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Found 31 results

  1. Website | Discord: https://discord.gg/DyM2t6c | Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members We came up against Team Beta in the finals of both the 30v30 run in category and 40v40 KO. Ever since they got lucky in the 40v40 run in they have been extremely cocky. We went into this fight determined to put them in their place and did exactly that. Despite numerous attempts at cheating by Team Beta our superior quality and tactics shined through giving us the easy win. 40v40 KO 30v30 Round 1 Round 2 See you in the 25v25 Run-in
  2. Had some tournament rounds today with Playdead. Despite them having a bunch of shareds from other clans/teams that do F2P, we were confident that we would have the upperhand and it showed in both rounds. We won 2-0. Ty for fight. Round 1 Round 2
  3. http://playdead-rs.com/ | Most Active | Biggest Money Makers | https://discord.gg/Uy4GGSJ Thanks for the fight, Turmoil. PD-Turmoil starting: 28-25 PD-Turmoil ending: 14-0
  4. Website | Discord: https://discord.gg/DyM2t6c | Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members Drew team alpa in the 25 v 25 KO semi final of the sharkbrew tourney. With strong tanks from Requiem, A1V1, and Rob we were able to grab leads and with great calling from Paul, Bosha, and Ben we managed to pull away and didn't look back. Vids: Round1: Round2: G_G
  5. We were matched up against Team Trinity in 3 categories of the Sharkbrew tournament. After two weeks of negotiating, we came to agreement of a best of 3 in a 30 v 30 run in. Round 1: 21-25 (warm up round) Round 2: 25-24 (Despite a cc leave at 24 v 24) Round 3: 24-18
  6. Discord | Twitter | YouTube Adrenaline defeats Vaseline Boys 2-0 (was bo5, they forfeited the last round due to being unable to pull 10). Throughout the entire Sharkbrew Tournament, Adrenaline only dropped 5 ops. The Champs are here. Round 1 Round 2
  7. rs-sanity.com | https://discordapp.com/invite/rePTHx4 Ty Renegades for fun and clean fight Round 1 Round 2 Vid:
  8. Forums | Discord | Teamspeak: mikesucks.ttrinity.me:6609 team_trinity cc We signed up for the Sharkbrew tournament, and for our first round in the 30 vs 30 cwri we were put against The Rising. Our earlier fights in the touranment didn't go too hot, so we were determined to show stronger results in the 30 vs 30 category. All two rounds were close, but our strong calling and big tanks helped us pull away with the victory. Thank you for the fight The Rising and good luck in the further rounds of the tournament. Round 1 Round 2 Thank you for the all the TT members that showed up! Shout out to Jared, Mohd, and DWG for calling! Also, shout out to our Theater of Blood Unit getting a staff drop during the fight!
  9. Website | Discord: https://discord.gg/DyM2t6c | Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members Fought SV in the 30v30 of the Sharkbrew tourny. They originally couldn't fight after they went main from Turmoil but we decided that was no fun and fought them anyways. We knew it'd be a tough fight but thanks to the flying V formation we took home the 3-0 grats us/gf SV Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
  10. https://discord.gg/MVbjxpE After all that talk, look what happens. Thanks for the clean and fair fight Paul & Co. Round 1 Round 2 Hit us up on discord if you're interested in setting up a fight. https://discord.gg/MVbjxpE
  11. Website | Discord: https://discord.gg/DyM2t6c | Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members In the 30v30 f2p RI we got matched with Silent Ember. We looked at this fight as pretty much the final for this category so we gave it our all and walked away with a 2-0. Thanks for the fight Silent Ember, gl in your other categories. Round 1: Round 2:
  12. Discord | Twitter | YouTube Adrenaline defeats Vintage 3 - 0 in the Main 10v10 bracket. Ty4war. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETrgIq1TkpI&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/-LOI7sHu4qY
  13. https://discord.gg/kUhMty5 Setup with PD for our round 2 fight of the P2P 25v25 KO. Had a clean r1 before they decided to give us the win. Thanks for the fight PlayDead.
  14. Got mached with Seals in f2p 25v25 KO. GF Seals. Ending :
  15. Got matched against Rev in the F2P 30 v 30 Knockout & run in for the Sharkbrew Tournament. Thanks for the fight Rev KO ending: Run in ending:
  16. We got drawn against our pals Revenant for the 40v40 Knock-Out and Run in. We mastered up a strong 47 men for this event allowing us to drop a few men. Our styles were a bit fucked for the fight due to a lack of magers allowing for a intense scrap but we managed to take the win with 14 men left. Revenant had to leave after the Knock-Out giving us the win in the Run In. Thanks for the battle m8s Knock-Out Ending
  17. Got paired up with Exodus(Sanity Team) on round 1 of the 10v10 Sharkbrew Tournament. The fight started 15 minutes late, but we chose to continue anyways. We agreed to a best of 5. Going into the 3rd round being 2-0 down, we stepped up and came away with 3 straight victories for the 3-2 win.
  18. Forums || Discord || Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members Recently Team Alpha has been on a pretty hot streak so going into this tournament fight it was pretty big for us. After a lot of talk from their side, the kings of p2p CWA pulled it through for a 15-0 victory in the 30v30 KO category of the tournament. Better luck in the rest of your categories TA, and thanks for the fight. Ending:
  19. Got paired up against PD in the 25v25 F2P FT25 rounds so we setup our fights for tonight (with their timezone request). Thanks for the smoke. Round 1 Starting: Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Starting: Round 2 Ending:
  20. rs-sanity.com | https://discordapp.com/invite/rePTHx4 Ty Divine Forces for fun and clean fight Round 1: 25v25 start Round 2: 25v25 start Vid:
  21. 25v25 Knockouts F2P/P2P F2P: P2P:
  22. rs-sanity.com | https://discordapp.com/invite/rePTHx4 Ty Moonwalkers for fun and clean fight Round 1 Round 2 Vid:
  23. Got matched with TT in the ft25 f2p bracket of the sharkbrew tourney. Overall each round was fairly even and competitive. But with some great tanks and transitions we were able to pull away for the win in R3. Thanks for the fight friends R1 R2 loss R3 GF Trinity
  24. http://playdead-rs.com/ | Most Active | Biggest Money Makers | https://discord.gg/Uy4GGSJ Thanks for the fight, Renegades. PD-RNG Starting: 25-25 round 1: round 2:
  25. We paired up against Silent ember in the 30v30 Knockout category of shark brew tournament. We had a huge pull and dropped quite a few people to make up our top 30. We decided to rush Silent ember and got off to a great start taking a solid lead. Eventually Silent ember decided to leave the portal. Thanks for the action and gl in other categories. Starting: 30v30
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