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  1. the greatest matched clan of all time (ub btw) made you lose your mind playing a 12 year old pixel game l0l
  2. the greatest matched clan (ub) made 2 legacy clans (foc + eop) team on them dude l00l @Jamz @17_ speak up
  3. foc went from doxing/posting irl info of eop ranks to now fi lol
  4. look at all these foc gloryhunters l0l

    1. holydreams
    2. phil deez

      phil deez

      @holydreams dont get your hopes up little boy they will be gone in a week or 2 l00l

  5. this dumb ass nigga replied 17 times in a row lmfa00
  6. but for real the smoke sesh earlier was L I T XD
  7. why is CD complaining about us not showing pics of 55+ingame. You had less then 30 every time we rushed you in the wild today. got smoked also
  8. ./Query Remy to Leak your clan's locations for the weekend. MAJOR BANK ROLL IN IT FOR YOU MY DOGG

  9. You closed fearless like 6 times in your life l0l
  10. cleared rage in both servers today? r0fl nice job doom keep it up the activity is crazy
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