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Found 145 results

  1. Red Vs Blue Details: Sunday 25th November 4EST/9GMT F2P CWA first to 50 Discord: https://discord.gg/MXTqZZd 2x Plateau 1x Turrets Teams will be randomized (minus callers) This event is for mains however if you are a pure with access to a main feel free to attend. Yes you read correctly, F2P CWA. We're hopeful for a minimum turn out of 100 people (50v50). The only thing you need to do to participate is join the discord server and post the RSN that you be be fighting with. We will be taking extremely strict measures against intentional CC leaving while you are being piled, abusing this mechanic will result in you being kicked from CC immediately.
  2. puppyslush

    announcement Promotions

    Main Mediator Promotions @Paul - As an active player, a leader of a main clan, and has helped opened communication gateways with Jagex, Paul is our best candidate to represent and advance the interest the main community on sharkbrew and beyond. @Eevee - Having nearly 14 years experience in some of the largest main clans, and moderating forums and runescape, Eevee will be helping us building a community that is free of toxicity, while not ignoring the competitive roots that we all clanners come from. Gatekeeper Promotions We recently drained the swamp, having killed off most of our pure gatekeepers, so I am repromoting a bunch. Lets welcome: @Satans @Alan Rickman @Intense Yak @Sauce @Purefect @Nidoqueen @N Ranges For those who had applied and didn't make it, do not fret as many if you are in overly represented clans. We will still look at your application when positions open up in the future
  3. Community Code of Conduct Firstly, I would like to thank @Eevee(Victoria) for writing the new revised guidelines. Under these new guidelines, we are looking to build a community that is open, and attractive to new players, but yet still allow for the community banter that occurs between clans. With Victoria's vast experience moderating online communities, we will be able achieve this goal. Key Changes: Warning points now expire after 90 days(up from 30 days) Suspension for your first warn has significantly increased Community Disciplinarians Some sharkbrew ranks may have a subgroup called "Community Moderators". These ranks help upkeep and maintain the community rules. If you have any rule suggestions or like to report potential infringers, do drop them a message! Currently the following ranks in this subgroup are: @Eevee @Nolan @Caroline.
  4. Here at SharkBrew we're happy to support any tournament which is why we are endorsing Sanity's tournament. This tournament is set to rival the PvP Championship with a 1b prize pool and in competition/Jagex involvement. Mod Sween is working hard to get the turrets map remade to its pre eoc glory, there has also been talks of the winners getting an ingame statue. There are currently 13 clans/teams entering. Now without further ado here are all the details regarding the tournament. Welcome to Sanity’s tournament of champions! In order to be more inclusive & involve the whole Runescape community we’re hosting an RSB (maxed warring) clan wars tournament with RESTRICTED GEAR (Ely, Ancestral, Venom will be off). Hopefully this will leave the door open for many clans and teams who aren’t accustom to trying this style of fighting due to gear issues. We’re hoping running a 2-day tournament instead of weekly fights will ensure more focus throughout the tournament. Please read below. Tournament Discord: https://discord.gg/bgeaYxZ For more information about the tournament feel free to idle our discord channel. Tournament Dates: December 1st, December 2nd (Weekend Before DMM Tourney) Prize Pot: 1b~ (Haven’t opened donations yet, expecting to be around 1b) Brackets: 10v10 & 5v5 Official Tournament Twitter: @sanityosrs Memberlist Rules: Each player can be on ONE memberlist for EACH category. For example: Warrer A is in Sanity and fights for their 10v10 team but wants to be on a different team for 5v5s. 100% Acceptable. We’ll give more details as to how we’re expecting each Clan/Team to submit their memberlists as we get closer to the tournament. Current Gear Restrictions: ELY/ANCESTRAL/VENOM OFF Full list of allowed gear and draft of the topic is available here https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/33a836065d75678551b7e683984df5f9-png.jpg YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER Sanity Tournament Of Champions 58 Online102 Members Joined
  5. Sorry, this topic has been long overdue because I haven't had time to fix the problematic awards system that was only partially compatible with ipb 4.2. Without much (further) ado, Sharkbrew would like to congratulate Apex for beating FOE in the final round to win the Sharkbrew summer tournament. All prize money has been paid out, and all members in the Apex clan have received their forum medals
  6. Unfortunately, Phebz, who is one of our good ranks, was exposed for leaking staff and confidential material to an outsider. Thus he has been demoted in the interim while we investigate further. We have also recently done a rank sweep and we need mature representatives from non represented clans(EOP/Apex/Sup/FI)
  7. Here at Sharkbrew, we're a forum of the people. Everything done is with the people in mind first and the staff second and we'll always listen to what the people have to say. So when the victorious champions of our fantastic main tournament voiced to us that they did not like the sigs that were originally made to congratulate them as champions, there was a unanimous consensus amongst the staff we would do everything we could to find something that they were happy with. With that being said, we've went and paid for a new set of sigs by a completely different graphics designer to provide options for our champions. Without further ado: Here were the old ones: As always, we will continue to do whatever it takes to make the memberbase our staff is so proud of happy. Have a good evening fellow sharkbrewians. ~We the people~.
  8. Winners I would like to thank Brandon for organizing Sharkbrew's first main tournament. Sharkbrew would like to thank the main community for their patience as the event was stretched out further than we would have liked. We will work towards streamlining future events. To all the clans/team who signed up- thank you for giving us the opportunity. And for the winners- congratulations! For the ranks of Clan Europe, Adrenaline, Seals, please kindly create a clan group here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/1-runescape-clans/ Even if your clans/teams have closed, this medal will stay with your members as an ever lasting personal memento of your clan/team's achievements GP amounts(RSNs removed to avoid rank sniping): Sponsor This tournament is sponsored by @Pink Clay get your inferno cape from the #1 Inferno Service provider with over 1k vouches, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. https://www.sythe.org/threads/www-inferno-rs-teamviewer-1-infernal-cape-shop-over-1k-vouches-over-100-done-acb-tbow/
  9. puppyslush

    announcement Caroline

    There has been a recent incident where Caroline was involved in a situation pertaining to money given to her for AAO's clan bank. Contrary to the rumors, She never had the intention of scamming anyone as the disputed amount(5.5m) in question is incredibly small out of the total amount originally owed(90m) and was paid back. I understand that all affected parties in the disputed amount have or are going to receive their monies. Regardless, the lack of transparency of the situation and her communication wasn't the best and as a Sharkbrew Gatekeeper, Caroline should have been more thoughtful in this domain especially when she is representing the community. While this incident is relatively small, we still expect all our ranks to uphold the values that comes as being a community representative, and thus we have demoted Caroline temporarily for 7 days. Caroline has been apologetic over the situation, and she will be making a statement later within the next few weeks.
  10. puppyslush

    announcement GMT VS EST WORLD WAR 3

    Thank you for voting. The event will proceed with the following times: F2P - 6th Oct 2018, 5 PM EST/10PM GMT P2P - 7th Oct 2018, 5 PM EST/10PM GMT Standard clan war rules apply: 1 def gear Pure accounts Overheads on Which Team Should I join? Team USA(EST) If you are from USA or any of her former/current colonies USA Canada Phillipines Puerto Rico Iraq Afghanistan ISIS-controlled Syria South America Central America Join the discord TO PARTICIPATE https://discord.gg/egAqmzF Team Europe(GMT) If you are from any European country or any of their former/current colonies United Kingdom Europe Australia Non-ISIS controlled Syria .. rest of world not including those listed in Team America Join the discord TO PARTICIPATE https://discord.gg/9PaaMXY
  11. Desktop View On Mobile IPB3 had a functionality where you can view the full site as you do on a computer. Unfortunately IPB4 took away that feature and instead used responsive design methodology. This unfortunately does not bode well with some users so I had to come up with a solution. This took me quite a while to figure out and I hope you all will enjoy it: By Tapping on the "Desktop View" at the top of the site, users will be redirected to a version of Sharkbrew that is full width You can switch back by tapping the "Mobile View" again. Enjoy. As I had predicted a while back, the introduction of OSRS mobile has brought a lot of players back to Runescape. Unfortunately the PvP clanning community has not reaped any of the benefits of the increased played base. It also does not help that the preferred method for killing your rival clan is to starve them of action.. The community is shifting, players are getting older and the odds are stacked heavily against us. If we don't adapt, we might see the end of the community as we know it What can we do about this? Shakbrew will be capturing a greater population of the singles pking community with an update set to launch in late Oct/Nov. In the interim, I have noticed a greater number of people posting topics in clan advertisements, so we have came up with a new system to coax newcomers into clanning Community Events Manager Currently there are 3 managers; @Chris- - Who is helping the main scene @Tannie & @Lord Ex - Who will be helping the pure scene. What are roles? Their role is to increase the activity in the community using varied methods. Chris- has done a marvelous job with the weekly Sunday trip event. Tannie will be hosting occasional Open midweek PK trips combined with his karaoke sessions during AEST times What are the goals? We want to bring more people into the competitive community by slowly introducing them into our environment and giving them a chance to pick things up slowly without the stress of a clan leader breathing down their necks. We also want to give members the opportunity to network with these new pures and who knows, you might recruit a couple to your clan. If the prep starvation situation does not let up soon, we may be forming a community prep unit. I Want To Become a Manager, Where Do I Apply? Drop me a PM on discord or Sharkbrew
  12. Community Watch List I do like to clarify that the purpose and intent of the watchlist is not to police the community, nor does it impose any punitive measures on members of the community. The sole objective is to alert clans and members highlight scumbags who are working against the interest of the entire community. This means that one of the factors we look for is if multiple clans are victims of said person. We are not interested in 1v1 feuds, inter-clan disputes, intra clan disputes or shit stemming from rivalries. This Watch List is also not designed to instigate doxing of said individual as we will be starring out key identifying details of the individuals. It will be strictly a list where people with known information can do a reputation search of the person they are trading/working with. Here's an example of how this system works: Sharkbrew will post a community watch list showing said evidences while starring key aspects of his name so that anyone looking to dox him would not have his information John doe****on However if a potential trader sees that he is trading with a John Doedinson will then look up his name in our database and be able to match with "John doe****on" Why Are we Doing This? Perhaps some of you feel it is not the role of Sharkbrew to get involved, and you are absolutely right. Sharkbrew should not need to get involved, but seeing the absolute inaction as demonstrated here: that it took nearly 5 clans and many months before this individual was finally exposed- it would be an absolute travesty is nothing is done.. because nothing has been done before. If you disagree with the process, feel free to make suggestions, but if you believe that such low life scum should be allowed to roam free simply because it portrays a "bad image" of community, please feel free to click the logout button and go fuck yourself. In the coming days I will be revamping the section to allow easier way for the community to submit information, but remember; this watch list is the matter of last resort. We vet through all submissions thoroughly and we will dismiss cases with any shadow of doubt. Absolutely no bias is involved.
  13. VS Vote on the poll for the time and day the 2 CWA events will be held. The F2P event will be held the first week of october while the P2P one will be held the following week. A discord will be made for GMT and EST where everyone participating will enter and use for the events. The polls are multiple choice so you can choose more than one preference. @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Ambassador
  14. slushpuppy

    announcement Tyendinaga

    The creation of a UB tank team to hit xLPC clans who bring mains has ruffled a few feathers, and more so considering that a Sharkbrew rank member is one of the ranks of the said team. While I don't agree with the methods involved, the intent behind such a team brings in a whole new dynamic into play because Sharkbrew has never had any enforcement ability in game and coincidentally, the creation of this team brought everyone to the negotiating table. Over the past week, the xLPC leaders had explored the topic of the mains that had infested their scene for the past 4 months. I am delighted to say that majority of the Leaders have collectedly agreed to drop the mains and work on better communication if anything out of the ordinary were to occur. In light of this new agreement, Tyen will would be temporarily demoted for the period where he either steps down from the tank team, closes it altogether, or if the xLPC choose not to adhere to the terms of the agreement. We hope that the leaders of the scene will help maintain this agreement for the betterment of their scene. Sharkbrew will still act in the supporting role and we will be implementing a system to tackle fake/propaganda topics for the xLPC scene exclusively. WCOTM will be reintroduce din time
  15. Trying to Get Clans To Fight Each Other... I'm going to keep this sort and sweet. Unfortunately due to some of the clans (lpc) poor leadership we've unfortunately had to cancel our Sharkbrew prep tourny due to a huge portion of the community not wanting to participate in fear of fighting their rivals or because they don't do clan wars in general. I want to give a shoutout to PX and SUP for being the only clans to have leaders with some backbone and not being scared to fight regardless of who they're put up against. FI: EOP: FOE: Wouldn't participate unless Apex participated (basically means no) Apex: Gave multiple notices and none of their ranks would respond. PX: SUP: AAO: MF: No response at all IR: Sadly, wanted preps at 8est and the participating clans don't want it at that time so..
  16. Hi there. We are in the process of re-creating the SharkCash with a few new changes. This point system was pretty obsolete in terms of worth before 2.0, but now we want to add some useful functions to it so that you can benefit from the hard activity you put in. This is just a teaser thread onto the one of the changes that will follow after the marketplace is released. How can you gain Brewbux? Posting a topic [1] Posting replies on topics [0.2] Receiving positive reputation [0.2] Receiving negative reputation [-0.2] SOTM award [500] Winning COTM or WCOTM [Your ranks can assign 2000 Bux in total to members in your clan] What can Brewbux be used for? A number of things! You can represent your clan with clan symbols (hats). Get a topic stickied on the sidebar to generate mass views (lasts one week) for 8k Bux - only includes; a banter, aftermath, clan advertisement or shop advertisement topic. Trade with other players for Brewbux or $. For 20k Bux, you can advertise your clan within your profile sidebar - maximum of 5 for each clan. Quick example; https://i.gyazo.com/1bcbb0d3cafd2f44f3dfb93b9040be05.png For 20k Bux, a clan rank can increase the clan's ambassador limit from 3 to 4 (max). Remember only Counselor+ can handle Brewbux usage/trading. Clan Symbol Trading! Represent your squad with vectors next to your name like the Yellow-hat Tiger for Supremacy. When they return there will be changes on how they are handled. If your clan wins COTM or WCOTM, your ranks will have the option to give 1 of your members/ranks on Sharkbrew these symbols each time. The maximum is 10 symbols in total, but you can change who has it (up to your rank structure). If a member leaves your clan and has the symbol though, they own it and can sell it to other members but cannot use it themselves. Members can purchase and sell symbols (each costs 10k Bux to buy but you can sell at your own rate). A counselor+ is needed to trade clan symbols. So yeah this is just a teaser, but I hope this is something you'll like to have. The changes aren't 100% but these are the ideas that we came up with so if you want to recommend something feel free to do so. @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Gatekeeper @Retired @Ambassador @Kingpin @Veteran @Member
  17. Filter Member Groups Feature Memberlist admins, you now have the ability to set groups that are shown by default to everyone If you still need to see the applicants, you may still continue to do so by clicking on the left drawer and selecting the group as usual This memberlist update saves you time by allowing you to include retired ranks such as Elder & Applicants into your memberlist without you having to maintain a separate list to track inactive users Declaration Update In the previous update, the min declaration opts was dropped to 40% because some clans still had inactive users added to main memberlist With the aforementioned update, it is no longer necessary to reduce the min declaration opts so we are going back up to 50%
  18. GFX MADE BY @Lenin Gonna make this short, I didn't feel it was justified to give FS nothing for wasting their time and their ranks actually wanting to participating in the tourney. It wasn't their fault or mine that other clans decided to not participate/drop out last minute. So in return the auto defaulted on the win, gz. Congrats to OB/FS! If you want them in your own clan's forum background colors, pm lenin
  19. puppyslush

    announcement Dull

    One of our recently promoted ranks had his account breached by the DULL. Instead of reporting the issue to us, he decided to go on his own merry way of deleting all of our rank board topics and modifying topics such as: Pinning a leak topic Deleting the tracking topic for this month's COTM Changing Winner's topic title for the 6v6 from FOE to EOP. And lastly deleting topics from rival clans: I have done the necessary investigative word to link the encrypt ip to DULL The encrypted IP in question links to Dull's account and the linguistic style of posts under the same encrypted IP appears to match that of Dull Dull's action has tried to impede Sharkbrew ranks from executing their duties and to maliciously mislead members of the community on the performance of certain clans. This in my opinion is an extremely severe offence not seen before and so I have permanently banned Dull from Discord and Forums Lastly I would like to thank EOP for assisting with investigations. P.S. The IP above is encrypted.
  20. ~ COTM May ~ This month's COTM will see Supremacy face off against Final Ownage Elite once again! Current Standings No# Clan Points 1 Supremacy 5.45 2 FOE 4.35 May Tracker: here Server Decision: here F2P @Ambassador Please arrange time between yourselves within a reasonable time period & keep SB ranks updated via the usual channels. Server can be changed if both parties come to an agreement.
  21. Moni

    announcement Troll Accs

    TLDR, the troll acc originally was made for a few of my friends in Apex/EOP to post miniwar topics (Sharkbrew original tourny/Other clan miniwar topics) then the acc was inactive up until I joined Foe I lent it to 3-4 people to post around who don't typically use the site. The acc was never given to people known for Doxing/DDosing etc. So that claim is incorrect. Overall I knew it wasn't a good idea to give it out regardless if it wasn't me who was posting on it Apologies to anyone who got flamed etc from it
  22. Summer Promotions are my favorite as the community gets very active during these times. This is a new era of promotions and major changes are being pushed within the staff. Keep a close eye on these promotions. Counselor Break Break has been with Sharkbrew since 2017. Since his promotion, He has strive above and beyond to ensure our community wouldn't go into toxic behavior. Break as a newcomer mediator, he sat down with ranks of communities to help our understanding of why our community was in dark times. During LPC times, he called out clans on their toxic behavior being of which bringing mains. Break has good work ethic and he has been one of the few over the years to think outside of the box. Break had been pushing Discord for a matter of months before the release under Sharkbrew. Congratulations! Mediator Brap - Final Ownage Elite Brap will ensure unbiased decisions are being made even if he has to put up a sign saying its being done. Before his Gatekeeper promotion, he provided insight ways for Sharkbrew to grow into a better community site. Every month, you will see comments from Brap implying for better updates from the staff and posting his own. Matt - Fatality Matt is the type of mod that you shouldn't fret approaching for opinions, input, and conversation. He wouldn't turn you away even if you're his worse enemy. Matt is a receptive person to work with. He will make sure that your opinions are being considered. Phebz - Eruption of Pures He will go out of his way to make sure work is being done from his side & others. Phebz is the type of person, you want to associate yourself with because his energy overall within Discord. He is hunger for more projects. Phebz is a good listener and a hard worker. These three individuals have the best interest for the community. They genuinely care for the community's development into the right direction. Over the last few months, these three have suggested changes to the systems which have been implemented. They have invested their time & efforts into the website. We're expecting big things out of these three . I'm happy to see you three move up. Congratulations! Discord Moderator As our discord has grown with 200 more users since the last promotions. I have decided to promote more discord moderators. BeBrilliant - GMT+1 Jaimy - GMT Mash- GMT+3? Sauce - EST These four are current active users of the discord. All are unbiased with their conversations. Two Promotions were held back from this topic due to controversial reasons. Hope to see the issues being buried before the next topic. No gatekeeper promotions. I'm posting another topic for Gatekeepers. If you're interested in applying for Discord Moderator or Gatekeeper. Please message me!
  23. This is a poll for the tournament coming up that will allow both teams and clans to enter. Voting will be up in 48 Hours and then the tournament signups will begin. There will be a cash prize for each category within the tournament if a good majority sign up to participate. Take this poll seriously and if you guys have any other suggestions please list them below for consideration. Teams can enter the 20v20 and 30v30 category only. We hope to have a fun and competitive tournament for everyone put your egos aside and join in. Rules: 40v40 1-5 Defence (8 exceptions for 13-20 def) Knockout x3 (1 Atk/Defend/Pkri Round) Map: Plateau 30v30 1-5 Defence (6 exceptions for 13-20 def) Knockout x3 (1 Atk/Defend/Pkri Round) Map: Plateau 20v20 1-5 Defence (4 exceptions for 13-20 Def) Knockout x3 (1 Atk/Defend/Pkri Round) Map: Plateau @Ambassador @Gatekeeper @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Member @Veteran @Kingpin
  24. Unfortunately Zybez will close on the 16th of September 2018. This marks the end of one of the greatest fansites to ever exist, but yet begets the question.. If the most popular and active fansite had to close, what would this mean for us? Regardless, Sharkbrew shall soldier on, and to memorialize our fellow colleagues over at Zybez, we shall be introducing the follow new award categories for any ex ranks of Zybez: Anyway, on towards brighter and more cheerful news, we have touch base with a number of main clans and we have seen some collaborative synergies together, thus Sharkbrew will be accomodating the new 'Runite Community', i.e. Zerks/Tanks/Mids/Mains. Even at this early stage, I have been some cross pollination where both sides have demonstrated interest in each other's community and we hope Sharkbrew can facilitate such arrangement. With this new community influx, we are doing one of the largest masspromotion ever in Sharkbrew's history. Pure Community Promotions @Jamz - Representing EOP @Tyendinaga - Representing Fi @Enza - Representing Envy @BeBrilliant - Representing AAO Runite Community Promotions @Kye - Adrenaline @Vitor . @Rams - Sovereign @D3nny - Revenant @Kap - Cutthroat @Joel - PlayDead With these new promotions, Sharkbrew is set to reintroduce WCOTM/COTM for both mains and xLPCs. Stay tuned this week for further Sharkbrew updates, including betting.
  25. Sorry if this topic came out late, it was imperative that I understood the entire situation before deciding on any action. I would like to thank all the brave victims who came out recently to the Sharkbrew rank team to share their experiences with us. In 2017, I was made aware of whipz sharing social media photos of female clanners. I felt this situation was best solved personally between all affected parties. I was not aware of the extreme levels of harassment that occurred until recently when Kim recently spoke quite graphically of some of the things that affected her girlfriends that included sexual harassment, group harassment, and in-game stalking. This is a form of cyber bullying which cannot be taken lightly. This small group of female clanners who simply want to enjoy the game has tolerated this madness for too long. Whipz was able to hop to different clans to repeatedly target female runescape pure clanners as these victims were either too afraid to speak up, or clan leadership refused to take action. Unlike some of the frivolous claims in the #Metoo movement, every gal's testimonial was rigorously examined. Extraneous steps has been taken during my investigation including getting testimonials from those who vouch for whipz. I hope the community can spare a thought in the future for all members,regardless of gender, of their clan and I urge everyone to come together to stamp out this bullying behavior. The full extent of whipz's actions can be found here: ----------------------------------------------------- With all that out of the way, I have decided on the following punishment: Whipz - Perm ban from Sharkbrew discord and Forums for exposing Kim's IRL pictures on Discord and Forums Im_sobeast - Perm ban from Sharkbrew discord for spreading Kim's IRL pictures and DOX'd her further to obtain more information which whipz did not have and inciting people to share pictures of Kim Acid - Muted for 1 month for sharing irl pictures of Kim as incited by Beast ----------------------------------------------------- Whipz's public dox was repeatedly spread on Apex forums(probably by the same person) and threats were made to people in discord, I will be taking the following action on the individual responsible: Nick1 - Perm ban from Sharkbrew forums/1 month mute on Sharkbrew discord(for harassing people)