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Found 228 results

  1. With obvious decline in PvP in OSRS and some clans leaders still trying to weaponize CWA activity in a shrinking pure community, we are discontinuing the current format WCOTM/COTM as it is waste of time. However, @Lord Exhas kept volunteering himself to launch his own version and we are giving him the access and authority to do so. grats to lord ex babysitter promo --------------------------- @FI we will still issue you the sig for Aug win in due time
  2. Sharkbrew P2P 10 vs 10 Tournaments - OldSchool Format and New Meta Format Hosted by @[email protected]@Shadows Sponsored by the one and only #abdbrew! Make sure to check Abd#0569 - AbdGP for all your needs. 500M CASH POOL, IT WILL INCREASE IF A LOT OF TEAMS/CLANS SIGN UP!! SPONSORED BY ABDGP.COM Oldschool Format Start Date: September 27 New Meta Format Start Date: 1 Week after Oldschool Final After deciding to delay the Oldschool 20 vs 20 Tournament due to the wilderness circumstances, Sharkbrew has decided to host two 10 vs 10 tournaments with the goal of continuing to promote action for teams and clans. One of these tournaments will follow a similar concept to the 20 vs 20 while the other will have less restrictions. Basic Information Both tournaments will be Single Elimination Brackets and clans will be seeded RANDOMLY. There will be no changes done to the bracket. 3 Rounds: ALL PKRI Matched Opts: 10 vs 10 Friday 6PM EST is the default day chosen for any match where Clan Ambassadors cannot come to an agreement. This is ONLY to be used if both clans have conclusive evidence of not being able to agree on a time and have gone through Sharkbrew Mediation (or if both clan ambassadors agree on this time). Avoiding a match to try and get an Auto-Win will not be tolerated. @[email protected]@Shadows will be handling all mediation throughout the event. Feel free to send them a private message during any dispute. Oldschool Format: The following is a list of all items that are DISQUALIFIED. MAKE SURE THAT ALL YOUR PARTICIPATING MEMBERS ARE AWARE. Ballista Elder Maul Kodai Wand Crystal Bow Surge Ring of Suffering (ALL RECOIL) New Staffs Venom Spears Defenders Torture Anguish Occult Tormented Brace Ghrazi Rapier Blade of Saledor Inquisitor Mace Hasta Nightmare Staff Crystal Halberd Toxic Blowpipe Zammy Flames Elder Chaos Robes Granite Maul Infinity Boots Spiked Mannicles Mithril Seeds Vengeance Other NEW CAPES WILL NOT BE BANNED UNLESS EXPLICITLY VOTED ON BY REPRESENTATIVES OF PARTICIPANTS. ALL RECOIL IS BANNED. As I mentioned in the previous topic I made, a special thanks goes to @Wessel for a few extra banned items I included on the list. If you have any suggestions on more items to ban, feel free to tag @[email protected]@Shadows on Discord. New Meta Format: The following is a list of all items that are DISQUALIFIED. MAKE SURE THAT ALL YOUR PARTICIPATING MEMBERS ARE AWARE. Spears New Staffs Venom Mithril Seeds Tournament Rules All matches will be best 2 of 3. Ddos will not be taken as a valid excuse for a redo. This is a general rule for the tournament. It is up to individual member's responsibility to secure their internet. TEAMS and CLANS can all participate. No player can represent a Team and a Clan in the same bracket. (Example: Representing Clan A on Oldschool bracket and Team A on New Meta bracket is allowed, but players cannot represent more than 1 team/clan on same bracket.) All accounts must be 1-25 defense with no exceptions. Exceptions to this rule have to be EXPLICITLY ACCEPTED by opposing clan ambassador and one of @[email protected]@Shadowsmust be present when the agreement is made. I would highly recommend either doing these on Discord Private Message or Ambassador's Chat (either group everyone into a PM or tag the necessary people in Ambassador's Chat). Opposing clan leader is entitled to reject your request for someone higher than 25 defense. All seeds for this tournament will be decided as mentioned in Basic Information. Clans are required to start their matches on established dates. If one or more members fail to show up at the correct time and a clan has not reached the minimum of 10 opts, the clan must decide to fight down opts while their missing members log in or forfeit the fight. Memberlists for this tournament will be LOCKED 1 DAY BEFORE THE MATCH. Any member that is not found on the memberlist will result in an automatic DQ with NO EXEPTIONS. Clans can only bring members that are not in their memberlist 3 days prior if the change is EXPLICITLY SEEN by opposing clan ambassador and one of @[email protected]@Shadows are present when the addition is mentioned. I would highly recommend either doing these on Discord Private Message or Ambassador's Chat and tagging everyone you think would need to see it. This can be use for any new applicants or members that could not attend originally. If there is a clan member that uses multiple accounts, make sure to sign them all up to the form. If they use an account that is not on the list YOU ARE RISKING DQ. Members will be allowed to change their names during the interim period, but any changes to usernames must be notified to @[email protected]@Shadows BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS. Clans must record the entirety of their fights and provide all evidence of the win. Clans must post their winning topics in the Sharkbrew Aftermath section with the appropriate title ("Sharkbrew 10vs10: Clan A vs Clan B | Oldschool/New Meta Result") Example: (Sharkbrew 10vs10: Clan A vs Clan B | Oldschool 3-0) **DISPUTES** Disputes will be handled in a case-by-case basis. Contact @[email protected]@Shadowsfor any disputes. In the presence of a dispute, a clan must record the entirety of their fight, provide media evidence (video time stamps, gifs, and pictures) of their opponent breaking the rules, and provide any additional evidence that they deem necessary for a dispute. Extra Information Sharkbrew TS will be available for clans to use. Because of the upcoming Sharkbrew Tournament Cycles, clans should attempt their best even if down 2-0 (a 2-1 loss will be better than a 3-0 loss for future tournament seeding). Bracket will be made public a few days after sign ups are officially closed. Videos and POVs should all be edited. GIFs and Pictures can be included for future recaps. Some of the information in this topic is subject to change. Signup Application (Close September 23 - 11:59PM EST) Team or Clan name: List of ambassadors present in Ambassador Discord Channel and their Discord Tag (if none, list of the people who will be representing your clan): Name and Rank with Proof of it: Lineup of Event:
  3. Introduction Over the past few months the pure community has continued its drive in a downward spiral. Most of the current clans have used mains at some point in the past year or two. Accounting this summer specifically, the date Shadows and I became active again, Rage and Zenith have had periods of using mains against their foes. Regardless of how or why these mains were present, it is evident that they were used to get an advantage over their opponents. The Sharkbrew Staff Team has been working hard to assist the community as mediators and developed an Ambassador Dispute System that is available to all clans. Although not perfect, it has allowed clan ambassadors to compile and provide evidence of how these mains are used to grab advantageous positions. We are working on a system where Clan Ambassadors can hold each other accountable while we work to provide support to some of the leading figures in our scene. Because of Sharkbrew wanting to be a “Clan First” platform, we held a vote where Zenith and Rage were the only 2 clans to score a positive percentage when allowing all clans to vote in regards to main involvement. Because of this, Sharkbrew opened a dispute for these two clans which were heavily disputed. Evidence for and against both clans was provided by a multitude of clan ambassadors, and after the evidence was provided, Sharkbrew compiled it all to present our decision-making process here. This is also to provide the community with transparency behind the decisions taken for this Dispute Process. We have a tough task as a community to resolve the current main situation that plagues our scene. We want to remind everyone that the people who are responsible for this scene are the clan leaders and ambassadors who continue to have mains on standby for the use of getting an advantage on their foes. Including the abuse of including main clans into the mix for a way in and out. We will always work hard to provide as much support as we can, but fixing our scene is the responsibility of Clan Ambassadors. Be accountable for your actions. Zenith & The Dispute System Results - This Past Weekend Trips & Midweeks (PKRIS) Midweeks (PKRIs.) Zenith has used multiple mains during PKRIs against multiple pure clans including Fatality, Onslaught and Rage. They have sometimes rushed with Apex with their Apex being their own mains as well. This has been happening for over a month during the time, we have mediated the clans. Zenith during a vote, voted on the following question "if PKRIs should be counted as equal as weekends?" voted No. Which exclaims volumes of where they are at with their own usage of mains during the week. Last Weekend Zenith has attempted to hide their mains the best they can, unlike their counterpart. The usage of mains of their own and also collaborating with a main clan to shadow them over the last few weeks. Majority of the pure community already knows this. But as a platform, we have to make the acknowledgement. Rage & The Dispute System Results - This Past Weekend & Midweeks (PKRIS.) Last Weekend As mediators, we have to review every evidence before presenting it to the public on this scale. We acknowledge that the Apex, Foe, and Zenith alliance all teamed on Rage with outside forces(main clan and their personal mains onto Rage.) Rage/Rev & Zenith/Rot fought against each other for quite some time over the past Sunday. Apex has tried to accuse Rage of using mains on them. But, they had every option to exclude themselves from this main infested area. But, chose to stay snipe and include themselves for a good hour of the fight. Catching up to current week's PKRIs I caught up with a BP official and they said that they started off with pures. You will see in a lot of the footage, mains were used across the map with both alliances during a crash-fest. The following day, Apex crashed a clean 1v1 between Rage and Terror all on mains. Alliances During our dispute process, we taken great note of clans trying to sabotage others by bringing their own mains against the clans in question and sniping them while the clans in question already have coats of mains fighting other mains. We acknowledge that both sides of the alliances are sick of the state of the community but we also have to remind the community and its members that this goes far more than just the clans but the additions of the communication between Pures & Mains. If Clan Ambassadors such as Apex's and others want us to take harder actions against clans, they must stop helping people who are also being disputed for the same subject with the usage of mains and forcefully involving themselves in main chaos. The enablement of involving main clans and planning with them will never be the solution of the pure community getting back its on its feet. It will only continue reaching a certain demise that we witnessed back in 2014. (Almost all clans closed.) Although, these pure leaderships wanted to see a scene without mains earlier this summer, it keeps moving away from that goal from their fruition. Penalties Both will be punished for a two week period. Rage Accounting for the alliance against Rage and how they have communicated their actions against them. It is clear that they wanted to abuse the new system into their favor. Rage is forced into a spot to use mains against an actual main clan + pures using mains against them. The loose cannon if a pure clan decides to snipe Rage while they have mass mains, if they expect that these mains may not hit them, they are out of their mind and should involve themselves with the rest of the pure community. Rage will NOT be allowed to take part within the upcoming tournament which was halted due to this difficult situation between the pure community and these two clans. They will remain on a probation period for the time-being. Zenith Accounting for what their collaborations with main clans and their own mains against Fatality, Onslaught, Legacy and co. Our system allowed for these individuals to be able to defend themselves but they went out of their way during PKRIs and last weekend to use their own mains. They will be moved to the banned stage. What this means during this two week period: All Sharkbrew Wilderness topics will be locked with no exceptions. The following segment, or a combination similar to this segment. will be added as the only comment. "Successful Dispute and Failed Probationary Period. This Clan has failed its Probationary Period and is experiencing a 3 Week suspension for using Mains or collaborating with Main Clans to attack other Pure Clans." The clan will not have any points for COTM/WCOTM. Automatic DQ in any ongoing Sharkbrew Community Event or Sharkbrew Tournament. The Clan will not be allowed to participate/sign up for any upcoming Sharkbrew Events or Sharkbrew Tournaments. Clans will have limited representation in Ambassador section What Comes Next I have acknowledged with both alliances to try to work together with the clans in question. Some have not. Some don't want to due to the past shenanigans. Those who are only trying elongate for the community to continue being this way, this current stretch will not allow any sort of growth for their own individual clans. This will not end here if this current Pure Community does not hold each other accountable. Rage's side will continue to communicate with us as they have been without sugarcoating topics. Rage will also be moved to the banned staged if they violate any of the dispute system guidelines. In terms of the Zenith ban, their ban will be reviewed on September 4th, 2021. If this continues in this direction, we will scrap this dispute system and allow the alliances to continue killing themselves. Sharkbrew Thoughts The pure community simply is in shambles. Everyone knows that the community is divided into three parts. Two sides are divided between two separate alliance. The frontmen are Rage/Co & Zenith/Co. The third part is the inclusion of main clans who are in contact with the Pure Community for their own biddings. Throughout my own research and dabbling before taking Overseer, everyone attempted to lie about their involvements with the main clans. Most of the pure clan ranks are involved in group chats with RoT & Rev at this current time. As mediators of the community, all we can do is inform and enforce our systems. It is up to the community to hold their clan ranks accountable for the state of the community and the actions of. The future of the Pure Community will only continue to decline if the narrative keeps changing of who is bad and who isn't. The narrative needs to be centralized on how can the Pure Community be empowered without the involvement of main clans and teams and how to exclude both sides from using mains. Votes by Ranks and reasoning behind the vote:
  4. Award prefixes for Discord names (Thanks to OG Anthony for suggesting this idea) If your clan wins any sharkbrew event(wcotm/cotm/tournaments etc), members of your clan shall receive an award prefix before their name. Be sure to idle in Sharkbrew discord https://discord.gg/zx9nSNq Many thanks to Mokles for creating the discord bot to manage the award prefixes
  5. Recently, a 5v5 Tournament was held and hosted by Oliver, a community member and former SharkBrew staff member. This tournament had a cash payout of 450M (200M from the host and 250M from SharkBrew) and was canceled by the host halfway through for reasons that aren't entirely clear, speculating that it was related to a mute sustained for inappropriate conduct in our Discord. Because of this, they have refused to contribute their portion of the payout that was agreed upon by both the host (Oliver) and the staff at SharkBrew. This type of behavior is a blatant waste of time for our community members that participated directly in the event, and a waste of time on behalf of the staff members here that work to organize events for the community. It creates uncertainty as to how an event is completed and whether or not it's worth your time (and ours) to continue the brackets or dissolve them, which can leave people feeling disappointed or even outright scammed. Because of this, SharkBrew will be picking up some extra slack and offer the entire 450M prize pool directly to make up for the unprofessional behavior of the event host. I would also like to give a personal shoutout to @lawi, a fellow community member and volunteer who stepped in to finish the event on behalf of the participants. Without his help the event likely would have been canceled, so please thank him for his efforts. A sincerest apology to all of our participants. Rest assured that this individual will not be permitted to host events on our platform(s) again in the future. Winners: Fatality - 200M Synergy - 150M KO- 100M DM @Kimfor your winnings.
  6. As the beginning of Summer, we like to always promote staff members to be able to help Sharkbrew with event-making and moderation within our Discord & Forums. These last few weeks, we had plenty of discussion with ambassadors about the type of events that we would like to host for the community this summer. This promotion is to help facilitate events throughout the summer. Congratulations, @Illegal @lawi @Nora @True Loyalty
  7. Kim & Shadow With the latest intentions from Jagex to revamp the wilderness, Kim and Shadows has decided to come out of retirement fully to volunteer their time to assist the community. A lot of you have been engaging with both of my final ranks and I truly appreciate your cooperation and commitment to fulfill the goals of the scene. Kim ~ Overseer Shadows ~ He is holding mediator rank while holding Counselor permissions on discord @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Retired
  8. Aftermath topics are proof and a record of demonstrating and proving your clan's performance in the game. Clan ranks and members collectively have spent hours creating such topics and we will not tolerate any attempts by (ex-)ranks to tamper with such topics. If you believe that your topic has been altered, feel free to drop a dm to any of our ranks and we will work to sort it out.
  9. Counselor Congratulations to @IMKfor achieving the 2nd highest rank on Sharkbrew. As sharkbrew was founded as a pure community site, IMK had been instrumental as a consultant advising myself and other pure sharkbrew ranks on the inner workings of the main scene and his wealth of experience has allowed us to build community systems that are tailored towards incentivizing activity in the main community. IMK has also proven himself to be sensible when dealing with tough controversial inter-clanning issues, thus we strongly believe that IMK is the perfect candidate to continue to lead the community into the future. IMK is currently the lead role for newly formed clan clash system Mediator @Harois one of our oldest ranks on Sharkbrew, however he has taken a hiatus to focus on IRLs at one point. Recently he has came back and has dedicated his activity towards supporting Pure Community's COTM/WCOTM and moderating on discord. Congratulations on this well deserved promotion Gatekeeper @Dox17has passed his rank trials as a babysitter and is promoted to gatekeeper. He is assisting IMK in the clan clash system We Need More Community Ranks I would like to thank the community for supporting Sharkbrew discord and our sponsors. Unlike other "community" discords, 100% of our sponsorship gp that we receive from our sponsors are earmarked towards community events. Our last community event is quite a while ago and we been accumulating a bit in sponsorship money. We need more ranks who are active within their main/pure scene who can help coordinate regular events. If you feel you are the right person for the job, please apply here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/220-apply-to-be-a-sharkbrew-rank/
  10. Please kindly note that hacking people's sharkbrew accounts and modifying their accounts is a worthless and pointless gesture that can easily be reverted as this forum have an edit log history and I can undo all your meme edits with a simple query: Furthermore, all personal information such as IP addresses and emails are encrypted meaning that you are not able to yield any useful information from hacked accounts Lastly if we trace these actions back to you, we will ban your sb forum account. Please kindly keep rivalries ingame. thank you
  11. Kim With reference to prior topic I made regarding JCup, I feel that this focus on clans and clan wars from Jagex is an opportunity that clans should not miss out on, thus to help complement our existing rank team, I have asked Kim to help us as a freelancer as she has experience working with the community for almost 6 years. Kim will retain her retired rank, however she would be acting in a capacity of a community manager. We understand there were many mistakes made by sharkbrew and in JCup in community ran events, I respectfully request that should you be contacted. please give your most frank opinion as we absolutely cannot screw up this opportunity. Stay tuned for further announcements on new events that we plan to create so that we are better prepared when JCup arrives!
  12. Clan Clash Finally I managed to squeeze some time out of my schedule to wrap up the highscore table, check it out! https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/clanclash All topics will be updated over the coming days Forum Updates I have finally fixed the lazy loading mechanisms for the site, so topics with loads of pictures should not slow down your browser significantly Throughout the next few weeks, when possible, I will be bringing the world tracker and the memberlist up to date
  13. JCUP I believe the rumors about JCup stemmed from a livestream where Jmod Ayiza let known of the interest that Jagex was planning to run a JCup. Personally I wasn't too confident as Jagex had routinely let the clanning community down time after time and the fact that Ayiza just rejoined Jagex. However recent activity in the main CWA scene showed that many members are taking this seriously, thus I decided to ping Jagex Ash on twitter myself and I received a beautiful answer: In light of this confirmation from a senior developer in Jagex, We believe that many clans would probably want to conduct more CWA events to prepare for JCup Sharkbrew will be supporting your efforts by using our sponsorship money to fund more tournaments and activity-based CWA events so that even weaker clans can be rewarded for their contribution towards the overall activity in the CWA community. Stay tuned for more updates!
  14. We are looking to setup another 1-25def clan oriented SharkBrew event. Needing some feedback from clan members/leaders to see what most interests you, as a community. Most discussed event by the end of the weekend will most likely be what we choose to run with. let the discussion begin and let me hear what you guys, as a community, want to do! if you have any in depth suggestions, please pm me or another gatekeeper on Discord.
  15. Promotions Unfortunately I haven't been ontop of making these promotion topics due to IRL obligation, and during such times we have been gone though multiple ranks so here goes: Congratulations to: @Devin- Gatekeeper -> Mediator. Having proven himself as an active and dedicated gatekeeper, he has now taken the lead role in moderating discord and, most recently, is playing an effective role in being a neutral adjudicator in mediating difficult situation @Rag [email protected]@UncleRash- Our 3 former babysitters have managed to conduct 2 highly successful tournaments therefore they have met the requirements for gatekeeper. I wish them luck and hope they can progress further up the rank ladder Doxing in Bonfire Unfortunately the amount of doxing has increased in bonfire, which has also dramatically increased the workload on my ranks. Unlike doxes found in campfire where it is very obvious, i.e. an IRL picture/address/full name, the types of doxes that are posted in bonfire are way more tenacious where the IRL information is more subtle- thus my ranks have to go through this charade of fact checking the info before banning. Furthermore we are confronted with this pervasive issue where it seems that doxes are thrown around more deliberately, and upon banning said member, we often have to entertain their concerns and explain why they broke the rules. To sum it up, for each offense that my ranks take action on, we are exhausting almost 30 mins to an hr per offense, and we can expect to even handle upwards of 5 offenses a day. This has taken my ranks away from their other duties to attend to a scene that frankly doesn't benefit the rest of the community as a whole. The final kicker is that banning these activities on bonfire doesn't mitigate or stop doxing as these main community members will just simply pop over to twitter to continue to dox the shit out of each other. Main Community Rank To solve the above problem, I believe we should have further representation from all the main clans that are active in SB that can advise their fellow members on their SB conduct. Currently we have 3 main community ranks: @Eevee - Tempest @IMK- DF @Sybren- Veng @Rag Sets- ez/sv We would like to invite rest of the main community, e.g. Rev/AF/BC/VR/EZ to step forward and apply for a rank https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/220-apply-to-be-a-sharkbrew-rank/
  16. Promotions We are glad that we received overwhelming responses from the community after our call for more people to step up to help with moderation and to represent your clan. Congratulations to the following: @Dox17- Rev @Stella- FI @Chris-- VR --------- @Yikes- Unfairgame Singles PKing team If you have not been promoted yet, fear not as we are still going through the apps and there are plenty of clans not being represented in the rank team Discord Clan Role In the spirit of mutual understanding and fair exchange of brand value recognition, clans/teams are required to have a clan group and a clan advertisement topic in order to have a clan role on discord. There are quite a few main clans who do not meet this requirement, so out of fairness to the rest of the clans who took the time to make the group and clan advert topic, we are making this mandatory that all clans and teams have to create their respective groups and advert topic by 10th of april or we will delete your role. If you feel that all this effort is beneath your clan, feel free to mass leave the discord- after all even Jagex also saw fit to demolish your statue so you aint that special anymore
  17. XLPC Wilderness Clan of The Month Wilderness Team of The Month Points System How It Works: WCOTM is a competitive F2P incentive for XLPCs to further increase WILDERNESS activity by promoting daily action. WCOTM will work under a point-based system which will REQUIRE you to post topics for every wilderness event on Sharkbrew forums. Each topic constitutes points for the respective type of event. Points will be racked for ONLY wilderness action, clan wars will not be included and will not have its own bracket. On a week-to-week basis, W308 Mods and SB Staff will be keeping track of these points and whoever accumulates the most in the category will win the award for the month. **Important for teams below **We are currently trialing Teams. If we don't receive at least ONE topic from at least 3+ competitive teams in the first 2 weeks of release, then we will null WTOTM award and keep it only clan** A few examples of PAST signatures: Wilderness Scoring Verified Official Weekend Trips; +2 Points Weekend Clan Opt min; 20 Weekend Team Opt min; 10 Verified Unofficial Midweek Trips; +.5 Point Midweek Clan Opt min; 15 Midweek Team Opt min; 7 Verified Player Kill Run-In's (PKRI's); +1 Point PKRI Clan Opt min; 15 PKRI Team Opt min; 7 We would like to promote as much wilderness PVP activity as possible. Areas in the wilderness, along with PVP WORLD multi-based spots may constitute for points. Partially win or partially lose, we would like to see a spike in XLPC-based activity. For wilderness topics to attain verification, there must be evidence of action against well-established PURE XLPC clans/teams. This can be shown via screenshots & videos. You may only get 2 topics verified per day; ie 1) Midweek or Weekend AND 2) PKRI, one for EST and one for GMT. PKRI Rules You may only receive points for 2 set-up PKRIs verified per week. PKRIs vs the same clan will count once for the week to avoid farming for points. If a 3rd party crashes a set-up PKRI, crashers may receive allotted points given a proper topic. **For PKRI's, there MUST be evidence of action via logs or text against the established clan.** An example can be seen below: If failure to provide the evidence of action via logs or text against the established clan, then you will receive a deduction of -.5 in points. General Wilderness Rules 1 ) If a clan is seen and verified with the use of mains, their standings and current points will be deducted a subtraction dependent on the type of wildy event in points. If no topics are posted, clans may still dispute the use of mains during a PK trip. These can be disputed between ambassadors. 2 ) Teams AND Clans must PK in their own respective capes ACCORDING to what's posted in the list of current teams/clans in W308 discord. Failure to wear their own cape for a single instance during a trip will result in 0 points. If it can't be helped that another entity wears your cape for a duration of the fight, then that entity with YOUR capes will be receive the punishment if topic posted. Disputes Disputes may be done via forums, or Discord PM. They MUST have valid evidence behind claims and disputes using screenshots, videos, logs, etc. Disputes may only be made 12 hours after release of disputed topic. A dispute template will be provided. Tie-Breakers Because the chances of points being exactly the same are slim, we will only entertain a tie-breaker idea when the month ends. Tiebreakers will be decided between 308 staff.
  18. XLPC ANNOUNCEMENT XLPC RELAUNCH 2021 A new year, a new look. W308 Discord Community has been renamed into XLPC Brew to keep it clear that we are an official affiliate to Sharkbrew. In order to keep operations rolling we have discussed and considered to reorganise our staff team as some of us are having a difficult time to invest sufficient time (Moderator apps opening TBA). Staff changes can be seen below: Dill (XLPC Manager of Sharkbrew) -> Retired Lulu (Moderator) -> XLPC Manager of Sharkbrew Downyz (Moderator) -> Retired Nora (Moderator) -> Retired We will be kicking off 2021 with a renovated Discord server including changes in the layout, design and graphics, and we have already been thinking about potential tournaments with juicy price pools. In the meantime we have also completely reviewed our list of banned users and it is sad to say but the majority have been banned due to excessive toxic behaviour and doxxing (minor and untraceable bans have been flushed). Therefore if you are that someone, or know someone, who is still not able to join our server as a result of a ban, please forward considerable ban appeals to 𝕷ulu#6666 through a DM on Discord including the following: Discord tag (preferably User ID), reason of the ban and why you should be unbanned. If there are any things that you suggest that should be changed, feel free to drop us, Rash, Lulu and Abd, a DM on Discord. What's to come Rumors have come back about that many clans have opened +/- 50 combat. Due to this ongoing demand, we will also be gearing our Discord to the 50s scene. ALL combats will be around 50cb. A pro to starting at 50 combat is that it is easy to start with. Accounts at this bracket do not take long to make, and are easy to recruit. Although we’ve changed our name from W308 to XLPC Brew, our mission to increase wilderness activity and Clan Wars activity will always remain constant. XLPC has always be a great place to nurture, and find new talent. (Most recently, Terror from last XLPC season that decided to go LPC) As mentioned in changes, we'll be sponsoring a huge CWA event, and give the winner a ton of GP, Awards. This means we set up a bracket, if we got enough signups that wants to participate. Also we're reviewing the WCOTM / COTM template, there's a poll running in the Discord to change this to a league, to keep the hype going every week. A more detailed topic will be announced when the poll passes. Participating in any events If you want to participate in events, and tournaments that's coming, we suggest you to join the Discord, and we'll make a role for your clan/team. You can contact 𝕷ulu#6666 about this, and will provide you a template that you can fill in, with your member list, Discord, clan name, and your rank. We want the community to be involved in the growth and try to maintain the success of F2P, if you've got any thoughts or questions, we'll be answering them in a private message.
  19. On behalf of the Sharkbrew rank team, I would like to extend our season greetings to the entire community. Stay safe, take necessary precautions to protect yourselves and the people you care about and have a Merry Christmas!
  20. To make this short, one of our Admins was approached by one of Clan-Warfares admins and was asked how to basically see IP's etc. We HIGHLY suggest you use a VPN/Fake E-Mail when using their website. Stay safe friends!
  21. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/teams The league system is finally up with the following scoring rules: Rules For every round won, the mini team shall receive weighted 0.4 points. Losing clans will lose an equivalent 0.2 points * total number of rounds loss per fight. This means that a team will lose less points for a 2-1 than a 3-0 Encouraging new teams to open We will not display the losses of teams. This is to encourage the opening of new teams and giving them the opportunity to fight other teams without the obvious stigma associated with a loss Encouraging more CWA activity for clans We will not award any points for the winners or losers if a team is fighting a clan. We hope this will encourage teams to mini or big mini clans If you like to open a new team to participate in this league, check out the team section here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/443-teams/
  22. Attention all pure community gamers since the SHARKBREW elo league has been in place one clan has gone above and beyond to be the most active clan in wilderness. They currently hold the top spot right now and have had it for the entire month of NOVEMBER. They are also the first clan to reach the platinum rank on the elo league, which is a massive milestone and a good achievement. CONGRATULATIONS RAGE As the year comes to an end this is the current standings for active pure clans in the wilderness, remember to keep posting your topics as much as you can.
  23. Promotions @FLOWER- Being one of the newer gatekeepers to the rank team, he has taken to the ground running by volunteering to maintain the ELO league & running events. Even inspite of his IRL work, he has always put time for the community and I am impressed with the work he has done. @Purefect- Despite the heavy demands placed on him by his IRL work, Adrolt has always had the heart for the scene and he has been putting in constant work to help the community. His notable achievements include the NTPC, NA vs EU events & the ELO league system. Unfortunately he will be temporarily retiring in Feb, so let us celebrate his presence with this promotion Community Support I would say majority of Sharkbrew ranks are either retired from the game, or aren't taking an active role in their clans. While this mitigates the bias of a community site being run by players from a select clan, this has also affected our ability to be up to date of the happenings in game. Therefore we are launching the community support rank to interested players who may not want the full responsibilities of a Sharkbrew rank, but simply wants to help the community. Congratulations to @Lord Ex If you want to become part of community support, drop me a DM on Discord with your proposal, and we can discuss further
  24. Here at sharkbrew we have decided to clear out some of the clan and team roles in the discord and its mainly for the pure community at this moment in time. Requirements for your clans role to be kept in the SB discord. You will be given to the 25/01/2019 so gives you 1 week from today to get your clans involved any questions drop me a message For clans Recruitment topic Post Aftermaths in sharkbrew For mini teams Registered into the mini team elo league At least 1 fight in the past month Your team advertised in the team section Current clans that need the recruitment topic or your role will be removed! Special forces - Removed (requested by Control Pker) Resistance - Settled Blunt Purez - Working on it Rage - Settled Zenith - Settled Lithuanian Pures - Working on it Strike team - Probably closed / Removed Current teams who are at risk of losing the role on sharkbrew Somali Gang - Removed The tacki tweakers - Removed Trap - Removed The loft - Removed Nigerians - Removed Blue boots - Removed Kittygamers - Removed Cowboys - Removed Grandpas - Removed Penguins - Removed SBA - Removed Vintage - Removed 1017 - Removed Sloths - Removed Northern - Removed Teams that are exempted from the purging of discord roles! PUPS KO DE UwU Brief
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