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  1. fatality (137 people pulling clan) is getting smoked by Apex (40 people pulling clan)... Welp, I wonder what is gonna happen when fatality goes back to their 40 man pulls!
  2. My unbiased opinion is that if fatality is ready to declare on Apex, they should at least accept the opts Apex is asking (50v50 minimum). I don't get it though, why wouldn't you accept a 50v50 @Ease? We all know Apex pulls only ~50 to weekend trips, while you claim to be pulling 100+ for 11 weeks straight. You have the option to sit 50 of your shitters yet you won't do it? It is undeniable that Apex & Nox's quality in CWA (especially P2P) is waaay better than wilderness, which is proved by their prep score against any clan, including fatality (20-1 in the past years), so why would they throw away the chance so easily by providing a 30v30 prep? We all know how clanning works. If you wanna take the belt, you step up to their game, not the opposite. Looks like that fatality and Jamz's hype is already dying out and he is doing everything he can to keep it high.
  3. So you're telling me you pulled 133 last week and only peaked at 95 ingame today? You should worry about what happened to 38 members of yours in only 168 hours... Things are NOT looking good for fatality already. Looks like they had their 4 weeks of relevance this year ( they didn't have it in 2016, 2017 and 2018 though, when Eruption of Pures bullied them nonstop). Slumping time again! Good luck rebuilding, Jamz. Or should I direct this to the rest of fatality's rank team? We all know what is gonna happen soon, Mr houdini
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