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  1. Duval go deliver packages.
  2. lmao never forever in shadows. #coleader
  3. where were you yesterday? What happened today? I was farming over the weekend and my clan told me Imperial is ded. sorry to hear. yo Don WUU2
  4. Lol we don't go out for 1 Saturday out of our whole clan career and ya'll cry. People had IRL things to do, so we're sorry that we care about IRL more than a game. Sorry we took 1 Saturday off so we don't have to deal with brown sticky stuff clans who bring def noobs just because they can't pull.
  5. RIP @@Canadian aka co leader aka always warlord aka every clan you joined after leaving AAO ded
  6. As seen in the video the first min we dominated you and you ran to GDZ. Then an ally clan of yours decided to help. Learn to 1v1.
  7. @@Fake Smile and @@R2h are you both really going to act that childish over a topic? A fight is a fight ESPECIALLY since we fought you down 15+ You know we're the clan that always shows respect. It's like anything we say about LP you guys take it to the heart. Grown up and be mature. You know we always have your back and show the utmost respect but i cannot believe you're allowing trolls interfere in this topic about our fight. Don't be naive and just let things slide if they're true or not true because we all know sharkbrew is complete brown sticky stuff most of the time.
  8. Grats on the win. BTW you're talking to a spammer. That isn't the real Dennis.
  9. Come on should've just fought.... Why waste anyone's time? It's a game enjoy it.
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