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  1. 'Jamie

    [xLPC] TRIBE 50-55cb

    ah yes old Slaughter capes, looks good man . best of luck with this
  2. 'Jamie

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    If all you guys care about is Sharkbrew by all means continue to keep posting stupid shit repeatedly lmao, nobody else in the community cares about your rivalry.
  3. 'Jamie

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    is copying and pasting previous propaganda topics suppose to be intimidating? I don't understand the point of this whatsoever
  4. Rough life rn over at CD headquarters, i'm sure they'll find a way to bounce back, pretty stubborn when it comes to closing.
  5. 'Jamie

    weekend Legacy Fathers Day Trip - Putting CD In Time Out ft FOE/FI

    Nice trip Legacy, never saw more than 60 on Cape Counter though
  6. p2p account almost ready to slay with my bears >:3
  7. 'Jamie

    Noxious | 40-60 CB xLPC | The Return Of The Alpha Males

    interesting, will see you out there
  8. 'Jamie

    [XLPC] Outbreak 40-60CB

    best of luck Outbreak