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  1. I just wanna fuck Demi, nut on her titties, whip out my cock, make the bitch lick it

  2. boy don't be a hero, boy, don't get fucked up.

    1. Phebz


      Just take my wallet

    2. TheBean


      SV. reopening soon?

  3. Don Razzuh

    Small change

    Why are you posting this in a public section if it's for the aforementioned ranks.
  4. Don Razzuh

    Exposing the Turmoil Propaganda Machine

    Rams closed sv.
  5. Don Razzuh

    Big if true.

    Good one, I'd never use IPB 4.x, you must be desperate asf for attention to install a copy of IPB onto localhost and even create a skin for it.
  6. blood money

    1. TheBean


      :o how you get your hands on that sir razza


  7. Don Razzuh

    RuneScape Account Security

    I've not received even a slice of pizza you muppet lmao.
  8. Don Razzuh


    Is this @BIGRYAN from SV in like 2012-13?
  9. @tesco got suspended for like 1 hr for saying he'll swat me, not that it bothers or scares me, however, I get banned for posting a guide??

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    2. Don Razzuh

      Don Razzuh

      I am not complaining, just don't understand why Tesco isn't getting the treatment like I did.

    3. Don Razzuh

      Don Razzuh

      I even quoted it on my account security topic @Lenin, I'll say no more.

    4. tesco


      hahahaha u fuckin cry baby bitch broccoli

      big ethug like u cryin to sharkbrew ranks hahahahah looo

  10. Don Razzuh

    RuneScape Account Security

    @tesco Imagine discussing swatting on a public forum like this, tut tut.
  11. sup uoHUpxO.png

    1. °°°


      l00l welcome back 

    2. Don Elmir

      Don Elmir

      My boy you’re welcome

    3. Phebz


      Hide yo kids, Hide yo dox, cus Razza back in town

  12. whoever deleted my botaccounts topic is a pussy. @Lenin

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    2. Dr Mengele

      Dr Mengele

      @Don Razzuh they will always be mad broski

    3. Lenin


      You don't seem to be speaking like Razza. You don't seem to be acting like Razza. So what makes you think we assume you're Razza?

    4. Don Razzuh

      Don Razzuh

      @Lenin, Why do I have to act a certain way? This is the internet, your personality is whatever you wanna make it, whenever you want.


  13. Never had a job, never needed a job.

    1. Dr Mengele

      Dr Mengele

      Good life for the famous hacker #SV

  14. Don Razzuh

    RuneScape Account Security

    Yes, SV forums.