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BP VS OFA P2P declaration


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  1. You are representing your clan in an official capacity and have the authority to arrange preps/fullouts
  2. zucky
  3. Accept by April 8th 2023
  4. April 23rd, 2023 P2P
  5. Standard prep rule apply to all fights:
    1. 25v25 min
    2. 1-25 def- matched 
    3. Banned items
      Ancient godsword
      Korasi (voidwaker)
      Nightmare staff
      No mith seeds
      No gmaul
      No venom
      No spears
    4. No invites any invites results in a forfeit  
      If a sharkbrew admin or mod is available he will check both discs or ts for invites
      no "hider disc"

      April 23rd, 2023 3PM EST Start Time
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1 minute ago, FLOWER said:

Unfortunately I have paid for ofa services on that day 15 opts for 75m so find a new date. 

lmfaoooo so u seen that too huh l00000000000l

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