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pure account Looking for a pure clan

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Firstly, welcome! That link looks a bit sketch so I’m not clicking that, but if you’re looking for a place to pk revs a lot and help progress your account, Misfits would suit you well. 

“Misfits rs” cc 

Teamspeak ~ https://www.misfits-rs.com/community/

we have discord but invite only for members, come post an intro on our forums and hang around cc/come pk :) 

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9 hours ago, Kaillito said:


I'm looking for pure clan to pk p2p, sometimes pvm or train together. 




Training Range atm. Would love find some active people to pk at revs ot other spots. If i can join any CC please leave your Discord. 

https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/index.php If you wanna win

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