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  1. Waiting for cp chain and shiny to posr on their fake accs
  2. 20 elders 4 ranks and still lose. #CP-Quality

    1. Jorgito Gutiérrez
    2. Ash
    3. Vitality


      6 kids got hit off first round and they still won #lmfaozuuuuu

  3. Once again, looked very easy. Good job on showing your superiority over an 8 year old clan. Just comes to show any newbundle of twigs clan out there can make it!!
  4. Ok [CP]Chain tell us more about how you got ddosed
  5. What kind of main/zerk/tank clan dedicates their weekends to killing pures. Must be a really brown sticky stuffty clan who cant compete with people in their tier i guess Ot: respect to rd for not hacking them like u hacked us zerglinks
  6. rofl eop so fkn bad
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