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  1. confused about the screenshot of someone getting their defender back, but cool midweek
  2. 'Jamie

    weekend Bad Timing Thursday Trip 3-0 PKRI vs Envy

    nice action dudes
  3. Let's hope the xLPC scene stays main/tank free for awhile to come
  4. 'Jamie

    -Legion- Returning to free to play clanning!

    good luck man, consider the pm i sent you
  5. 'Jamie

    gl imt

    you haven't been relevant chinaman since you leaked EoP locs, shut up
  6. looked forward to joining an xLPC, no longer joining for the simple fact that it's no different then lpc
  7. 'Jamie

    Divine vs. F2P Hybrids - 12v12 CW Mini (3-0)

    Grats on the win Divine
  8. 'Jamie

    Dear Foc & Tannie

    i need that kind of money