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  1. Didn't think you'd lead an LPC clan Scims, impressed man . Congrats on the early tussles and best of luck with the clan
  2. IV, FS, Envy/BV, Ascent, SK
  3. I feel like you're suppose to advertise yourself to the community and explain what problems you could possibly solve, and I'm not really getting that from this read.
  4. literally just played the music and left the screen, convict music baby
  5. Thanks for the prep guys, let the foe and supremacy guys troll away on this topic 🤷‍♂️
  6. feels bad for my nigga Flerk bro.. probably drunk as fuck rambling on and shit
  7. After the likes of last week, I couldn't imagine you retards possibly getting another event versus any clan that's currently open
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