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Found 733 results

  1. GF mean was fun, look forward to another miniature war
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Deadz POV warlord @nawe Twin half mixed prince @robbyy
  3. Welcome back to the purple portal zenith. Cant wait to continue farming you in hd
  4. Gf team ambush looking forward for more minis was fun
  5. Ty4action Zenith, let’s make the scene active again
  6. Massed up 10 for a mini vs BP Started as 5 v 5, finished up being 8v8 We had to go to a F2P event while 1-1 in Sets, so we decided to a PKRI to decide the final set Ty for Event BP
  7. Fought Elite Zerks for our first p2p single spells cwa fight. They did a good job hanging in there, but we ended up getting the better of them! TY for the battle! Starting (20vs20): Round 1: Win Round 2: Win No Round 3 Video:
  9. Determined to jump into action, for our first fight we decided to challenge Imperio Latino. They selected a weird time for us so many couldn't make it, but we decided to fight them anyway. Round 1 Starting: 10 (vs 12) Despite agreeing on matched terms, we allowed them to come in with 12 to our 10. We easily took the W, despite having members brand new to F2P PvP. Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Starting: 9 No comment on this round, Imperio Latino rushed us with 17 despite agreeing to matched terms. They brought along some Dynasty members with them. We left portal. Round 3 Starting: 9 (vs 12) Due to the last round, we were eager to shut them up because of their 1-1 spam. Again, we allowed them to come in with 12. We transitioned through them like butter. Round 3 Ending: : Thanks for the fight Imperio Latino.
  10. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | TS.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Thanks to Legacy for the P2P action. Kaz: Grey:
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