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On 6/16/2021 at 4:40 AM, Fatal said:

With @Dox17 previous responses in mind, he apparently frowns upon the same plugins he ultimately has been outed for abusing.  Beep boop!

It's safe to say given his current "fake natty" status and the hypocrisy within the main clw scene, that clan politics influence his judgement more so than not.. Thus putting the competitive integrity of said system at risk.

I'd like to be apart of a scene and system that's not moderated by hypocrites.

u are free to apply

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12 hours ago, T H E Undertaker said:

For a clan that has a rank called "paragon" or some shit that is literally for people who use Open RS plugins, I'd say @Fatalneeds to practice what he preaches (complains about).

Well I think his point is that he's annoyed by other clans/teams complaining about his clan using plugins, despite the fact that they use them as well. Which is a valid point. Although there is a discussion to be had about which plugin(s) are too far and which are "ok". But that sort of thing isn't up to SB to deal with,  but rather a dialogue between clans/teams themselves.

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