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Found 33 results

  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz Interested in joining the most respectful, honorable clan in OSRS? ^ Click on our discord link and join us, where most Veteran RS players are. Today Dynasty had a prep fight with a clan Ankou, right after that a p2p rsbl clan asked us to replace a clan that didn't show up for them and we gladly accepted even though it was 1 hour+ after our main event, we massed our best p2p unit and went into battle against The Goblins Den These goblins are a new breed and wanted to test themselves against our mighty Spartan unit. Without hesitation my men went head on to slay some goblins to show no mercy for these foul creatures of the dark. Dynasty as usual came on top victorious, the honor this clan has will always out bright others. Dynasty is taking over, and 2022 is just another year for us to strive better for our 2nd year opening. Video:
  2. I believe beast accidently deleted his video but co-leader of sovagina A1v1 uploaded the content on his youtube channel. Watch 2 low tier clans battle it out for #9 RSB as they have no permission to enter the wilderness without REV's permission (btw REV have will consistently perfect these clans in cwa too).
  3. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw Dynasty was looking for some action and Latin Crew was up for a fight once more, We knew Latin crew had some great talent so we were hyped and ready to sharpen our spears once more for a great battle on the open fields of the desert lands. We Massed up 24 STRONG Spartans soon to have more coming to join the Dynasty. LC attacked first into our spartan pile and our beast tanks tanked them off for 6+ kills! it was a fierce battle between both sides, Quick kills on both ends, our strong tanks did good first and third round, our callers did great overall. Thanks to Latin Crew for keeping it clean and respectful, more fights to come. Dynasty will prevail as the only honorable clan left, join the best of the best, most respectful clan, toxic free. Round 1: Win Round 2: Lost 25-17 Round 3: Win Video: soon...
  4. Our friends over in Australia wanted to make a return to the F2P scene and decided to ask us if we were willing to accept a fight with them and we happily did. Quicky massed 45 tempest at 10 PM EST (non mand) and proceeded with the fight. Every round started off really close with both clans going kill for kill but after a couple of god tanks from our members we quickly gained a lead and never let them come back. Thanks for the battle CL, hope to see you again! Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
  5. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 Set up a battle with Bandits for today and continued our win streak by taking the 2-1. ty4fight ROUND TWO ROUND THREE Nick POV Dean POV Makarov POV
  6. Tempest vs Bandits+Revolt Every week, the Tempest storm surges and grows in strength. Today we rolled up against two CWA teams, pulling well over 40 men causing us to drop and to match their pull. We geared up to have some nice three round 35v35 battles. LOSS 23-25 Round 1 showed that we had some rust to shake off. Nevertheless we were able to keep their margin of victory within 2 points. We knew what we needed to do to adapt our strategy to win and we sought to do exactly that. WIN 25-21 Round 2 David & Tim decided to go full blown college football super fan. Needless to say our TS became as loud as a MAGA rally centered in the rural hills of west Tennessee. We managed to clench a nice victory and prepared for a repeat in game 3, hyped as hell. EPIC WIN 25-16 Round 2 David & Tim decided to go Super Saiyan. From the start we took a commanding lead with our building adrenaline from the previous battles. Our tanks showed that they are complete beasts, while our switching demonstrated how strong coordinated k0 power can be in Tempest. Thanks to all the Tempest men who showed to own and thanks for the rounds Revolt/Bandits.
  7. We wanted a challenge this weekend after a great win streak lately so we approached WL. Both sides had decent enough pulls with us pulling around 35 and Wl around 31. Round 1 was quite controversial ending 25-24 to WL but involved a portal leave so we decided to 'void' this round. This has a huge effect on our performance and we picked it up 5 levels and cruised the next rounds. Our Teamspeak dropped for about 2 minutes during the fight but we somehow managed to maintain ingame piles. Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending:
  8. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 After yesterday's big win and continuing our hot streak the Zergs were ready for another big challenge. We setup a fight with SA who have been on a win streak for awhile now. Knowing it would be a hard fight we focused up and came out on top with the 2-1 victory. ROUND ONE Lost ROUND TWO ROUND THREE Murky POV Dean POV
  9. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 We managed to organise a fight with TR for Wednesday. Pulled 27 Zerg's and managed to come out with the [2-1] win Ty for the fight fellas, very close rounds NICK POV: MURKY POV: ROUND TWO: ROUND THREE:
  10. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 We had a battle set up with New Power which came down to a single game tick. Close fight, ggs and ty for the action. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nick POV Dean POV Round One Round Two
  11. Couple days ago Fearless approached us looking to battle. We were pumped to fight a new rising team. We both pulled fairly low so we decided to do no overheads for faster paced action. All rounds were pretty close but as the rounds progressed we started to get in the rhythm and get the win. Thanks for the battle friends. Round 1 Ending: 23-25 Fearless win Round 2 Ending: Round 3 Ending:
  12. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 Set up a fight with Arroz for today and gave them the quick 2-0 smoke in which they logged and didn't give us a round 3. blnt I guess Dean POV Makarov POV Round One Round Two
  13. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 Had a fight scheduled for today with Bandits so we massed up the boys and got the 2-1 W Ty for fight. Round One Lost Round Two Round Three Dean POV Makarov POV
  14. Couple days ago ZU approached us looking to battle. We pulled 28 strong warriors and ZU around 24 we decided to do no overheads for faster paced action. Few couple rounds went the same really fairly even at the start but once we gained map control we began to take healthy leads. R3, ZU performed really well and managed to take it. Thanks for the action pals. Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending: R3 Ending: Zu won 25-24
  15. We arranged a quick 1-day prep against Arroz for 3 rounds of first to 25. As it was a Sunday, we expected Arroz to pull enough for overheads on, however, their pull was low so we did 3 rounds of no overheads. The first two rounds went convincingly to us, with great calls and awareness from our side. In round 3, Arroz stepped it up and managed to get the win. Thank you for the action Arroz, it was fun and we hope next time we can do overheads on! 23 - 25
  16. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 Massed up the Zergs to have a battle with Bandits in which we took the clean 3-0. Was a clean competitive battle, thanks for the action. Round One Round Two Round Three Dean POV
  17. Discord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN After our fight against Tempest we planned a fun clw battle against our amigos in Latin Crew. Despite the fact that it was late af for most of us, resulting in the lose of some people in between fights, we still had 18 brave warriors ready for some action. We fought them in a first to 25 kills on plateau, 3 rounds, matched 18 vs 18 (20?). They managed to win the first round but we came right back at them winning the follow up second round. The third round was decisive, it was a very intense and close battle but we pulled through and brought the W home. Thanks Latin Crew for the fight. PM Dig Din#6814 or Dias158#9263 for some F2P CWA action. Round 1: 22 x 25 Round 2: 25 x 17 Round 3: 25 x 24
  18. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs New Power We were matched with New Power this week for the 20v20 knockout tournament. We scheduled the fight for Sunday afternoon and began to prep our men. We dropped to 20 and fought a good wholesome battle in all three rounds. R1: We had our clock cleaned. R2: We had great tanks and Tika went beast mode with his calling leading to a terrific performance. R3: More great tanking and stellar organization allowed us to secure the round and tournament weekend win. Following the tournament action, NP asked us for no overheads round in the clan wars arena. First to 25 kills on the plateau. Needing to improve our skills, and wanting to include those that hadn't fought, we jumped in for some fun. CWRI: Starting - Ending - Great close battle and almost a superb comeback from New Power. Hope for another fight soon -- thanks for the action!
  19. We heard about some F2P Action going down so we quickly massed. Sadly by time we had gotten in game it seemed to have ended so we pmed asking around for a quick CWA. Tempest accepted the offer and we did 2 rounds of 31v31 action. Once again we took home the victory, thanks for the action pals.
  20. Today we had our first league fight against Latin Crew. Without previous practice for this tournament, we were not sure what to expect. Regardless, we summoned our top 20 men and faced off against LC. Unfortunately, in R1 and R3, LC did not have 20 people, so they started those rounds with a disadvantage. They still provided solid resistance and didn't give up. R2 was the only round where we both started 20v20, and the result shows that LC put up a good fight. Thanks for the action Latin Crew, it was quite fun for our first league fight!
  21. We set up a fight against Bandits for the first time. Knowing that Bandits have been performing really well, we were expecting a tough match up — we definitely received one. The first two rounds were extremely close, both sides going almost kill for kill. In the final round, however, Bandits got a solid lead from the start and didn't slow down with their performance, claiming a clear victory. In R3, Bandits set the rules to no overheads, even though the numbers were fairly high, and we decided to roll with it. Overall, the fight itself was a bit messy, but exciting nonetheless. Thank you for the fight Bandits, hope we can do more of these close matches in the future too!
  22. We set up our first fight against Evil Army today. The fight was quite one sided, however, in R2 EA performed very well and made it an extremely close round. It was great to face off against new opponents, and we're glad EA was up for the challenge. Not much else to say here, looking forward to more fights versus EA, and we hope they keep improving! Thanks for the action Evil Army, you guys keep it up and we look forward to fighting you again.
  23. After our clean battle today against Ancient Fury, we had our tournament fight set up with CWC. Knowing they had many experienced CWA prods we couldn't underestimate them so we had our men come in with a strong mindset, Round 1 was pretty much kill for kill until we start transitioning through their magers. Round 2 they didn't hit 20 so they decided to rush us and ended up losing only 1 person (ty mohd). Round 3 they just gave us the win since they didn't have 20. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: They gave us the win. Thanks for the fight CWC.
  24. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs New Power We had a Tournament practice battle setup today against our friends at New Power. We each massed up 20 men ready and eager to give a good fight, needless to say both of our clans did just that. Round 1 we gave a powerful performance only losing a single death on our first pile, Tempest ended strongly with 19-1. The 2nd match NP made it much closer as both clans reached sub 10 in their numbers. However, Tempest would come from behind and secure the win. Both clans finished it off with a CWRI, and it would be us who would take the final victory. Shout out to everyone who came today and thanks NP for the fun matches. ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY==
  25. Our friendly Kangaroos Zerg Unit pmed us for a short notice battle and we of course said yes. Knowing they get better and better every time we knew we couldn't underestimate them so we had our game faces on. R1 with amazing tanking from our members and great calling from Timothy Gochance1 we got the win by a landslide, R2 they were kill for kill at the start until Tempest member decided to power up and started to own. Ended up doing no overheads in R3 due to the numbers but they took that round from us. Thank you kangaroos for the battle! Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: We lost
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