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  1. Goodfight it was a work in progress trying to figure out what was fair. Next fight should be much better
  2. Tfw you pile an FA that's calling for you cause he hasn't been in the clan for a minute On sale soon : $10 Each , 4 for $35 We heard Rev went out to go PK, we were hot on their tail. After their eariler loss against Vanguard Rev finally got so frustrated they thought it would be a good idea to fight back. They got smoked at the start and continued to get plowed throughout the fight. Getting cleared from the north and trying to run to singles constantly. With rev's best effort they literally didn't even last 40 minutes. I would say nice try but you legitimately had the same performance as CM punk in his final UFC match before getting cut. Terrible. Cutthroat starting: 30 men on speed dial Pictures: Cutthroat Ending: 156 opts Revenent : Out of Wild Crying as usual. Please stop doing cringy pretypes if you gonna end in under an hour in a 1 v 1. Pls.
  3. Today Cutthroat celebrated our 3 Year Birthday. We wanted a memorable fight so we asked Jaja+PD to team up on us in an uncapped 2v1 which they accepted. Needless to say we are hyped as fuck today and it showed in game. We peaked at 86 people and dominated throughout the fight. Our spams were high as fuck and TS was going nuts. Thanks to PD+Jaja for giving us an awesome fight for us to remember on our bday. & Shout out to every Cutthroat member you guys fuckin killed it today. Some of the videos below include some highlights from our ts during the fight.
  4. After smiting 1b just under a week ago last Saturday we hadn't planned on another major bgs fest for a while. However, we ended up running into tons of loot early this morning on our AEST trip and the money quickly began to rack up. Before we knew it we had pked more than 800m in just a couple hours so we decided we may as well go for the 1b mark again. We snagged the final 200m in our late est pk giving us a sick start to the weekend making buck $$$. Shout out to Revenant for losing another +1 (a zgs) to us on this BGS trip Total Smited: 1,053,985,972 http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1782920-cutthroat-smites-1bil-again-rev4zgs/
  5. We went out for a casual Sunday PK today hopping around caves. After about 30 minutes there we heard Revenant decided to come out and play, feeling brave after their 30 minute fight with Rot on Thursday (w0w). While we waited for them we ended up running into some DK/AC(?) and we scrapped for a bit before Rev finally showed up and clashed with us. Within minutes we had gained from 40 to nearly 70 people. Revenant members were dropping left and right and at certain points it was hard to even find them on the map as our callers clicked around looking for them. After about 20 minutes, Rev had barely 20 people in game and about 5 of them spammed something about crashers before teleing out. We were very concerned for their well being so we followed them from world to world and then from new gate back to caves back to new gate back to caves escorting them out of wilderness back to their safe space in edgeville. After being bullied for nearly an hour Rev finally ended, humiliated and demoralized. Shoutout to Jaja/PD/Rot for acing DK/AC up at black drags, keeping the fight clean. For any suffering Rev members, there is hope! PM Elver#6720 on Discord for a way out.
  6. We have been making tons of money lately macing and since Revenant has become a hider clan we decided we would just spend our whole Saturday macing for some loot. Unfortunately for Rev some of their members are getting tired of doing nothing so we caught 2 solo pking in caves. We maced Revenant members Capn Efkiko for a Sotd and TMD for claws+blowpipe. We then gwased DK repeatedly throughout the day taking more than a few bgs' off them. In total we maced just over 1 bil in items making our members tons of buck $$$$. Total Maced: 1,050,892,282
  7. Just wanted to extend an invite to all clans to come attend the Fight Pits Tournament we are hosting on Saturday, April 28th @ 5 PM EST / 10 GMT We are doing 4 rounds with a 60m prize to the winner of each round - see you there
  8. Heard Rev was out, as usual we went to hunt them, turned into a 8 hour uncapped war. Rev called Flamingos, and then PD, and then Jaja came to hit PD, and then CL came and whatever other randoms Rev invited showed up too. Ain't even about some bs propaganda fight was rough at points when Rev+PD+CL+Flamingos peaked at 90+ all on Cutthroat but we kept it cool and stayed in control until their allies numbers as well as their own started to drop until eventually it became obvious that the fight was over for Rev and we cleared them off the battlefield. Thanks for the challenge, it's been a while since anyone put one up. Big shoutout to Quarry, Kapron, Nathan, Murky, Knightro, Break, Nati, and many others who helped call throughout the fight. Now that the fight recap is out of the way, let's get some brown sticky stuff straight. Your clan is garbage. Like hot fucking dogbrown sticky stuff. Like the type of garbage that cries about wanting a 1v1 then the moment you get it you call 3 other clans to help you. Like the type of trash that hides from us all summer while all their members quit. Like the kind of clan that is so bad that it's members have to seek out action in PD, CL, Flamingos, Elite Zerks, etc. Don't forget for one second that WE created your garbage collection of refugees when we closed Brutality. Your entire rank team is made up of kids who cried and left Brut because they couldn't compete with us. There's literally not one of you that's better than anyone in Cutthroat. You're all a bunch of washed up, private server, wannabe rejects. Do you like losing? Get used to it.
  9. Our GMT's and Aussies were out on an early morning smallman when they ran into CL. A small scrap kicked off but it eventually grew as CL called more and Rev decided to make an appearance. CL+Rev totaled at about ~40 people while we gained up from 15 to 34 at 8:00 AM EST. Despite being outnumbered, we controlled and dominated the entire fight. With dedicated magers, fast transitions, and good spam we outclassed our opponents in every way. As CL+Rev numbers on the battlefield dwindled our TeamSpeak mysteriously went down (spooky). Some of us swapped over to discord while the rest called in game. After some time our TS eventually came back up and we were more motivated than ever to crush our opponents. Within 20 minutes of our TS coming back up Rev+CL were cleared leaving us to get a clean ending at gdz. Shoutout to all the members who stepped up to help call, especially @@Murky
  10. We heard from a reliable source that Rev were out on a trip tonight (first night in a while..) so we massed up to hit them. Rev were cleared pretty much instantly from rdg. As we were about to take ending it appeared Rev+PD+friends had regrouped at gdz and rerushed in together. The fight continued but we never once lost control of it despite the numerous alliance members (PD, Impact, and CL) that showed up to assist Rev. Jaja came in as well making it a real party until eventually everyone was in addy/1item except Cutthroat. Fewer and fewer of the alliance members returned and eventually they were cleared all together leaving us to take a clean ending. Glad to hear your 'fire is lit' again Revenant. Shame no one could find a match a few months ago before you died. Bit 2 late. From there we had a big wildy pk with GraphistRS where we forced PD to hide in single and then called it a night. Image[http://image.prntscr.com/image/V56-g2fDTmW2Z9Q9Xx3U2w.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts
  11. Went out on a late EST trip tonight with about 20. After running into a few small teams (AC I think?) around Lavas and Gdz we started a fight with PD west of new gate. It was obvious from the start that PD didn't want it as they immediately pulled south to hug single. We fought them south for about 20 minutes but as they edged closer and closer to single we decided we weren't going to play the single to multi game and pulled a bit north waiting for them to come fight us properly. Our clans then pretty much sat in a stale mate for a good half hour as we held new gate and they would run in and out trying to barrage and we would each catch one or two of the other clan but no actual fighting given how afraid PD was to come up onto the hill. We eventually took an ending since PD just wanted to sit in single. We figured they would try to come and take a fake one after we left so we logged quickly and went south and logged back in rushing them on the hill gwasing pretty much everyone as they tried to take theirs. Not sure you can really even call this a fight but oh well thx for action hopefully next time you'll actually fight us in multi.
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