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  1. Reminder that tlp lost a full out by 8 And i agree ub is a brown sticky stuffty clan an e lmaoooo
  2. What even the fuck u justin beiber monkey Instead of lesding failing clans how about u look in the mirror hanubundle of twigsgit.
  3. This is the fs i know and admire Lmfao at breakable thinking leaking ts audio will help them. P.s tlp lost a full out up 9
  4. Hands up cash out bitches lmfaooo

  5. Cd gets bullied in every scene. Period. Just got word envy bullied them down to skillers lmfaooooooooo. Holy fuck cant wait for skillers to bully cd too lmaooooo

  6. Lmfao thats right my boys we gonna buly cd down to a skiller clan lmfaoooooo
  7. Lmfaoooo cd cheat in every scene and still lose lmfaooooooooooooo

  8. Lmfao cd getting bullied up 20 (and tanks) Envy slayed cd too lmfaoooooo Cd = target practice when i bow em down with my adamnt arrows Cd = punching bag when i slay em with my skimitsr lmfaooooooo Kmfoaoooo
  9. Lmfaooo rd needs to bust a ftp mini so i can show them mine
  10. Lmfaoo cd still get bullied in every scene period
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