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Found 10 results

  1. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs New Power We had a Tournament practice battle setup today against our friends at New Power. We each massed up 20 men ready and eager to give a good fight, needless to say both of our clans did just that. Round 1 we gave a powerful performance only losing a single death on our first pile, Tempest ended strongly with 19-1. The 2nd match NP made it much closer as both clans reached sub 10 in their numbers. However, Tempest would come from behind and secure the win. Both clans finished it off with a CWRI, and it would be us who would take the final victory. Shout out to everyone who came today and thanks NP for the fun matches. ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY== ==VICTORY==
  2. Our friendly Kangaroos Zerg Unit pmed us for a short notice battle and we of course said yes. Knowing they get better and better every time we knew we couldn't underestimate them so we had our game faces on. R1 with amazing tanking from our members and great calling from Timothy Gochance1 we got the win by a landslide, R2 they were kill for kill at the start until Tempest member decided to power up and started to own. Ended up doing no overheads in R3 due to the numbers but they took that round from us. Thank you kangaroos for the battle! Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: We lost
  3. We fought our good friends Tempest, and both clans had a solid pull of around 38 people. The rounds were very competitive, and it was clear that both clans prepped hard for this fight. First two rounds went to us, and the last round Tempest did very well and got the win. Overall, it was a very enjoyable fight and a nice change of pace compared to the usual lower option CWA fights. We look forward to having more fights like this. Once again, thank you for the fight Tempest, and we hope to see you soon again!
  4. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest -vs- Clan Wars Community It was a cool September Sunday, and the wind swept across the Ferox Enclave. The savages that occupy W308 in the white portal attacked from all angles. Outside, Clan Wars Community massed their forces, their war drums beating in rhythm. In the distance, the women and children cried out. The boomers of Tempest - battle hardened seamen they are - heard the call to battle. The knew what lay before them. Tempest, Boomers in Arms, let this be the hour, that we drew swords together. Round One A fierce knockout battle but Tempest came out on top. Ending: Round Two Tempest stood victorious, but only temporarily so. The bloodshed was far from over. The battle waged on and on. Arrows pierced the sky. Swords cut down men all around. Shrieks of agony could be heard across the battle field. Starting: Ending: Round Three As the battle raged on, the Seamen weren't sure if they could secure victory. Weary, but with fighting spirit, they pressed on. Starting: Ending: Video: At the end of it all, Tempest chased CWC back to the 308 white portal. Tired from battle, but gloriously victorious. Some of the most fun I've had in Runescape. Thanks to all of those who made this event amazing.
  5. https://discord.gg/XbvdPy2 Had our first round of the 20v20 Knockout Tournament against New Power today, came out on top with the 2-1. Ty for fight Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 We tried some theoretical guerrilla tactics and lost Dean POV
  6. After a tight loss to tempest last week we decided to run it back. Rounds were all fairly competitive with us gaining the advantage late on and securing the 3-0 Victory. Thanks for the action! Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending: Round 3 Ending:
  7. Discord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN Been awhile since we fought ZU so we schedule a battle against them. Started strong and confident, never underestimating our opponent cause we know of their quality members. First round was super close, we were losing 23x24 but thanks to a god tank from Neno we managed to come back and win it. In the second round we took the lead very early on, kept on going and never looked back. Last round we were more relaxed and zu showed us that even tho they were beaten they were still wide awake and focused. Thanks Zerg Unit for the fight. PM Dig Din#6814 or Dias158#9263 for some F2P CWA action. Round 1: 25 x 24 Round 2: 25 x 21 Round 3: 17 x 25
  8. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest -vs- The Rising The late summer air breezed lazily upon our faces, as Tempest stepped into the ring against The Rising. This was our first true test against TR; we wanted to make a lasting impression to ourselves & our opponents in the Clan War Arena. The Plateau was set for an epic three rounds of fighting, and as the bell rang, the binds shot out and war was waged. Round One Tempest had a strong pull as usual and had to drop a handful for TR. Our start was sleepy, and we immediately fell down by four. As the intensity of the round wound up, so did our performance. Tanking and great awareness at critical moments aided our cause, and by the end, Tempest callers were picking out the targets we needed in order to sustain victory. Ended 25-23. Round Two This round started off better for us. A quick few KO's allowed us to build a slender lead... But TR refused to give in. They managed a storming come-back, delivering a few strong kills back to back in order to take hold of the fight themselves. With a steely determination and off the back of some wonderful tanking from GMT-unit leader @Ells, Tempest fought to the very end and managed to snag victory from the jaws of defeat. Ended 25-23. Round Three TR put forth an excellent performance and managed to grab victory by half a kill. Ended 25-24 (For TR). Video Coming shortly. Thank you for the close battles TR -- I'm sure we will once again clash steel. Shout-out to all the Tempest members who came out & made this event at an earlier time than normal. A strong performance with nerves of steel to make come-backs in both round 1 and round 2. Tempest wins again!
  9. Thread by David: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/788-tempest-vs-zerg-unit/
  10. Discord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN Planned a fight with our latin brothers for today. Won the first and second round but since we fell off in the third round, we decided to do a fourth round which we ended up winning, to compensate for the previous performance. Thanks Latin Crew for the fight. PM Dig Din#6816 or Dias158#9263 for some F2P CWA action. Round 1: 25 x 15 Round 2: 25 x 19 Round 3: 20 x 25 Round 4: 25 x 23
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