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Found 824 results

  1. Very good fights, thank you for the action. Let's get this started up again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf4a0VPcB9U&t=334s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpwYryItgww
  2. welcome back to purple portal Legacy 2-0 gf
  3. feel free to get your notebooks out and take notes
  4. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Had some fun mini action against FOE, Always a pleasure. We lost the first round and won the next 2 thanks for the Mini! @Alex POV
  5. Thanks for the action Impact, looking forward to more action in the future. RocktailBrew & Stoned God POV:
  6. " The strongest hearts have the most scars " The Boys approached Takeover for a 6v6 Mini and they happily accepted. We started off with a 6v6 and later gained 7v7. Though they were able to snipe a few rounds from us, we swiftly walked away with the dub, 2-0 in sets. Good fight boys and see you next week! Paige
  7. Ty 4 action boys looking forward to next mini
  8. Ty 4 mini merry Christmas we back baby coming at your necks.
  9. " Winners don't wait for chances, they take them " The Boys approached Outbreak for a 10v10 Mini and they happily accepted. We started off with a 9v9 and won the 1st round. Unfortunately they took the second round from us but we redeemed ourselves in the 3rd and walked away with the 1st set Dub. Our second set we came in strong and came in with the swift win, ending the rounds with 11v11 opts in. Good fight boys and see you next week! Paige
  10. Thanks for the clean action, The Boys. Rusty Paul: Ben:
  11. " If Not Now, When? " The Boys approached OFA for a fun Wildy Gear event and they happily accepted. We fought 3 rounds and did a different theme for the last round where our beloved Leader went to go help. Unfortunately for him he got the TB Treatment. We love you Yaz Overall a good fight and appreciate the action as always! P.S Super late post Paige Miala
  12. " Be A Warrior Not A Worrier " Late in the night we heard Team UV was looking for action. The Boys massed up quickly and took them on for a 10v10 session. We won both sets but they were able to steal a round off us. Good fight guys and we look forward to future events with ya! Paige
  13. yesterday we lost a Fun MINI to fatality so we prepared our members for today but none of them showed up. but we still massed up 19 cloggs to a 70v70 and lost Droze#5555 on Discord to Not Lose Anymore
  14. There are some quality shooters over at Adv, and they wanted another F2P CWA with the mighty Tempest seamen. Recent weeks have seen our quality take a big jump in improvement, so we were eager to put ourselves to the test against them. Brought lots of energy to the fight and many people eager to battle. Have to say that it was probably one of the best performances I'd seen from Tempest in CWA, everyone was really engaged with switches and tanking set us apart today. Thanks for the fight today Adversity and have a happy holiday break! Vanuckle POV:
  15. We've had great battles against Tempest. Today was no different with a 2-1 victory. GG! Round 1: W Round 2: W Round 3: Learning Experience! Video: Seabird Productions:
  16. Had a great battle against Tempest today. We managed to get a 3-0 victory but it wasn't an easy task. (GJ Hex r3 =]) Thanks for the challenging battle Tempest! Round 1: W Round 2: W Round 3: W Videos:
  17. " We See, We Want, We Grind, We Get " The Boys approached Power Hunters for a mini earlier today and they gladly accepted. We fought them 5 rounds, lost 1 and walked away with a 2-0 Sets dub. We appreciate the action as always & Goodfight! Paige
  18. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Got asked for a little CWA for tonight, accepted Apex's 55 def cap with max gear rules. Gave Apex a +3 and rolled in. Round 1 Apex got off to a large early lead. Despite our amazing comeback attempt, we fell short. Round 2 we performed extremely well and finished the round with an emphatic 25-11 victory. Round 3 we maintained an early lead from start to finish in a competitive fight. Round 1: Apex Wins 25-20 Round 2: VR Wins 25-11 Round 3: VR Wins 25 - 19 Great rounds lads. Thanks for the fight Apex. Always a good scrap. Full topic with + wilderness action here: https://www.vr-rs.com/forums/topic/11836/
  19. 5 strong Dominaters gathered on voice chat for some dead scene mini action. Thanks for the clean action, Explicit. Rounds: Round 1: Start 5, 5 left Round 2: Start 5, 5 left Round 3: Start 5, 4 left Round 4: Start 5, 5 left Round 5: Start 5, 5 left Round 6: Start 5, 5 left POVs: RocktailBrew: Lawi:
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