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  1. Ok so: pure clanning fanboys voted foe tlp voted tlp ppl from prue community who arnt in cp voted cp ez
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWkTMJ8KeWE#t=28
  3. @@pirate i agree CP + EOP aren't on the same league CP pulls 80 and beats TLP 1v1, EOP loses to sup 45v45 for #4 lol. CP is in the Top 3 matched and EoP isn't in the top 5 just stop, you have no evidence to back up anything u say
  4. i guess this @@pirate guy is repeating whatever solo tells him? typical eop member, the next [EoP]Adam
  5. Foe haven't been in the top 2 F2P for months now lol.
  6. Why is every clan always scared to prep others? Clans have like two preps/week nowadays. Get balls retards

  7. haha lol but cp pulled 120 in 2010 and beat the #1 overall clan in a fullout in 2012? not forgetting the fact pre-2010 they slammed tlp/eop etc in fullouts lol Constantly fighting for #1 f2p in 2013/2014 (#1 for a ton during both them years) and only clan who could win at BOTH servers) slammed foe 55v55 in P2P wild
  8. so tlp can run around gdz for 20 minutes when CP can go hit something else????????????????????? u got fucked lol
  9. maybe you should take in account your your clan was done lol since ur first pic is from just before you got pushed lol the second one you had 40 people whilst cp had 68 before lobbying
  10. Babalanka/sudo and all of eop staff usually camp CP on mains, not sure. doubt cp would use
  11. Solo: 'cp rely on xl invites to pull high' > xl massjoins TLP > cp and tlp 85v85 and cp stomps tlp > logic

    1. Crims
    2. Braden


      is that how it went down heh

    3. messi


      yea cp slumped eop pretty quick this time lol, went from 80 to 40 in 3 weeks l0l

  12. FOE- Borzor EOP- nobody FI- Sulfate TLP- pibb SUP- ham RD- horizon CP- Drunk LPC's Doom- moni SV- tripluh Envy- CD- AAO- patrick Vitality- Excel- OP- bvg Apex- sikh
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