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  1. Tbh, had no idea FI was even relevant again ngl
  2. I regret to inform that there will no longer be a Mitch vs Cronic rivalry, as Hazard will be an MPC.
  3. lmfao? Lex bruh? the famous player killer? 534m for this name
  4. this isn't even like relevantly funny what type of fucking broccolied humor are you into
  5. You seem mad, you gonna be getting deported or some brown sticky stuff?
  6. Will Hazard be making a comeback...? Rumor has it, currently under construction, and going to be a MPC allowing multi clanning? Could one of the more respectable p2p clans be making a comeback to unite the MPC's p2p scene?1 O_O!!!!!!! http://i.gyazo.com/4fed05f6d69529624726d6e6343f6d0e.png Rumor also has it, none of their old leaders even play, so this could just be some lame jokes, but... Good luck if it's true homies, always respected y'all, and had a good time mini'ing you in Frenzy!
  7. nigga cmon with those lil boi specs
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