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  1. Patrick

    Which clan came 3rd last weekend?

    1. Foe 2. LY 3. IR 4. Sup 5. Fi 6. Fs 7. R 8. A 9. CD
  2. Shout out to all the clans that went out main free. Yall are winners 😛
  3. Patrick

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    2nd highest pull it seems. Nice Suppers
  4. I mean.. Legacy started with the mains from what I've seen but cmon. This is only going to spiral into the same shit era as last year(main wise)
  5. Patrick

    cwa Fearless vs Critical Damage F2P Prep 3-0

    Expected, gz
  6. Patrick

    pkri Sovereign Annihilates anime clan

  7. Patrick

    Word on the street

    Nice banter! gold star
  8. Nice pull. Perhaps ditch the couple mains though
  9. Patrick

    weekend Fearless F2p Saturday taking on a 1v2

  10. Patrick

    Legacy - How dumb can you be?

    All the clans that use mains conveniently use the OSRS clients that add mains to your cape counter :o
  11. Patrick

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    nice action
  12. Patrick

    Hows that for some damage? #CD

    surprised Ace Krave got leaks woah