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  1. any pure clans accept 13 def? im 82 combat 75 att 78 str 13 def 88 range 70 prayer 95 mage
  2. interesting time to see if i can get a old pre eoc account back
  3. I'm lvl 101 and cba to make a new pure tbh 1. don't have time and 2. not going to buy one. Being lvl 101 gives you absolutely nothing extra just higher att and prayer if you have a problem with maxed 1 def than you are the issue with the pure community 1 def is 1 def fuck a combat cap make it a defense cap 1-5 def.
  4. I do not smoke the devils lettuce
  5. need someone to make me a new signature please and thank you =) will pm details
  6. probably been clanning longer than you kid l0l
  7. lawl eop is the reason the pure community is dead as well as CP LMAO!!!! Bring more mains than pures and still call your self a pure clan way too funny. Might as well do what yall did like 8 months ago and quit and become mains
  8. y'all had tons of mains lmao what are you talking about 0 mains l0l0l0l0l0l0l
  9. looking for a lpc / mpc dont mind f2p but want to do a lot of p2p as well. Having a good community is good also i like making new friends in this game. stats:
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