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Misfits Unstoppable Latenight - PKRIs w/ Apex/OFA - Zenith From Gear to 1Item in 30seconds, Maced Out of Crystal Bows and Into Water Sticks

Misfits Public Relations

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Zee#0786 (capital Z) or Salso#0681 (capital S) to inquire about joining.

After having 20v20 EST vs GMT inners (w/ 400m prize pool) and winning a big mini and a few PKRIs w/ KOS, we then took a quick 15 minute break and went back at again with OFA and Apex.


We rushed vs OFA at CA. Zenith tried to crash, instantly realized it would be a matched 1v1 and tele'd out.
Within 30 seconds, they were in 1item! 



Next, Zenith tried to 1v1 us in crystal bows. Bad idea! We quickly grabbed maces and gear capped Zenith to Water Sticks and DDS only!



We then setup a cluster with Apex and OFA. Zenith didn't bother showing up to this one. (smart)

We caught some fat clumps and kept good control for a large portion of the fight, despite Apex gaining significant opts towards the end. Original cap was set for 20minutes but we called it after 40.

Thanks for the fights, Apex & OFA. 


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