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  1. Drunk

    Where your topic Doom?

    olympus destroyed everyone l0l
  2. Today we set out with about ~80 Corrupt Pures later peaking at 85. EOP have been running their little mouths quite a bit, so we thought we might get some good fights today. Unfortunately, they did not seem to be able to keep stride with us and now are down to pulling 40 people to a Saturday lololol. This entire trip consisted great fights, we had a great 1v1 against TLP, ty. We fought Foe/Fi/Sup/Rd in a very good cluster. Thanks for everyone that fought us today. Oh and we made EOP sit in lobby or single for about 80% of their trip, and had multiple members ragequit their trip. S/o: CP Members for fucking owning today. Image[http://cp-rs.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts TLP for the fight! Rest that fought us <3 Jordai: Drunk: Jasper: Corrupt Pures vs. Foe & Sup We heard they were fighting east of Bandits, we quickly hopped and rushed the fight making both clans dip to single. Gf. Corrupt Pures vs. TLP Our real fight of the day was against TLP that had a great pull and gave us a good fight. TLP rushed us east of our Homeland Vents, so we turned around and started bowing them out and quickly took control of the fight and dominated it. We pushed on top of them dropping TLP members like flies, we pushed them from Vents to Gap, we made a final pushed their last 15-20 members to GDZ so we turned around back to Gap and logged out with 71 people. Thanks for the fight TLP. Corrupt Pures Starting: 86 (Ye ik in the pictures it says 91 but we had hella scouts with CP capes on :3 |â–º| Ending: 71 people. The Last Pures Starting: 80 |â–º| Ending: About 15 left. Corrupt Pures vs. Sup After our fight vs TLP we found Sup west of Graves so we rushed them and they moved to multi ;o. We fought for like 30 seconds untill TLP crash. Ty. Corrupt Pures vs. Cluster We heard there was a lil cluster around Corp so we rushed in and every1 ran west to Single. We got a quick fall in and heard Foe was sitting in multi with like 50 people, we rushed Foe and once again we took control from the start, clearing out a lot of Foe. EoP (lol) crashed so we moved west but quickly around and made EoP run back to Single untill they ran north and logged out lol. Good fight Foe. Corrupt Pures Starting: 75 |â–º| Ending: 71 people falled in Ne Ruins. Final Ownage Elite Starting: 52 |â–º| Ending: 40. Corrupt Pures vs. Cluster 2 We heard Foe,TLP and Sup were fighting at Chaos Altar so we rushed in and made Foe ran west of ca (where they fought Sup after) and TLP north west to single and logged out, we got a fall in and rushed Foe and Sup south of graves level 13, we pushed them to single and then Fi showed up so we pushed them to single too. Good fight all. 5 mins after, we heard Foe and TLP were fighting again at Corp so we rushed in and made them dip west to single (sowwy :3). After this TLP ended and Foe rged and foght Fi at Ca so we rushed in and fought Fi at Ca (Foe dipped north ready to rerush). We fought for about 2 minutes untill Foererushed the fight so we focused on Foe making them run west again so we turned around and focused on Fi.. Foe rerushed and we focused on them untill they were cleared so we focused back on Fi inside of Ca, maximizing our chances of getting as much Fi-loot as was possible. With us having low food/pray/opts we still and fought them untill they were cleared from the battlefield. Thanks for the fun fights lads! Corrupt Pures Starting: 70 (Full opts of the entire cluster) |â–º| Ending: 60 Our final opts on the last fight vs Fi & Foe: Corrupt Pures Starting: 63 |â–º| Ending: 51 Final Ownage Elite Starting: 40? |â–º| Ending: 0. Fatality Starting: 45 |â–º| Ending: Like 5 people managed to log out. Thanks for reading our topic, there are no flames intended. Image[http://cp-rs.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts Image[http://august4th.us/up/f7950388cdd99a039c3bc92e43406b93.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts http:
  3. HPC's FOE- lol no one all brown sticky stuff EOP- more brown sticky stuff then foe FI- august 4th lmfao TLP- lmfao all inbreds and potato masher kids SUP- 3at RD- Parm CP- Everyone
  4. how is cp eop a rivalry its not a rivalry is all we did was win lmfao
  5. This weekend we'll show why EOP is nothing, why TLP and FOE are brown sticky stuff. #Corrupt

  6. Drunk


    join cp lmfao bv was better then foe and tlp l0l
  7. Drunk

    best clan name

    cp wrst foe/tlp
  8. Drunk

    With huge regret

    cp killed them lmfao
  9. Drunk

    Have you seen this?

    trash sig trash topic
  10. Drunk

    Who will win the Fullout?

    all clans are brown sticky stuff but @@Foe is absolute dog brown sticky stuff get slumped retards.
  11. Drunk

    Did CD and rd merge????

    lmfao look what we did to you RD
  12. step up to HPC so CP can slump you.