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New Imbue God Capes

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I found a few glitches & details about it. Its not hard btw, just need to pay attention to pkers. Also, I believe theres an wilderness update coming in that will change some things. I thought I'd just share these to help people out.

  • All the demons spawn near safe positions away from the demon - mostly trees. If you get incredibly hot, look at the direction you're walking in, if its next to trees be prepared.
  • If you know their spawn spot use the spell 'Charge' to increase the damage.
  • Bring two ring of recoils to get free 80 damage on them. I cleared each in one inventory (total 3) because of this.
  • Get an alt account to bring you food and stand it near your pure. If you start running out of food, hide behind the tree and trade food and carry on.
  • Don't try to 1 tick or use the trees to delay the demons damage. If the demon barrages you and you get stuck behind the tree, he will teleport away & reset.
  • Allow the demon to hit you, dont keep hiding away. After x time it will reset because you took long to kill it.
  • Can also get someone to use heal other too.

Gl getting your new imbue capes. You can only get 1 cape per demon after you finish the miniquest btw. So dont risk it in wilderness unless you want to farm your capes.

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