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  1. Personal information has been removed from the video. To those who were doxed you'll get a message to come on audio to hear the unedited audio of your information that they've collected.
  2. Avalon - #1 Rune Pure + Tank + Med clan To keep this short, veng was begging for this for a while: Found out that Vengeance was planning on going to AC some pure fight so as usual we massed up the squad to go and ban Vengeance from our wilderness. We hopped in and found Vengeance standing by themselves away from the clump so we forced the 1v1. The first fight lasted about 15 minutes with Veng being wiped off the map. We got bored and decided that we would fight some of the pures 1v2 and as we were doing that, Vegeance, for whatever reason, decided it would be a good idea to tele back up and fight us again. We took control of the 2nd fight immediately and forced them to suicide to us for 30 minutes before they had enough and ran away handing us the win. To any of the Vengeance members reading this (and I know you are) PM any of the officials to leave your sinking ship of a clan. https://twitter.com/rsavnet/status/1190798338721013761 Video/pcitures of the slaughter: TY Sybren for free ballista. L2 prot item idiot THIS IS NEVER GOING TO END BTW
  3. Avalon - #1 Rune Pure + Tank + Med After catching word Vengeance was trying to PK in our wilderness we quickly massed up and bullied them inside the caves. Once again the fragile weaklings at Veng HQ repeatedly logged out and left members to die. We eventually got word that jaja was out, we hopped into them and started transitioning through them 1 by 1 until they called lil cards for assistance. Shortly after jaja ended we received word that veng was trying to fight their allied clan AF..the tweet below explains what happened next:
  4. We started our trip heading into the Rev caves after hearing that Vengeance was trying to PK there. After hitting them and reducing them into rag after the first hit we decided to feast on anything else we found. In those searches we found the sad state of Revenant and quickly hit them and cleared them from the map. We continued to PK until we stumbled across Resurgence and Vengeance attempting to fight. Needless to say we ended it before it could even get started. We also cleared some lesser clans such as CT but who doesn't clear them now days? Once again another good day to be Avalon https://streamable.com/hpypl ty @Sybrenfor staff LMAOOO
  5. we received intel that Veng was out with about 10-15~ people in our rev caves so we mass poked quick and gained to 30 hoping that they would fight back after we've ended their trip 3 days in a row. Hit them on multiple worlds but they elected to switch to msb rag gear and do a "fun pk trip" instead, which we ended anyway. Decided we would clear worlds for 2.5 hours and made fucking bank.
  6. No. He got tbed south of entrance a bit and died on a half lmao
  7. think the scoreboard is 20-0 or w.e from yday l00l
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