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  1. They didn't AC, you rushed us at the same time on multiple occasions... You had the pull you needed to take the training wheels off, shame you couldn't step away from CD long enough to give your members the action they deserved. Nevertheless, was fun gl Sunday.
  2. Was fun, mighty shame that CD had to resort to both bringing mains and manipulating the cape counter. Really thought this scene would be different, looks like you can't teach old dogs new tricks. They obviously belong in the HPC scene after all...
  3. You will forever be known as Small Meat after Olympus run over you bunch of reprobates... Never forget
  4. Is your name 'Big Meat' for the single reason of it being the only taste you have in your mouth, after all your clans getting completely railed since your unfortunate arrival on this game? Or is it due to you giving Hassan hardcore gobbies for so long... I forget? Stay ez.
  5. /query Sean to leak lpc locs, up to 35m a weekend!

  6. Don't make me put you in your place again... Shut your shovel head lookin' ass up
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