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Found 766 results

  1. " You win some, you lose some. Except for us, we always win " The Boys approached PH for a GMT mini and they gladly accepted. We won the first round Ft25 . Round 2 they nearly took us out but luckily our shooters pulled through. Though they warred hard, The Boys secured the dub in the 3rd Round. RKO Style. GF PH , See you next week! Tiko Edgi Paige Yaz Rune Will
  2. Had a great battle against Tempest today. We managed to get a 3-0 victory but it wasn't an easy task. (GJ Hex r3 =]) Thanks for the challenging battle Tempest! Round 1: W Round 2: W Round 3: W Videos:
  3. Thanks BP for the clan wars action in a time where most clans cannot even pull 5 anymore. Kaz: Grey: Goose:
  4. 7th fight vs rage coming down to pkri decider, was easy this time around gg rage.
  5. Rematched Wild Might today and got the W after 3 intense rounds. This was a hard fought win for Adversity. Thanks for the challenge WM! Round 1: W Round 2: L Round 3: W Video [Coming Soon]: jk no vid
  6. Posted Tuesday at 08:01 PM Forums | Teamspeak | Discord
  7. Presenting the Meme Green Boater Dream Team. We welcome you to paradise
  8. Massed up 10 goons after our P2P vs Rage for another fight with Terror Shoutout to everyone who turned up on both sides, good action
  9. The Explicit Gang was enjoying themselves in paradise. Admiring our Green Boaters as everyone talked about their amazing beatdown energy P2P trips. Ambush watched the Green Boater energy with jealousy and set a trap card. The Explicit Gang did battle and both sides fought valorantly. While Ambush was close, each team throwing punches back and force, and it almost looked dim. In the end, the Green Boater Gods smiled kindly on the Meme Green Boater Dream Team. Good fight Ambush! We welcome you to paradise!
  10. On a humble afternoon, the Explicit Gang were cleaning our holy green boaters when Undisputed approached us for battle. We accepted their request and laughed as the Meme Green Boater Dream Team punished their ass cheeks with a decisive 3-0 win. Good fight!
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