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  1. foe propaganda at its finest l0l rage kids are legit dog shit, imagine posting a old audio of kids who aren’t even in the clan anymore l00000l
  2. l00000l “100” bears?? all i saw was 50 rage kids and the whole country of mexico clueless spics running around @Proccywhat do you think about the drop parties the vennies get after the trips are done?
  3. 52 in ts but 100 bears? l000l stop buying gp with irl money to pay vennies l0000lll dumb retards
  4. he’s legit with gp selling / buying. but don’t ever buy accounts lmao it’s 99% going to get recovered. lesson learned
  5. Isn’t fate just a bunch of recycled clanners with a bunch of rage retards ?
  6. L000000l emotional ass fuck stop crying and and stop sucking dick fag maybe you can join fi, y’all both suck dick so it’s a good match dumb gay ass nigga
  7. Plug the leak l0000l fucking rats nice 10v10 inners thanks for the invite was an easy clear
  8. Where is the competition at, paying 500m for the right answer L0l foe on my fucking chest
  9. What were you thinking when you made this retarded ass topic????
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