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  1. Tattooz

    clan wars Misfits vs AAO | P2P PREP 5-0

    mf wins again
  2. Tattooz

    not counted Misfits vs SF F2P PREP [3-0]

    undefeated f2p
  3. Tattooz

    not counted Fatality Vs Misfits [3-0]

    3-0d u tho
  4. Tattooz

    clan wars MF prep vs SUP 3-0 (Win by default)

    u lost today broccoli
  5. Tattooz

    pure/midweek Fearless Action Packed Tuesday

    lol @ losing video on topic cape counter showed you down whole fight vs us
  6. px got fucking smoked just like you ended your open trip in 45 mins?
  7. why doesn't your clan have any if its "easiest sig to get".. we got 5 in a row btw your clan cant pull 10, you rag us with -10 you cant upload that proud to be in most active and the only clan that PKS everyday?... yes
  8. why so u could rag us we all know u tele in .5 from us on officials btw refer to sig if mad