG THESE FITES OUT, THE FASTER THIS IS DONE, THE MORE EVENTS LIKE THSI WE CAN DO! - You can use anyone from your clan/team to participate. Can't play for both a team and clan. - Before both clans fight you need ranks from both clans to confirm that the mini is for the tournament and not just a fun mini. - Clans found abusing non tournament mini wins and lying will gain an automatic loss against that other clan - Minimum opts for each fight will be 6 and the maximum allowed is 10. Sit to matched. - All clans/teams must fight each other, if one clan is being difficult and refusing to set up then the other clan/team will take the set win. Prize 1st - Custom made GFX for the sharkbrew mini tournament and 120m. Signup Application: If you are wanting to participate please contact Rash#4103 , @Cardi#9018 or @Grey#6614 on discord to enter you have until Monday 18th Jan to enter your clan no exceptions. Current clans/teams -KO -Eagles -Soupremacy -Supremacy -Bp -Pups -Mount Everest -Venom -Apex -Rage -Legacy -Moe -Terror -Emo -Fi
  7. XLPC Brew | 20v20 Cup Confirmations Signups are open now! (will be updated upon signups via Discord PMs) - - - - - If you're looking to open a clan / team at this time around and would like to participate, please reach out to: 𝕷ulu#6666 Rash#4103 Abd#0569 To join our server, where you can find us all https://discord.gg/Dt4QCEc Format The bracket will be played under the same set of CLW rules as follows. Server: F2P Combat: 53 cap with NO EXCEPTIONS Gear: 1 Defence gear Style: Round Robin Knockout: 1 Attacking, 1 Defending, 1 PKRI Pull: 20v20 minimum. +5 rule may be in place incase pulls are increased, but it MUST be agreed upon by both sides. Prayer: 15's can be used upon agreement between both leaders. If they can't come to an agreement, 1 prayer is by default. Overheads is STRICTLY prohibited. Points: Points are racked based on sets. [1 set Win = 1 point, 1 set Loss = 0 points] Technical Rules - Matches must be completed within the week once the brackets are assigned. Failure to do so will automatically result in a forfeit and full points assigned to the winning team. - You have 25 minutes to challenge or else your clan is disqualified. Proof of challenge should include timestamps. - Cape switching is not allowed and will not be tolerated. If disputing a cape switch and it's successful, it will result in an automatic loss. Take responsibility for your clan members. - Please do not claim DDOS because we are -not- involved with reprimanding the opposing clan for that. - All preps/minis MUST be RECORDED and MUST be posted in the form of a topic! Your topic should indicate that this is for the Brew Cup tournament. Prizes Signature indicating the finalists, (both gets awarded with a signature) The winner gets an extra signature that indicates ''Winner of the Tournament'' Also the winner receives a GP price of 125m.
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