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  1. Allowed* lmfao retard. Keep camping a p2p world and only rush when we fight kids. #btonmychest
  2. keep hiding in singles from us and rush when we're fighting.. hHhhahahahah!!! #singlelife shitters
  3. Dzeko

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    one word for you.. RUNESCAPE
  4. @Apocalypseyou fucking SUCK!!!! lmfao
  5. buddy your own vid shows us clearing you.... lmfao are you confused? huh???? ps. if you've ever been in bt you'd know the trolling that goes on retard lmfa0 so those logs are useless
  6. bt on my chest @ApocalypsePUSSY
  7. Missed this one but good job boys. Bt on my chest @Apocalypse PUSSY
  8. Bt on my fucking chest. @Apocalypse pussy
  9. bt on my chest @ApocalypseSPEAK UP BITCH