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  1. tesco


    hahaha u were bad and now u r still bad that mean ur not even washed up ur just BAD LOL
  2. tesco


    u were piled first cos u were bad l00l i remember krish crying to me bout how bad u were
  3. tesco


    u didnt do round 3 cos u got smoked so bad u stupid cunt
  4. tesco


    u forgot to mention u were in eb pre-eoc and u sucked at rsb (u still do) dumb twat
  5. how much u get paid for this sponsor u fucking sell out?
  6. so many incel tears in this thread cry baby retards ur all dogshit anyway k999
  7. BRUH.. lmfaoooooooooooooooooo then again what do u expect from a clan led by this pussy? https://i.imgur.com/6eQIGdT.png https://i.imgur.com/U5Pnq9g.png they even talk shit about their own allies but they know they need them for moral support rofl
  8. who the fuck even is this guy? someone claim ur man l00l
  9. why is this a common foe flame as if u have any idea whats happening in the main scene? where FL @ ? rot still pull 70+ on a minutes notice lmfoa do u even attend weekend trips bro?
  10. pov from where? they get cleared out of wild within seconds
  11. @puppyslushtold you foe are confident they are winning this and even call it beef as if it's beef to rot this is just for fun
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