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Found 500 results

  1. Some fun GMT action between BP and Rage. 2-0 in sets/4-1 in rounds.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Eventho alot of clans have been avoiding the Green punishers , Fatality managed to get a few minis this week and ended the week undefeated Fatality VS Vision Fatality VS Sup Fatality VS Sup Fatality VS Legacy Fatality VS Rage Fatality VS zenith TY FOR ACTION EVERYONE !
  3. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw After a few day prep fight for Divine Kings who eventually backed out due to being scared, we asked Forsaken who are a PvM clan, we asked for a friendly p2p cwa fight matched opts. Knowing Dynasty isn't great at pulling in P2P even though we are undefeated in CWA. We Expected a tough fight and we did. Massed our Spartans up, geared up 55 Def Cap, unlimited weapons. Dynasty pulled great in p2p once more. We entered the portal to face off the FORSAKEN. We battled Fierce first round, but eventually took heavy casualties and lost. After a few mistakes first round, Veto took command in calling and we came back strong to protect our undefeated streak. Rules: 55 Def Cap, No Vemon, No SotD (Maxed Weapons Allowed) Thanks to The Forsaken people to accept our mighty call in arms, more respect to you! Hope to see ya come back into PvP scene. Thanks for our beast tanks in p2p and our callers. First Round: Lost 20-25 Second Round: Won 25-21 Third Round (Dropped Due to Forsaken losing members): Won 25-13
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