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Found 190 results

  1. Spying/Leaking This is a reminder that DMing users on sharkbrew discord to leak or spy is a bannable offence. If you receive DMs such as this: Please forward it to any of the active Gatekeeper/Mediators/Counselors/Overseers to have them banned from Sharkbrew discord
  2. Break Due to his IRL commitments, Break would be taking a back seat and has retired for the time being. As one of our oldest ranks on Sharkbrew(2016), Break's contributions has positive far reaching effects, and that the many of our pioneering systems, like WCOTM and COTM, that he had helped support are still in use today. As our Discord manager Break had also helped Sharkbrew transition from IRC to Discord. During his active tenure, Break was one of our most active and loyal high ranks. On the behalf of the team, I wish Break the best in his IRL endeavours❤️ Peace @Break
  3. Show support for your candidate by purchasing and repping their icons in your forum display name for an all time low price of 2020 sharkbucks! https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/shop/category/2/
  4. Prize Pool : 150m Confirmations: FI: Yes Apex: Yes LY: Yes Damage Outcasts (IO + DC): Yes Rage: Yes FOE: Yes Zenith: No Supremacy: No Rules: - Server: F2P - Min. Opts: 30v30 - Style: Round Robin - Knockout Rounds - 30v30 Min (If one clan pulls below 30 it's up to the other clan to sit below 30 as they don't have to), Map chosen by the defending clan and R3 is PKRI (Default Plateau) - If both clans pull 30+ and want to do for example 40v40/50v50 they can so and it will count as long as both clans recognize it as a tourny fight (if one clan disputes the logs will be asked for) - Points scored based on sets TLDR (Win) = 1 Point (Loss) = 0 Points) - DDOS claims etc doesn't matter to us, if you have internet issues fix it before the prep - Invites Off, If someone participates with one clan then goes with another the clan that brought the invites will have auto loss of the prep Start Date: Tuesday Feb. 25 End Date: April 3rd (If your preps aren't wrapped up by then, it will default to Friday, April 3rd and if your clan has more then 1 prep to finish SB Staff will assign them dates to be fought as we might come across rival clans not wanting to fight each other) Finals: Assuming 1-3 clans all have tied points they will fight it out for the final, simple https://challonge.com/sbf2ptourn
  5. Background: Majority us getting older with IRL commitments- the good old days of spending 4-6 hours a day recruiting instead of playing the game is a chore that many of us don't wish to be burdened with. This problem is further aggravated by recent decisions by Jagex to implement updates that hurt the clanning communities even further, i.e. destruction of the xlpc scene, removal of BH, removal of DMM, and so on. Sharkbrew would like to try and help making recruitment easier, and possibly bring fresh (and talented) blood to both the PvP and Clanning community PvP ELO league Ideation Topic The objective of this writeup is to demonstrate our intent with the ELO League. We want community's feedback and suggestions before we implement this however. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/93ad98/colosseum_elo_pvp_arena/ Many of the ideas has been taken from the various PvP colosseum league suggested to Jagex over many year, so credits to the ^^ authors Our goal is to build an ELO table that tracks and ranks the skills of PvPers at various categories, for example: Starting off, we will be catering to the pure tribrids/NHers first before expanding to the main scene. How does do you compete in the league? League rankings are tied to the player's sharkbrew account, so players are free to use any number of runescape accounts to participate. Said accounts would have to be approved before they can be used to compete however. Player challenge each other either on forums or ingame(with picture proof) with agreed gear set(to be proposed) Fights are best of 3 and can be conducted in duel arena, wilderness or PvP worlds Winners simply upload the screenshot or video evidence* of the fight to the PvP portal If there are no disputes, the fight is automatically logged to the system after 48 hours * While video evidence is not mandatory, it would help in the case of disputes What are the League categories? Pure Tribrid We are going to start with 1 category for now, but we would like the community's suggestion on future categories Are there any brackets? We would need suggestions on how to implement a tier/bracket system so that this League isn't just a race to the top. I would prefer if there was a way to discriminate between skill levels of participants to make this system more inclusive What are the rewards? Rewards hasn't been fully decided yet, but off the top of my head, if we are looking at 3 brackets, the top pvp from the Elite, Intermediate, Beginner can be sponsored to a tune of 70-100m every 2 weeks I believe that everyone of you on this forum have a stake in this project, and if we can execute this to its fullest potential, it can greatly benefit all our communities. Sharkbrew need your suggestions, please take the time to carefully think about what you want to see in this project.
  6. Congratulations to FINAL OWNAGE ELITE for winning the sharkbrew big mini tournament! They went through the entire tournament completely unbeaten. They won the final round vs APEX 2-1 to take the winning spot and claim the bragging rights. This is the final standings for the tournament. Credit to DOJO for jumping in last minute and getting in as many fights as they did. If you didn't get your fights in on time, you have all been given a 1-1 draw. Thanks to all clans that participated in the tournament, was fun to moderate make sure you sign up for the next tournament that will be happening soon! FOE your signature is now currently being please wait a few days for it to be produced it has been ordered already 🙂
  7. Here at sharkbrew we have decided to clear out some of the clan and team roles in the discord and its mainly for the pure community at this moment in time. Requirements for your clans role to be kept in the SB discord. You will be given to the 25/01/2019 so gives you 1 week from today to get your clans involved any questions drop me a message For clans Recruitment topic Post Aftermaths in sharkbrew For mini teams Registered into the mini team elo league At least 1 fight in the past month Your team advertised in the team section Current clans that need the recruitment topic or your role will be removed! Special forces - Removed (requested by Control Pker) Resistance - Settled Blunt Purez - Working on it Rage - Settled Zenith - Settled Lithuanian Pures - Working on it Strike team - Probably closed / Removed Current teams who are at risk of losing the role on sharkbrew Somali Gang - Removed The tacki tweakers - Removed Trap - Removed The loft - Removed Nigerians - Removed Blue boots - Removed Kittygamers - Removed Cowboys - Removed Grandpas - Removed Penguins - Removed SBA - Removed Vintage - Removed 1017 - Removed Sloths - Removed Northern - Removed Teams that are exempted from the purging of discord roles! PUPS KO DE UwU Brief
  8. We have recently begun adding new staff members to the team that will be helping us focus further on Community Development and Community Event Planning. Both have expressed a desire to get further involved, so please give them a warm welcome! @cxntrxl, Representing Irrelevant Outcasts. @oliver, Representing APEX. We are still looking for several other individuals, so if you're interested, we highly encourage you to fill out an application! Thank you.
  9. Hey, Community I have been away for awhile and I’ve been busy with life. I have decided to step down from Sharkbrew and ultimately interact with the community minimally. I have decided to focus on project irl and put my 100% in those. I had fun times within the community and getting to know some of you made my experience a unique one. This is a Community is a unique one in where we all have our own individual goals within this game but at times will get together if we have a common enemy. Our community has its moments where it rather starve each other due to personal issues with certain ranks in clans or for gain. The ups and downs are what kept myself going. It was interesting to sit down with a lot of you about these issues. You guys allowed me to help host community events and settle some differences between several clans. I appreciated that and it made some differences within the community. Thanks a lot to those who helped Sharkbrew for the better. A lot of things are still being brought together by Sharkbrew Staff Team. Be mindful and respect them. They’re here to help you. I will be on Discord and if you absolutely need for me to help you with something Runescape related or even IRL related. Feel free to message me. Stay cooperative with the community. A lot of this message is all over the place as I wanted to make sure I did this before I went completely inactive. Be good to each other and be happy with you do within this game and outside of it. Cheers, Kim
  10. Promotions @Bibii- Having transitioned over from the W308 discord, Bibii has always been meticulous with the systems he has been assigned to while also looking out for problems that are not within his domain of responsibility. An excellent rank who is proactive to work with. @FLOWER- Being one of the newer gatekeepers to the rank team, he has taken to the ground running by volunteering to maintain the ELO league & running events. Even inspite of his IRL work, he has always put time for the community and I am impressed with the work he has done. @Purefect- Despite the heavy demands placed on him by his IRL work, Adrolt has always had the heart for the scene and he has been putting in constant work to help the community. His notable achievements include the NTPC, NA vs EU events & the ELO league system. Unfortunately he will be temporarily retiring in Feb, so let us celebrate his presence with this promotion Community Support I would say majority of Sharkbrew ranks are either retired from the game, or aren't taking an active role in their clans. While this mitigates the bias of a community site being run by players from a select clan, this has also affected our ability to be up to date of the happenings in game. Therefore we are launching the community support rank to interested players who may not want the full responsibilities of a Sharkbrew rank, but simply wants to help the community. Congratulations to @Lord Ex If you want to become part of community support, drop me a DM on Discord with your proposal, and we can discuss further
  11. The current clan/team roles on discord are sorted by the number of points you achieve on the ELO table, with the inclusion of officially recognizing mini teams and giving them their own ELO table, it does not make sense to allow unofficial teams to continue to have their discord roles while other official teams are having events and putting time and effort contributing to the community. Therefore, the countdown has started, any unofficial team/clan who has not registered to the ELO system and conducted 1 event will have their roles deleted from Sharkbrew discord by the 15th of Jan 2020. You may find out how to enter the ELO system by clicking on the following links:
  12. Break was involved in an argument in discord that devolved into a cesspool of IRL insults. This behavior is not condone by our staff behavior guidelines and as an overseer of the site, he should known better. As a result this behavior he has been temporarily demoted for 1 week. As moderators with access to tools to ban/mute/kick troublemakers of the community, Sharkbrew Ranks are required to hold themselves to higher accountability with regards to their behavior and should not stray the line that constitutes any method or mannerisms that may compel them to use their powers on users as a result of their own behavior. This doesn't mean our ranks shouldn't be able to have fun though- we allow our ranks to involve themselves in flamewars- as long as they don't use their powers or compel/bait members into breaking forum or discord rules.
  13. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/teams The league system is finally up with the following scoring rules: Rules For every round won, the mini team shall receive weighted 0.4 points. Losing clans will lose an equivalent 0.2 points * total number of rounds loss per fight. This means that a team will lose less points for a 2-1 than a 3-0 Encouraging new teams to open We will not display the losses of teams. This is to encourage the opening of new teams and giving them the opportunity to fight other teams without the obvious stigma associated with a loss Encouraging more CWA activity for clans We will not award any points for the winners or losers if a team is fighting a clan. We hope this will encourage teams to mini or big mini clans If you like to open a new team to participate in this league, check out the team section here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/443-teams/
  14. Attention all pure community gamers since the SHARKBREW elo league has been in place one clan has gone above and beyond to be the most active clan in wilderness. They currently hold the top spot right now and have had it for the entire month of NOVEMBER. They are also the first clan to reach the platinum rank on the elo league, which is a massive milestone and a good achievement. CONGRATULATIONS RAGE As the year comes to an end this is the current standings for active pure clans in the wilderness, remember to keep posting your topics as much as you can.
  15. Community Advisor Rank As I am nearly complete with the homepage, I will be reintroducing the tracking of clan wars and wilderness events on the home page: The main goal is to showcase your clan, with secondary objectives of demonstrating the activity of the pure/main clanning scene to the rest of the community. I will elaborate on our strategy in the near future, but without getting sidetracked too much, We would like to introduce a new rank initiative. @Community Advisor We always try to maintain a fair balance of ranks from different clans in the Sharkbrew rank team. This unfortunately has the side effect of not being able to hear suggestions or perspective from talented community members. Furthermore, as our rank team members are getting older, majority of us have moved on from this game or are not as active as we used to be. This is a detriment as we are not in tune with the issues plaguing the scene. Thus I am introducing this new rank to help us better connect with the community to learn pressing issues that need addressing. You can find more details here: Anyone can apply, and as long as they meet and maintain the requirements, they would be ranked up.
  16. To make this short, one of our Admins was approached by one of Clan-Warfares admins and was asked how to basically see IP's etc. We HIGHLY suggest you use a VPN/Fake E-Mail when using their website. Stay safe friends!
  17. VS Dates & Times F2P EVENT: December 6th *Friday* TIME: 4:00 PM EST // 9:00 PM GMT P2P EVENT: December 13th *Friday* TIME: 4:00 PM EST // 9:00 PM GMT TEAM USA: https://discord.gg/ujbV2s2 TEAM EU: https://discord.gg/G2mbRDk If you like to be a caller, let us know to be given the rank. We will select 3 callers by doing a poll. All 3 callers shall each receive 5m for each fullout won Extra information: Event will be held in discord, and to participate in this event you need to post your runescape name in the #post-rs-names channel Location: Clan Wars Worlds: TBA F2P Teamcapes: TBA CC: TBA be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page @[email protected]@Kingpin
  18. At the time of writing, people with amazon prime accounts, you can subscribe to one twitch channel for free. The owner of said channel will receive $2.5 a month as a result of your subscription, and thus I urge all clan leaders to make a twitch channel for your clan and ask members with amazon prime to subscribe to your channel-if they haven't subscribed to anyone yet. This allows you to effectively earn additional $ that could be used for clan operations while also costing your members nothing. Do this fast as I don't believe amazon will keep this offer up for too long. There is a channel in discord where you can advertise your channel, and I will be creating a forum section here shortly as well Furthermore, you can also use your channel to stream your clan's preps/events and -potentially- get a couple of recruits. P.S. Credits to IR titans for this idea
  19. @Kyehas been promoted to @Mediator Kye has been around for quite a while and has put in extensive amounts of work on tournaments and new things we're putting forward in the upcoming months. Congratulations Kye! Sorry for the late sigs, but here they are! Credits to @Leninfor the GFX! @Gatekeeper @[email protected]
  20. Promotions I would like to thank everyone who took the time to apply for sharkbrew rank. Unfortunately for some of you, there are outstanding matters that have to be resolved before we promote you. For other applicants, congratulations and I am glad to have you onboard sharkbrew and I hope we can achieve the revitalization of the PvP and Clanning community together! @Brock @Jamz @Haro @Bibii @FLOWER We are still looking for applications. If you like to apply, please do so by clicking the application form at the top of the site
  21. Good exposure for your clan Hit him up! Hes also idling in SB discord - Abyss#9080
  22. WCOTM/COTM Wilderness clan of the month & Clan of the month is finally back! Our primary mission with relaunching these 2 systems is to reward clans for participating within the community, and hopefully we can also give your members something to look forward to at the end of the month. The topics and the content you post will eventually be used by our marketing team to advertise the activeness of our community to other social media websites like reddit and twitter- our ultimate goal is to create a positive feedback loop where the activity generated by our clans will result in more users willing to trial out clanning, which in turn generates more activity within the scene thanks to the larger player base. The prize money has been sponsored by our community sponsors, I hope you all will take this opportunity to check them out on the right of the forum index page. How do WCOTM/COTM work? For each event topic you post, your clan group receives a number of points, at the end of the month, our system will calculate who has the highest number of points earned in that month and announce you the winner! Starting time: 1st day of the month, 00:00 EST Ending time: last day of the month, 23:59 EST All topics must be posted within that time period or they will not be counted How do I participate? First ensure you have a clan group here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/ Next check that your clan group is listed in the ELO league: https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans Finally post your event topics in either the wilderness of clan wars section. WCOTM - All midweeks and weekend events count COTM - Only preps, FTXX, Fullouts count What is the criteria for winning? WCOTM Earn the most number of points within the month to win. If there is a tie, we shall organize a clan wars event that partly mimics the conditions of a wilderness fight COTM The top 2 or more(if there is a tie) highest scoring clans(regardless of points difference) shall engage in run off round robin standard 1 def pure prep. The fight type would be decided by the clan with higher points What are the rewards? The winning clan shall receive: WCOTM A signature depicting their win Medal awarded to all members in their clan group 30m RSGP COTM A signature depicting their win Medal awarded to all members in their clan group 40m RSGP- COTM gets more due to the mandatory run off prep What are the rules? We reserve the right to disqualify clans who attempt to game or cheat the system, this includes(and are not limited to): Reusing old fight pictures Farming clans for wins Due to the relative poor health of the scene, we hope that everyone respects each other and plays fair, but if needed, we may take necessary action based on the advice of other clan leaders.
  23. Mini Teams While this is not the first time Sharkbrew has tracked mini teams, this time around I was approached by Moni and H_88 a while back indicating their intentions of bringing the mini team scene back to life and how they want to interweave both the clan and mini scene to form a symbiotic relationship. Mini Teams ELO League From 1st Dec, Sharkbrew is tracking all minis by mini teams. We hope with this system, we can encourage more pures to gather a few of their friends to participate in this competitive league. To deter obsession of losses, we will not be advertising the team's loss, only the number of wins as shown below: As minis events tend to outweight that of pure clans, I have fast tracked the promotion of H_88 and he will be handling the mini teams ELO league. In the coming days I will announce the monthly prize money for the top mini team in the league
  24. VS Rules 1. To participate this event, you have to write your Runescape name in the #post-rs-names channel. (EU or USA server) 2. Add your RSN, to your Sharkbrew account via your profile page 3. Accounts must be 1-25 def (we will not allow higher) 4. 1 Def gear cap (only exception: Adamant gloves) 5. Don't mass highlight members or ranks during the events 6. No Excessive Spamming & Trolling And most important if you post dox links, there will be zero tolerance, and you get perm-banned. TEAM USA: https://discord.gg/ujbV2s2 TEAM EU: https://discord.gg/G2mbRDk be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page @[email protected]@Kingpin
  25. Community Sponsorship Sharkbrew originally dropped our sponsors at the behest of the JMods we were trying to work with to get us the necessary fixes to existing game content that were killing the clanning scene, and new updates that could help us. Unfortunately, Jagex basically showed us the middle finger and implemented a bunch of updates that didn't fix the core problem of PvP and PvP Clanning. While we had to operate with hands tied behind our backs, reddit and youtube were abound with ads from pservers, and gold farming sites. .... ... no reply after that Monthly ladder prizes -Many thanks to @Juicyfor securing the sponsor- I would like to thank our first sponsor whose ads you shall see on discord and forums soon. Come 1st of December, we shall launch COTM/WCOTM for pure clans, a league system for mini war clans and NH pkers. Unfortunately for the main and zerk teams, the staff team still needs to consolidate a strategy for the scene, so we are skipping that for December. Tentative prize money(set to change) would vary from 30-60m a month for each winner.
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