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  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 15 shooters to go clear the caves, later peaking a staggering 33 Spartans to wreak havoc on the pure community. We feasted on Rage and CD so many times CD actually forgot how to put their gear on (or maybe used up all their return sets) and had to 1 item with 8 people the rest of the day (which is less than half the amount they started with). YIKES!
  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord 8/24/2019 we set out for another huge F2P Saturday trip we massed up and left edge with 55 Spartans ready for war. During our mass we shared the world with 7 CD Tanks and our Intel said CD finally got their 1st 40 man pull in 2 months. Gratz we hope you can keep it up ❤️ We respected the CD Ranks with their rules of using mains we had a good 10 super pures with our 55 shooters. "Super pures were only used on CD @ new gate not any clusters", We cleared CD down to 15 mains before FOE crashed. We also had clusters with Foe/Fi/Apex/Rage/Sup we did not have mains for any of that just for CD Good luck everyone tomorrow in P2P! Oh and.. "Off everyone Legacy is coming!" JD Pkown Cardi
  3. no bait, you legit liked everything about ly just made the wrong decision bc of vendetta
  4. remember when u were tryharding for ly then leaked for a big mac
  5. 10 points for CD 15 man pull getting wiped off the map
  6. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Another glorious P2P Friday for the pure community with word alot of clans were heading out tonight. Legacy massed up and peaked at 46 Spartans for what was a 2 hour slaughter of DC and CDead, we also crashed Rage/Fi/Rs to the point where clan wars was the only option. Thanks to all the clans for the action and to every LY member who came out tonight. Good luck this weekend everyone! H0W3 JD Brandon
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