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  1. tesco

    Uh Oh

    why is this a common foe flame as if u have any idea whats happening in the main scene? where FL @ ? rot still pull 70+ on a minutes notice lmfoa do u even attend weekend trips bro?
  2. tesco

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    pov from where? they get cleared out of wild within seconds
  3. tesco

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    @puppyslushtold you foe are confident they are winning this and even call it beef as if it's beef to rot this is just for fun
  4. tesco

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    wrong @Maakuhas no response so he just reacts 🤣
  5. tesco

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    do i even know you? 2018 clanners using my name in vain
  6. tesco

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    nice man this wouldve been impressive 5+ years ago
  7. tesco

    Did someone say CD opening?

    big yikes ur fat
  8. tesco

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    clans literally end their trips as soon as they see any rot out jaja try to get fake spams like where rot at only to be hit by us literally seconds later rev literally a ballista team and DK a lgbtq community atm rest of the antirot clans struggle to even pull 5 bro what makes u think any1 gonna help foe? they dont even help each other even tho theyre in a 9 clan alliance discord lol
  9. if you look at their attitude in general it's definitely a lot more than a minute some, literally only their ranks are smart enough to realize this beef will kill their clan entirely which is why they'd made arrangements to try end this beef i don't see anybody in rot wanting to clear this beef up at all we're having a lot of fun
  10. on topic: foe kids are saying they're happy for this rivalry so why not let rot post topics of us literally smashing foe to bits including audio etc? thats what they want right? who are u to stop them?
  11. @H I T T Adefo doesnt know a thing about the main community 😂
  12. theres a reason ur ridiculed in every community
  13. foe thought they were smart now they gettin smoke
  14. tesco

    main Sovereign's Friday - Fighting RoT 2x

    L M F A O weren't you some bottom feeder in sv? shut ur stupid ass mouth @YOOITZKID i made you remove your f2p pking vids from ur sig hahahhahaha