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  1.  Lol mfw BT tryna come at me again... You're just like Envy, you just don't know when to fucking stop. @WE APES BOI keep your dogs quiet lmfao. @PICwarior381 @bt black son @byronbanks @DHP @Dzeko @Funky @ZOIC @ any other retad BT member lmfao let's start a flame war.

    Oh P.S. If I see more tanks I'll start dusting off my old lvl 60's gl

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    2. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      I love getting y'all all riled up lol BT retards so cute! @Narcos sorry idk who you are you cock nosed rodent go back to whatever slum you came from kid lmfao

    3. byronbanks


      niggga what are u talking about i dont even play so dont @ me lmfao.

    4. Papa Bear
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