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  1. Ref got fucking bodied in 1v2 inside al kharid l0000000l

  2. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan This week we completely destroyed the wilderness having multiple PKRI's and PK Trips's throughout the week acquiring bank loot. After demolishing Legashit last night and stealing 25M from them and forcing LY paranoia to kick another innocent member. We knew today they would be demolished to all extent, We massed up 70 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 75 Zenith Mountain men. We heard Terror & Legashit were fighting near bandits, we quickly came from the south and started demolishing through Legashit who was west. We pushed them far south of bandits where they would eventually scatter and Revenant would rushed us with Rage. We turned around on Revenant and lured them south and started to single pile and farm through them. We pulled into fortress and started using the movements to our advantage. We started 1 hitting through every double logged Revenant member, We had them down to 15 ingame when Legashit came to aid their dogshit ally. We pulled west outside and caught a bank. We heard Terror & Supremacy were near 13 ports, Since Terror has began to dick ride a certain main clan we decided to absolutely shit on them. We ran straight past Supremacy and went right into Terror. We instantly started hitting through them and forced them into singles.. Once in singles we Spammed them, Laughed at them, Killed them, Chased them. Terror went to singles and tried to run into multi, We derailed Lord Ex's train so fast and sent him back to edgeville. Terror ran west back into singles after being perfected even opts. 78V78 - 74-50. We lured Revenant out to play after we cleared up Terror, We pulled east of 13 ports and started smoking through every single dogshit med fel's mother could buy. Our teamspeak exploded as we transitioned through Revenant like butter. We heard Legacy stopped their fight and ran into singles and moved north of us, We waited for them to hop into our world and we laughed at Revenant who only had 10 ingame and we walked to Ferrox to bank. We lured Revenant back to 13 ports once at 13 ports we started banging through everyone, We farmed Revenant for over 30 minutes straight of us being in control the entire time. Double triple logged accounts. We chased them all over the map and AFK checked all their accounts one hitting them before the sweaty nerds could eat their pizza's. We had Revenant down to 0 energy and 0 opts ingame before Legacy came to once again aid their clan. Apex rushed from the north and Revenant scattered and teleported out. We pulled west and caught a fall in and a spam and ended our trip. UPLOADING...
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